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With twenty years of experience, we manufacture transformers in days, not weeks. Our transformer range includes standard and non-standard single phase transformers with AC or DC outputs (1VA to 500 kVA) and three phase transformers with AC or DC outputs (50VA to 2 mVA).

We also offer: Single to three phase converters; Toroids; Enclosures; Frequency and voltage converters; UPS systems; 110v site equipment; Chokes; Engravers and Routers as well as commercial design software

In addition to our standard and bespoke products, we offer control panel design and manufacture, rewind service and complete engraving and routing services. We provide technical advice and support for all our products as well as consultation and initial design services for our bespoke products.

We offer a competitive pricing structure and fast turnaround, with large quantities of finished and near-finished standard stock as well as raw materials kept on hand. We can give immediate quotations in most situations.

Our company was formed in 1991 and we currently have five fully automated winding machines for high production runs, as well as five non-automated winders we use for small production runs. In addition, we have several automated lamination stacking machines. We have two factories in Peterborough, which enable us to fulfil most orders within 3 to 5 days, and we are continually investing in new machinery to improve efficiency and productivity and lower prices.

Site Equipment - Visit our website

To complement its outstanding range of site transformers, JMS Online now offers a wide variety of ancillary equipment. That way you can get all you need for your site electricity requirements in one place. In this category you’ll find:

  • Festoon cables – of various lengths and specifications
  • Blanking covers
  • Lamp guards (plastic and metallic) and lampholder sleeves
  • Lamps (GLS) and low energy lamps
  • Safety shades
  • Cable reels – for 25m and 50m cables
  • Extension leads – in various sizes

You can find out more about each of the above by visiting the JMS Online shop.

Safety Transformers - Visit our website

Our range of safety isolation transformers give that extra peace of mind in areas of extreme risk – they are ideal for schools, colleges, or indeed any public area where children or adults may come into accidental contact with electrical distribution. They are manufactured to BS EN 61558 requirements and may be floor or wall mounted, depending on requirements. To ensure maximum safety, they are designed with;

  • Double pole MCBs to protect outputs
  • A centre tapped secondary to reduce shock voltage to 115v
  • Mesh protected vents to prevent the entry of foreign materials
  • A resistor between the CT and Earth to limit shock current to 10mA

For more info on the features and benefits of our safety isolation transformers, please head directly to the JMS Online shop or get in touch directly.

Cutting Tools - Visit our website

JMS now offers a comprehensive range of cutting tools for its routing and engraving systems. These can be broadly divided into the following categories:

  • 3D engraving and sculpting tools
  • Plastic and soft wood engraving tools
  • Soft metals engraving tools
  • Stainless engraving tools
  • Dibond forming tools
  • Wood, plastics and non-ferrous routing tools
  • Collets and consumables 

For a full list of products with prices and specifications, please head directly to JMS Online.

Site Transformers - Visit our website

JMS Online is where you’ll find a full range of high quality transformers for a multitude on-site applications. All of them have been built to an extremely high standard to guarantee optimal efficiency and outstanding reliability. Our site transformer equipment includes:

  • 1KVA, 1.5KVA, 2.2KVA, 3.3KVA, 5KVA & 6.3KVA portable tool transformers
  • 10KVA single phase and 3-phase distribution transformers
  • 110v to 240v site transformers
  • 3KVA IP66 rated 110v transformers
  • 5KVA distribution transformers
  • 5000va 24v transformers

For full details and specifications, please head over to our online shop.

UPS - Visit our website

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) provide backup electricity in the event of a power cut or shortage. They are critical in situations where power is absolutely necessary. JMS are able to offer the following transformer solutions for UPS systems:

  • Monitored 8kVA Isolation Transformer – Set as a monitor by default, so power will not be disconnected under fault conditions. Can be used in critical conditions such as operating theatres or dental surgeries.
  • 750VA Premier Transformer – featuring primary voltage taps for enhanced versatility, with a mechanical barrier between primary and secondary.
  • 15kva 3-Phase Transformer – featuring stud terminals on both primary and secondary windings. Can be manufactured to individual requirements.

