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Dewesoft is a total solution company that specialises in bringing innovative software and hardware solutions to a wide range of applications across many different industries. Since our establishment, we have been highly committed to our mission of providing the best possible test and measurement solutions by working in close collaboration with our valuable customers. Over the years, our hard work and dedication have seen us grow from a two-man team into a worldwide global organisation of over 100 people.

From hardware design, manufacturing and software development to sales, marketing and support, we manage our entire business process in-house. Our commitment toward keeping close relations with our customers in addition to offering high-quality support on all levels has enabled us to attract clients from all over the globe. We have built a reputation that has enabled us to serve as distributors to over 35 countries across 6 different continents.

At Dewesoft, we strive to maintain the quality of our development and manufacturing processes and are committed toward operating in an environmentally friendly manner. We are a TÜV SÜD certified ISO 9001 and 14001 company.

Recording/Control Solutions

We are pleased to provide a wide range of recording and control solutions in all sorts of formats and performance classes.  Whether you are after portable or stationary platforms, we have top quality solutions.  Our recording and control solutions software is highly regarded.  Having won awards, the software is suitable for use by both professionals and personal users and is simple to use and extremely effective.  Have a look on our website for main features of both recording and control systems.

Dynamic Signal Analyzer

We provide data acquisition systems in both portable and stationary formats, and in a range of form factors and performance classes.  Benefits of our top quality dynamic signal analyzers include high dynamics and scalability in channel count, sample rate and performance.  Products in this range are ideal for use in a variety of applications, such as acoustic measurement, analysis and diagnostics, as well as providing flexible tools for debugging.  With top end Dewesoft X software, all are easy to use whilst providing hefty online and offline processing power.  Visit our website to see all the main features of our dynamic signal analyzers.

Torsional and Rotational Vibration

Our torsional and rotational vibration instruments show information about force, strain, voltage, current, power, CAN data and rotational and torsional vibration.  Showing these all at the same time on one instrument is truly unique and a boon to many different applications.  The equipment is ideal for use in, for example, power train, paper mills, combustion engines, belt drives, engine test benches and more.  You can learn more about Dewesoft innovative torsional and rotational vibration instruments on our website.

Order Tracking

Using our highly effective and easy to use Dewesoft X software, our order tracking module is extremely efficient and fast.  As a dependable re-sampling method for sharp order separation, this product delivers on many levels.  You can observe narrow band FFT and waterfall spectra, whilst all other functions remain in time domain.  Easy to use and simple to set up, the order tracking module reliably separates frequency components related to engine speed and structure.  You can see more information about order tracking and our innovative solution on our website.


It is vital to maintain a balanced condition in rotating machines and engines as unbalanced masses cause unwanted vibration.  Using reliable and effective Dewesoft X software, you will be able to measure and correct masses so that the rotor remains balanced and performance is not compromised.  Both single and dual plane balancing is achieved simply and effectively.  Our balancing product is included as an optional extra in every Dewesoft instrument.  For more information about what causes a system to go out of balance and our effective solution, please have a look at our website.

Modal Analysis

The effective measurement of system parameters is a vital tool used to predict the potential behaviour of a structure and, as such, is applicable in all modern constructions.  Mathematical models also require reliable measurement of modal parameters, such as resonant frequencies, structural damping and mode shapes.  We are pleased to provide a hardware and software solution that is designed to suit your specific application.  Ideal for professionals as well as for personal use, our modal analyzer is available for use with 8 channels, all the way up to 1000 channels for use with complex structures.  See our website for a breakdown of the features of our modal analyzer.

Distributed Systems

Our data acquisition instruments, using our unique sync-clock technology, provide an unbeatable level of scalability and highly versatile modularity.  Our top end data acquisition instruments provide you with various different ways of building a measurement network for distributed data systems.   We have developed our unique sync-clock technology which facilitates the combination of any Dewesoft test and measurement system to large scale data acquisition systems or distributed data acquisition system, recording data in perfect sync and in absolute time.  You are able to sync Dewesoft systems together, recording data at various locations, always in sync with each other.  With no limit to the number of channels used, large scale systems can be created or individual systems used separately.  For the best in data acquisition technology, you need look no further than Dewesoft.

