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Based in Wigan, Climavent Systems Ltd are the world leaders in the manufacture and installation of dust and fume extraction systems. We have worked with many clients from different industries including BAE Systems, F2 Chemicals and Coca Cola. We believe in building strong relationships with our clients, one of the ways in which we do this is by offering a free, no obligation site visit to allow us to ascertain your dust and fume extraction needs. A vital part of many of our systems is the way in which they successfully integrate into existing processing and manufacturing equipment, allowing a seamless and problem free installation. 

We are fully committed to the environment and do everything within our power to reduce our carbon footprint. All of our equipment has been designed in such a way that it disposes of noxious dust and fumes safely and without harm to the surrounding environment. We also make use of local suppliers which helps to shorten delivery times and distances and therefore reduces carbon emissions. Climavent is a community friendly company as we look to recruit from the local area as this can help in tackling problems surrounding unemployment. Once our employees have been hired, they can look forward to working within a encouraging and friendly environment with many career prospects available as we promote from within. 

Using a combination of standard products alongside their bespoke components we can deliver a tailored solution for your dust and fume extraction needs.

Portable Fume Extraction Fans

Our portable fume extraction fans have many applications including use within workshops and construction environments where removal of fumes from source is needed without filtration. These devices are also extremely versatile and can be used to extract, paint fumes and welding fumes as well as others. As standard, the extractors are supplied with Direct on Line Starter, TEFC motor and a sturdy base for ease of use. It should also be noted that our portable fume extraction fans are available with airflows that range in between 1,000³/hr to 10,000³/hr.

Mobile Dust Extraction

Our mobile dust and fume extraction units are self contained and feature centrifugal fans, self cleaning auto shakedown filtration and constant force extraction arms. These units have been designed to provide a robust, versatile and cost effective service that is as efficient as possible. The mobile dust and fume extraction units are available in two different sizes and can be customised with options such as flame proof motors, explosion relief panels, HEPA filtration and carbon filtration. The units are manufactured in powder coated mild steel but customers can choose a stainless steel modified coating to suit ATEX certification.

Mobile Paint Fume Extraction

For those who work with paint we have a range of mobile paint fume extraction units which can provide fume extraction for operators using either 100 diameter or 200 diameter hoses. The model also comes supplied with a centrifugal fan unit to ATEX CAT II motor standard in an acoustic fan enclosure, with a discharge silencer. It is important to check that the filter is in workable condition at all times so the unit can work effectively and this is why we also provide a pressure differential gauge.

Mobile Fume Extraction

With a robust build and an ease of manoeuvrability our 900 series mobile fume extraction units are perfect for the factory enivironment. Constructed from powder coated carbon steel and supplied with a centrifugal fan and articulated extraction arms, the units are equipped to tackle many jobs. Substances that the 900 series can extract include process fume, plasma fume, solder fume, and it can also deal with light dust applications, odorous fumes and general ventilation. Our mobile fume extractors can allow for a wider coverage thanks to having two in built articulated fume extraction arms. We also offer a number of filter options such as the use of a cellulose cartridge, HEPA and carbon filters.

Universal Down Draught Bench

Our range of universal down draught benches have a robust design and have been specially constructed for the grinding and fettling of carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, titanium and aluminium. With the benefit of canopy top and sides, the bench can control both the respirable dust as well as containing heavier swarf and sparks, meaning the workshop is cleaner overall. The units are available in three different widths which include 1.2m, 1.5m and 1.8m and come supplied with full height sides and canopy top with integral lighting.

Compact Down Draught Bench

Our compact down druaght benches can offer extraction for small to medium duty fettling applications, including sanding and grinding. These units are robust and versatile and therefore can be used in many different factory environments.The range of benches are free standing and have many features including integral filters, a centrifugal fan, variable speed control and a plastic top to prevent damage. The air cleaning process involves the airborne dust being sucked into the top of the bench and passed through deep pleated, flame proof filter elements, the cleaned air is then recycled throughout the workshop.