Fittings - Visit our website

JMS Online aims to be a one stop shop for all your transformer related requirements, so that you can get everything you need from a single, cost-effective source. That’s why we now offer a range of fittings for use in conjunction with our power supplies, including:

  • 110V 16 Amp Panel Sockets
  • 110V 32 Amp Panel Sockets
  • 2 Pole MCBs
  • 3 Pole MCBs
  •  24V 16 Amp 3-pin Plugs
  • Various screws

Online Shop - Visit our website

At JMS Online, we aim to satisfy all your transformer-related needs. We set up our online shop so that you could see exactly what’s available and at what price. Our aim is to become your single, cost-effective source for transformers and associated equipment, so that you need not go round the houses to find what you’re after. However, due to the breadth of our product range, we cannot always list everything that we have available - or what we could source if requested. So, if you can’t find what you’re looking for in our online shop, please get in touch. It’s highly likely we can help you.

Transformer hire - Visit our website

JMS has a hire division where you can rent our transformers at highly competitive rates. Sometimes, hiring equipment can be a far more cost-effective option than purchasing outright, particularly if you only need it on a short-term basis or for a one-off job. So, we set up our hire service to help you get the most from your money. If you would like to find out what’s available and what hire terms we can offer, please get in touch.

Custom Built Transformers - Visit our website

With a department dedicated to non-standard and small quantity transformers, we can offer a bespoke service with fast turnaround; usually two to three days. In case of breakdowns in which one of our stock transformers is not suitable, we can usually rush deliver a custom built transformer in an even shorter time.

We can supply any specification within our manufacturing scope, including AC, DC, single phase or three phase transformers with any voltage or current, variable voltage and multi-tapped windings. We can provide stud terminals, screw terminals, stud terminals, solder tags and fly leads as well as fuses, MCBs, RCDs and thermal cutouts.  Other features we can supply include, but are not limited to:

Isolators, selector and reset switches
Flexible conduit, cables, sockets, plugs and glands
Lamp indicators and volt, amp and frequency meters
Enclosures, racks, frames and panels

Panel Transformers - Visit our website

We offer a range of single phase panel transformers with completely protected shrouded terminals. We can incorporate company logos into the terminal shroud if desired. The voltage and position are indicated by individual markers.

We also supply a single phase panel transformer with rail mounted, finger proof, individually labelled terminals rated to IP20.

Our Premier range of panel transformers feature low loss high grade steel construction, 4 point fixing, added versatility with primary voltage tabs, shrouded screw terminals with individual voltage markers and colour coded shrouds, and winding to EN60742. A wide range of primary and secondary voltages are available as standard, and non-standard voltages can be specified.

Encapsulated Transformers - Visit our website

We supply a wide range of encapsulated PCB mounted transformers, with large stock quantities of standard voltages of 1va to 30va kept ready for immediate dispatch by next-day courier.

Transformers manufactured to a variety of national and international standards are available, and we can provide any voltage with any pin configuration.

Budget Priced Transformers - Visit our website

Our budget priced transformers include a range of small clamped transformers with a full wrap-around clamp, two fixing holes and solder tag terminals. These are available from 6va through 100va. We also have a second range of transformers that is similar to the clamped range, but with screw terminals rather than solder tags.

We also offer a budget style panel transformer that is fitted with screw terminals. This transformer can be mounted with our standard universal fixing frames.

Additionally, our Universal Range of budget-priced general purpose transformers from 25VA up to 10 kVA are manufactured to EN 60742 standards, feature screw terminals that will take 0.25mm2 through 6mm2 cable, and colour-coded terminal shrouds with individual position markers. This range has full earth screen on sizes above 1kVA, multi-orientation fixings on units above 100va, and multi-point fixings on units above 100VA.

3 Phrase Transformers - Visit our website

We manufacture a comprehensive range of three phase transformers from 50VA up to 2MVA.

We supply double wound 250kva transformers featuring primary taps of ± 5% and ± 10% as well as auto transformers which are cheaper and smaller than double wound units.

Stock transformers are same-day dispatched on an overnight carrier, and we can fulfil unusual requirements quickly, usually within two to three days with no premium price.

We can provide virtually any size of auto transformer, depending upon the voltage. Additionally, we can incorporate any type of termination, including fused in and outputs, shrouded terminals, screw terminals, rail and din rail mounted, fly leads and studs.