Industrial Acoustics

Frequency analysis is a vital tool in acoustics.  Our DS MOD DSA model provides you with a comprehensive selection of tools for frequency analysis.  As well as standard analysis tools, advanced measurement tools are available for complex acoustic analysis.  The DS MOD DSA features real time narrow band FFT, a range of octave spectra, frequency and time weighting, leq calculation and sound level meter.  Post processing features include FFT, octave analysis and weighting, as well as sound level and sound power measurement.


When it comes to automotive testing, you will not find a better return on investment than Dewesoft instruments.  Our products are used across a large range of applications in the automotive industry, particularly in development laboratories and test facilities, where it is necessary to gain and measure data from several different sources.  We offer up to the minute and reliable instruments for accurate power recording, dynamic signal and power analysis, transient recording and distributed data recording.  Our instruments are up to the most demanding and exacting tasks.  Whether you are testing cars, buses or motorcycles, we have the ideal solutions.

Aerospace and Defence Applications

In the field of aerospace and defence, we offer products for a wide range of different testing applications.  Dewesoft provide solutions for engine and component testing, wind tunnel testing, performance and structural testing, explosion and ammunition testing, PCM telemetry and more.  Our systems are designed to synchronise data from various parts of a distributed network, via IRIG or by GPS, using our unique GPS-Clock.  We are pleased to offer solutions that provide highly accurate global time sync of an unlimited number of data acquisition systems.

Transportation Applications

Needless to say, safety is a very important factor in public transport.  In order to make sure that passengers are both safe and comfortable when using public transport, thorough and reliable testing and measuring must take place at regular intervals.  This can be easily achieved with Dewesoft instruments, which will help you undertake all the testing and measuring necessary to ensure passenger safety.  As well as regular testing, vital measurements must be accurately taken during development stages, as well as rigorous initial testing.  We provide solutions that help safeguard safety across the entire spectrum of public transportation.

Power and Energy Applications

We at Dewesoft offer the experience and expertise that is essential when making tests in the field of power and energy.  We have the tools to capture and stream raw data and effectively calculate power parameters.  Using just one of our instruments, you will be able to calculate a number of power modules with varying voltage levels or even different line frequencies.  Acting on data acquired by Dewesoft instruments, you can calculate the efficiency of your equipment, enabling you to act accordingly to benefit from increased productivity.

Industrial Applications

There is a vast array of industrial applications for Dewesoft instruments – from development and production testing to structural testing, balancing, torsional and rotational vibration, power analysis, high-speed data capture and more.  Using a variety of resources, such as the use of all inputs, extensive math, trigger functions and DCOM capabilities, we provide solutions across all industries.  Visit our website where you can see more about our instruments and their use in industrial applications.

Civil Engineering Applications

Dewesoft instruments can record both high and low speed data simultaneously, which is a tremendous benefit in civil engineering applications.  In this field, it is often necessary to leave systems in place for many days or even weeks.  During this time data is collected and sent to the base station.  Our solutions monitor structures, noise, vibration and movement, as well as temperatures and other conditions.  It is therefore vital that the instruments used are robust, reliable and durable.  Dewesoft instruments deliver on all counts, providing accurate data even when it is necessary to leave instruments in place and running for considerable periods of time.


Quite simply, the Sirius line of instruments will measure any kind of signal anywhere.  Sirius instruments are the next step forward in DAQ (data acquisition).  They boast a high level of flexibility, with infinite possible configurations.  You can benefit from 4 channel 200 KS/ch distributed USB solutions to high speed 128 stand-alone solutions that come complete with built-in PC and display.  Sirius instruments measure any signal with accurate precision.