Sound Attenuated Booth

Clients who require equipment for thermal spraying and heavy duty grinding should consider our purpose built sound attenuated booths. They are also perfect for enclosing noisy process machinery thanks to being manufactured from modular framework with acoustic panelling. The booths can be supplied with different features including pedestrian access doors, pneumatic doors, double access doors, viewing windows, acoustic inlets, mechanically operated roofing and dust-proof florescent lighting. Customers are reminded that access and door arrangements can be customised according to specification.

Dust Control Booth

Our range of dust control booths provide protection for the surrounding factory areas and are required when operators need access to all the parts of large work pieces. The size of the containment booth will be specified by the client and their particular needs. The booths will also be supplied with full or strip curtains to allow easy access for workers. The dust is extracted thanks to ductwork connection points within every booth and customers can choose between both dry or wet filtration units. It should also be noted that multiple booths can be connected to one centralised extraction unit for ease.

Open Fronted Booth

The open fronted booths provide the same type of protection found within our other booths but without the fully enclosed environment. The type of set up these booths have, allows for work to be done on materials that may have an awkward shape or size and can help to simplify the whole process. As well as allowing easy access in and out of the booth thanks to the large open front, the roof can also be reclined to allow overhead crane access. Some of the benefits of an open environment include freer movement, cleaner air and a greater degree of visibility. As with the dust control booths, these booths can be manufactured in the size specified by the customer.

Low Profile Booth

Our low profile booths allow for the protection of both the operator as well as the surrounding working environment. These booths can extract the light airborne dust generated by activities such as sanding, grinding and trimming. They also allow for the overhead lifting of large work pieces thanks to their recessed tops. With the addition of trestles or purpose built insertable benches, the booths allow a level of multitasking with intermediate work taking place on these benches/trestles and large work completed on the floor. The two types of booth available include the SB booth which is used for non hazardous materials and TB booth which is used to handle hazardous sparks and dusts.

On Tool Extraction

We at Climavent offer a range of vacuum cleaning tools and antistatic hoses for industrial waste removal and general housekeeping. Our vacuum extraction systems are compatible with all power tools with integral extraction facilities. Tool dust and fume extraction is often used for sanding and finishing applications as these tend to produce a large amount of waste materials. For more information on these product and others, please visit the website for full specifications and details on how to contact us.

Connection Valves

Our selection of connective valves allow for the connection of flexible hoses to on tool extraction points. As well as coming in a wide range of different sizes, the valves are also supplied with self sealing flap outlets. The valves can be supplied in a range of different configurations to suit the client and their specific requirements, this can include the inclusion of multiple outlets. This is important as many of our customers will have extremely specific conditions to fulfil and this is why we do not employ a 'one size fits all' approach.

Fume Extraction Nozzles

The standard range of  fume extraction nozzles are extremely versatile and are suitable for many different applications. We can also manufacture specialised nozzles for specific tasks, if they are required by our clients. All of our vacuum systems have been used by many different companies, not just here in the UK but in the Middle East as well. Their abilities have been proven in the field, with many clients praising the fact that they work at maximum efficiency but maintenance and operating costs are kept low.

Service Booms

Sometimes it may necessary to extend the constant force extraction arms due to the layout and positioning of the project at hand, this is why we supply a range of service booms. Our sliding rails and extension booms can give our constant force extraction arms a maximum reach of 10 metres. It is also worth noting that all of arms and booms rotate through a full 360° and can be both wall and bench mounted for convenience. For further information about these and other products, please visit the website.

Extraction Arms

An integral part of our dust and fume extraction services are the constant force, self supporting extracting arms. Thanks to the unique components used in its manufacture, the extraction arms have a smooth walled construction which ensures maximum pulling power without increasing energy consumption and therefore cost. The extraction arm are also extremely versatile as they can not only extract all types of hazardous dusts and flames but can also be adapted to any fixed or mobile extraction system. Furthermore they can be used to provide forced cooling and ventilation for applications that would be otherwise inaccessible.