Toroids - Visit our website

We keep a large stock of toroids in various specifications ready for same-day dispatch via next-day couriers. Additionally, we can manufacture toroids to any specification from 10va up to 1kva. Our facilities enable us to offer minimal manufacturing lead times on non-standard custom orders.

110v Transformers - Visit our website

We manufacture site transformers including tool transformers from 500va up to 6.3kva with any socket arrangement. We also offer a 10kva site transformer with four 16 amp sockets and 2 32 amp sockets with an IP67 MCB window.

Additionally we manufacture a water-proof wall-mounted 3kVA 100v transformer designed for use in flood-prone or dusty areas. It features a fully welded enclosure with IP66 rating, 20mm gland hole and IP67 16A 3-pin panel socket and 20A socket isolator. All breakers are protected by an IP67 window. This model is available in a variety of inputs and primary voltages.

DC Transformers - Visit our website

Single or three-phase inputs can achieve DC outputs; however three-phase inputs produce higher currents and far smoother DC. We can manufacture DC transformers to any voltage upon request.

Chokes - Visit our website

We can manufacture any size of single or three phase choke to order, using our inductance testers to achieve your exact specifications.

We offer a complete range of enclosed and open mains line filters, covering single and three phase up to 150 amps.

Rewinds - Visit our website

We provide a complete rewind service. Although this normally has a slower turn-around time and is usually more expensive than a new transformer, it is sometimes the only option. This can be the case, for example, if the VA rating or voltages are not known, terminals are not labelled or the transformer size is critical.

If we have the appropriate coil bobbins (formers) in stock, we may be able to turn around a rewind in as little as two days, but normally we need to make a new bobbin or adapt one of our stock bobbins. Additionally, we frequently need to repair laminations, bobbins and mountings, so although it may not be possible to return a rewind with an “as new” appearance in every case, the functionality of the equipment itself will be restored.

We can provide a full failure report with photos upon request with any rewind.

Enclosures - Visit our website

We offer a comprehensive selection of standard enclosures in four main styles with a variety of mounting options and IP ratings ranging from IP22 to IP67. Each style is available in several sizes, and we can also provide custom built enclosures.

Wall Box - Available in 8 different sizes and usable as a floor, bench or wall mounted enclosure, this ventilated IP43 enclosure can house from 25VA to 10kVA single phase and from 50VA to 6kVA three phase. The standard colour is Hammer Grey.

Floor Box - Available in 16 different sizes, rated to IP44 and IP54 and suitable for 2kVA to 500kVA three phase as well as larger single phase transformers starting from 15kVA, this enclosure is free standing and features two detachable gland plates. The standard colour is grey.

Low Voltage Box - Our IP22 low voltage enclosure, available in 6 sizes, is ventilated and suitable for bench or wall mounting. It will house transformers from 25VA up to 1.5kVA. The standard colour is white.

Portable Box - Our portable steel enclosure comes in 4 sizes and is perfect for use in demanding environments that require a durable enclosure. It will accommodate single phase transformers from 500VA to 5kVA with an IP rating of IP55. The standard colour is yellow.

Engravers and Engraving Service - Visit our website

We can supply you with engraving and routing machines, offering four engraving machines with working areas of 300mm2 up to 600mm2, and four sizes of heavy duty routing engraving machines with larger working areas. These are computer controlled machines and software is included.

If your requirements do not extend to the purchase of engraving or routing machines for your own premises, we can offer a complete engraving and routing service. We can engrave terminal boards, make bespoke bobbins and formers, or route any shape in almost any material.

Options - Visit our website

It would be impossible to list all the options we can fit to transformers, as we can meet almost any requirement. Simply tell us what you need and we will be happy to accommodate.

Here are only a few of the options we can supply to meet your transformer needs:

Measurement indicators: volts, amps, temperature, frequency and hours
Enclosures: portable, floor mount, wall mount and freestanding
Protection: fuses, thermal cutouts, MCBs, MCCBs, RCDs and RCCDs
Outlets: Panel, domestic and fused sockets and glands, 110v and 240v 3-pin, 415v 4-pin and 5-pin
Controls: tap selectors, switches and reset switches, isolators, key operated switches, screens, finger shrouds and protective IP67 windows
Terminals: stud terminals, screw terminals, solder tags and fly leads



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