You can rely assuredly on Krypton DAQ modules, as they have been carefully designed to stand up to all sorts of extreme conditions.  Excessive temperatures, dust, water, mud and snow are all no match for Krypton instruments.  Each instrument is milled out of a full block of aluminium and filled with rubber.  Krypton modules are fully compliant with EtherCAT specifications and are IP67 rated.  We subject the modules to stringent and exhaustive testing in our shaker and drop test labs, so we can state with confidence that they will cope with all kind of impacts and vibrations without losing data.


The award winning DEWE-43 USB DAQ system from Dewesoft has the smallest available form factor, so it is easy to slip into your work bag or carry-on luggage. It is smart and powerful, boasting 8 200 kS/s sample rate sigma-delta ADC and a 24 bit dynamic range.  Also on board are 8 super-counters and 2 isolated high-speed CAN 2.0 bus channels.  The DEWE 43 accepts full-bridge and ±10V sensors.  A locking mini-USB connector is included.  There is a lot more information available on our website about the small but mighty DEWE.

CAN Interfaces

CAN interfaces are fast and reliable and suitable for any application.  The USB CAN 2.0b interfaces are sturdy and, designed for plug ‘n’ use, are accessible and easy to use.  CAN interfaces transmit and receive CAN 2.0b data at an impressive speed of 1Mbit per each channel.  All channels are isolated, making them ideal for use in noisy environments and delivering maximum signal quality.  Harsh or extreme conditions do not trouble these interfaces – their robust and durable housing ensures they are rugged and continue to operate effectively in harsh surroundings.  They will function reliably in temperatures from -20°C to +60°C. 


Our highly sophisticated DS-NET measurement and control system has been designed for many demanding applications in a wide range of fields. These include component testing, engine testing, process performance testing, structural monitoring and industrial monitoring. The DS-NET system is completely modular, enabling it to be very flexible in configuration. A variety of different modules are available for analogue, digital, counter, CAN, GPS, USB and WiFi. This rugged product is scalable from two to several thousand channels of analogue, digital and counter inputs. Other features include REAL-TIME performance, redundant data storage and embedded PC option available with Intel ATOM processor and internal storage. 

Aerospace Instruments

Dewesoft offers extremely reliable Aerospace Instruments in the form of our Telemetry PCM Frame Sync Brick and Chapter 10 Analyser. The small-sized PCM-FS2 is a dual channel PCM telemetry processor that offers great flexibility and mobility. It has a maximum stream rate of 40 Mbit/second and can be combined with SIRIUS DAQ Instrument and SBOX option in order to provide a real-time visual display of the telemetry data. Our Chapter 10 Analyser has the capability to record and playback IRIG-106 Chapter 10 files. It has the ability to accurately record data in throughput, packed, and unpacked modes, making it an ideal all-in-one processing and recording package for the ground station.


We supply an excellent variety of high resolution, robust and synchronized cameras to suit a wide range of applications. Our rugged and light-weight camera housings are constructed using aluminium, making them highly resistant to shock and vibration. Together with other Dewesoft products, our DS-CAM cameras provide a perfect solution for applications in the Aerospace and Automotive industries. For more information, including details on specifications and compatible products, please visit our website or contact us.


Dewesoft also supplies a wide variety of high-quality accessories that are suitable for DAQ instruments. As is the case with all of our products, they are designed to withstand the harsh conditions that can be found in rough testing environments. Items in this range include Displays, Batteries, USB Hubs, Mounts and MSI Adapters. For a full list of general and technical specifications on each product, please refer to our website.

Dewesoft X

At Dewesoft, we continuously strive to achieve major software improvements by utilizing the advantages of our powerful hardware. By far the fastest software we have made, Dewesoft X2 is a highly reliable upgrade for all users of Dewesoft instruments and is completely free of charge.  With an improved user interface together with brand new functionalities, Dewesoft X2 makes it easier than ever to find what you need for your application. It features 10x faster graphics, 4x faster math and 500 Hz acquisition loop speed.



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