LEV Testing

Any employer that uses LEV to control dust, fumes and vapour must ensure that it is operating effectively and that it is serviced by skilled professionals. This legal requirement can be a hassle for many employers but this is where Climavent can help. We can make sure these regulations are adhered to without the issue taking time and resources away from your company. Customers are reminded that to comply with HSG258 and the COSHH regulations, LEV testing should be undertaken every 12-14 months.


Equipment that malfunctions or completely breaks can be an annoying and costly problem for many companies. This is why it is recommended that employers have their equipment serviced on a regular basis to stop problems with the machinery before they become irreparable. We are happy to offer a service contract on all of our products with the recommendation that each unit should be serviced at least once per year. You can have peace of mind that your machinery will be checked and sustained by experienced and qualified engineers. For more information on servicing, you can contact us via the website.

Wet Collectors

When conducting work such as grinding, fettling, linishing, polishing and trimming, a major problem is what to do about the flammable dust that arises. Our wet collectors have been designed to deal with this dangerous problem through drawing in the dust laden air through a tank of water, the heavier dust particles settle to the bottom as sludge and the danger is removed. The units themselves have a non corrosive GRP body with stainless steel internal scrubbing components which means with proper servicing, these machines will last for many years. Another benefit is that the collectors have no moving part or sprays meaning its original level of suction is maintained throughout its life-cycle.


Our CPW fume extraction units are made from mild steel and can be mounted onto either the wall or a stanchion. They have many applications but are perfect for extracting welding fumes and process fumes from small areas and recirculating clean air. Standard features of the extraction units include weather covers for external installation, a centrifugal fan with sound attenuated fan housing, a EU4 pre filter, a HEPA secondary filter and articulated extraction arms. For more information about our CPW fume extraction units, please visit the website.

Reverse Jet Filtration

We have 11 different sizes of reverse jet filtration units which range from 94m² all the way to 1128m². They are supplied with non woven polyester filter cartridges which have a sinusoidal cross section. When this is paired with a single valve per cartridge cleaning, maximum extraction is ensured, with minimal resistance. These units are supplied with horizontally mounted filter elements and work on the down flow principle. It is also extremely simple to access the filter cartridges thanks to large doors situated on the side of the units. This machinery is best suited to light dust/fume extraction and can be used for welding fume, metal spraying, plasma cutting, food process dust and chemical process dust.

Auto Shakers

Our range of auto shaker units are usually used in conjunction with universal benches, booths, extraction arms and general dust and fume extraction systems. These units consist of a centrifugal fan, filter section auto shaker, hopper section and dust collection bin. The auto shakers are also fitted with a self cleaning auto shake mechanism for convenience. This mechanism is activated at pre-determined intervals to shake any unwanted contaminants from the surface of the filter bag. These particles then fall into the collection bag and can be easily disposed of.

Oil Mist Filters

Our free standing oil mist units use a 2-stage filtration system which is designed for continuous operation. The filtration process uses two stages, the first stage involves a high efficiency cartridge capturing mist particulate and allowing it to drain from the sump to the drain pan supplied. The second stage of the process involves the use of a HEPA filter to completely clean the air and recirculate it. Both stages are monitored by pressure gauges which gives the user peace of mind. Customers are also reminded that the units have a pre- filter life of up to two years which means they can run virtually maintenance free for this time.

Thermal Spray Booths

We are proud to say we have an extensive amount of experience in the design, supply and installation of thermal spray booths. Although typical applications include aluminium, zinc and chrome spraying, the units are capable of cold spray, plasma, arc, flame and high velocity oxy fuel (HVOF) spray as well. When thermal spraying, the booths can filter waste material using the RPC reverse jet filtration units which work on the down flow principle and are supplied with horizontally mounted cartridges and high level contaminated air inlets.



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