Datastor Technology Ltd

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United Kingdom

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Datastor supply Data Recovery and Destruction services, and also supply and repair data storage media.
Data Recovery - Datastor have many years experience in recovering deleted or unavailable data from all media devices including Hard Drives, USB Sticks and SD Cards. When you send your device to Datastor Technology you can be assured of a level of service unmatched in our field. Following an initial evaluation of the defective unit one of our technicians will contact you to discuss the data priorities and standards attainable before accurately quoting for the service. Be assured that we have developed various industry leading methods for the safe recovery of your critical information. Datastor have  ISO - 14644-1-5 clean room facilities, Industry leading technicians, software and equipment, Short turnaround times with priority and regular service levels.
Data Destruction - Datastor Technology has over 22 years experience within the market of destructing unwanted yet sensitive or secure data.
Software overwriting using Disk Purge to standards: DOD 5200.28 ; NCSC-TG-025 ; AFSSI 5020 ; OPNAV 5510 ; AR-380-19
Degaussing (high density magnetic fields) using NATO approved Degaussers to SEAP8500 ; DIN33858.D1.B2
Physical Destruction using granulation or punching - Datastor comply fully with the Data Protection Act 1998 and are using equipment accredited with CESG HMG Infosec Standard 5 . All drives are treated as sensitive data as standard
Supply - At Datastor we can supply you with a range of mass storage devices. We have an extensive stock of products in stock however if we don't have what you need we can source it through our network of trusted suppliers. We supply a full range of drives from very low up to top of the range capacities and supply all manufacturers for  Optical Drives, Hard Drives andTape Drives (DLT, DAT, LTO).
All branded or generic hard drives, All capacities, All interfaces, 90 day warranty.
Repair - Datastor repair all manner of electro mechanical peripherals from tape drives to cheque readers and any level of failure down to PCB level failures.
Our success and growth within the market is due to our engineers' specialist abilities to repair and restore damaged products.
All formats, All interfaces of hard drives and tape drives, Any associated peripherals, 90 day warranty inclusive of the power supply.



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