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DGPS 4U Ltd specialises in the supply of GPS and DGPS systems for use in the Marine, Agricultural and Vehicle Tracking sectors. We offer an extensive range of high quality GPS, DGPS, RTK, Tracking and Data Telemetry equipment to cover a variety of applications, and we provide comprehensive technical support services to help you get the most from your investment. 
We have a countrywide reputation for quality tracking hardware and software that offers the highest levels of positioning accuracy, repeatability and reliability. Our products are used in all manner of applications, from area measurement to machine guidance. Whatever your requirement, DGPS 4U Ltd can provide a first-class solution.
In the following sections you will find a number of GPS and DGPS products currently supplied by DGPS 4U. To discover the full range, please visit us online. If you require specialist equipment that cannot be found on our website, get in touch with our technical sales team on 01339 883361. We’ll do everything we can to source and obtain a suitable solution. 

AIS - 2

The IS-2 is a low-cost, dual-channel VHF with an embedded GPS receiver capable of receiving and decoding transmissions from vessels fitted with Class A AIS transceivers, making it ideal for small crafts. For more information on the IS-2 and other marine application GPS and DGPS devices, please visit DGPS 4U online. Full specifications can be downloaded in PDF format from our website.

TDMA Tracking System

Combining UHF and VHF communications with GPS technology, TDMA is an intelligent radio data network designed for a variety of complex tracking and communications tasks, including vessel tracking, fleet management and port vessel monitoring. Also available is a TDMA tracking software facility specifically designed for running and monitoring TDMA networks. To find out more about TDMA and V-Trac1 TDMA tracking software, please head over to our website, where comprehensive datasheets can be downloaded in PDF format.

GPS/GSM Stealth Vehicle Tracker

If you need compact vehicle tracking hardware that enables real-time tracking and recording of vehicle and plant movement, look no further than the PS/GSM Stealth Tracker. This waterproof, dustproof device enables you to not only detect the longitudinal and lateral positioning of plant and vehicles, but also direction and speed. Other key functions include remote engine start and stop, remote immobilisation, tow alarm, SOS alarm button and geo-fencing (setting virtual GPS perimeters). Firmware updates are carried out automatically over a wireless network, allowing upgrades in the field. A compact design makes the PS/GSM Stealth Tracker a highly convenient and discreet vehicle tracking solution.

V-Smart Combined DGPS & Antenna

The V-Smart Antenna is one of the most affordable DGPS solutions in the agricultural and GIS market. This plug-and-play device features an L1 DGPS 12-channel receiver and an RS232 NEMA string output. Fast start-up and reacquisition times allow you to get going very quickly, making the V-Smart Antenna ideal for agricultural machinery, ATV and backpack systems. Typical agricultural applications include field work, field measurement, crop reporting, combine yield monitoring and sprayer and spreader guidance. Find out more by visiting DGPS 4U online.

Handheld Mobile Mappers

DGPS 4U offers two handheld mobile mappers for field work.
  • The Nexteq T8 Data Collector – the latest addition to the T-series of Multi-Functional GIS Data Collectors. The T8 also features voice recording, photo, cellular voice and data, Bluetooth® and a microSD™ slot, all within a lightweight, durable package with a 3.5” touch screen LCD bright enough for outdoor reading.
  • The Nexteq T6 Data Collector – offering unrivalled power and efficiency in data collection and asset management applications, the T6 brings an outstanding combination of high sensitivity and high accuracy to the T-series of GPS handheld devices.
Find out more about Nexteq T-series handheld data collectors by visiting DGPS 4U online.

APS-3 Precision Satellite Surveying

The APS-3 from ALTUS is a high precision positioning system with a satellite receiver and communications unit specifically designed for surveying applications. With this high power, state-of-the-art device, surveyors can reach new levels of productivity, performance and flexibility. The APS-3 features a single, rugged housing with various components for field survey and stake out applications, an advanced 66-channel AsteRx2 receiver with GPS and GLONASS, and an integrated satellite antenna for optimised satellite tracking. For more features, benefits and details on communication options, please visit DGPS 4U online or get in touch with our technical team on 01339 883361.

Tracs COM System

The TracsCOM system provides a general purpose, high speed intelligent data link that operates through VHF and UHF radio bands. It can be used for a range of applications, particularly those where highly reliability, speed and data integrity are required. TracsCOM is housed within a lightweight moulded enclosure that is rated to IP65, making it suitable for use in demanding environmental conditions. A marine standard, IP67 rated version is also available. Power output can be 10mW, 500mW or 2W. For more details and technical specifications, please follow the link to the DGPS 4U website.


AsteRxi Satellite Navigation Systems process both high quality GNSS measurements and IMU (Inertial) measurements in order to generate an enhanced integrated position. Dual-frequency GPS/GLONASS receivers are therefore capable of giving extremely precise positions, even in shadowed environments where GNSS-only receivers typically fail. AsteRxi systems also provide attitude information such as heading, pitch and roll, giving you a more complete view of plant and vehicle condition and whereabouts. These systems are available in both dual- and single-frequency configurations.



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