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Avon Industrial Doors Ltd was founded in 1987 and supplies customers with a first-rate door supply and installation service. We supply doors to suit different requirements. Items within our range include Rolling Shutter Doors, Overhead Doors, High Speed Doors and Rolling Fire Doors. Our doors are all manufactured to high industry standards and our experience within the industry enables us to be confident in the products that we use and supply to our customers. Our team of technical representatives and engineers are on hand to support and advise on all aspects of the process from the original research and planning of door and installation choices, through to working drawings, installation, and maintenance if required. Our fully trained and qualified installation team are employed directly by us so we are confident in the service we provide. Our team is equipped with all of the necessary tools and equipment needed to complete perfect installations in as short a time as possible to cause little inconvenience to the clients.

Our complete door and installation services are provided at competitive prices. Please contact us, or visit our website for further details of the doors and service we provide.

High Speed Doors - Visit our website

Our high speed doors have an impressive operating speed of 1 meter per second and are designed for intensive use in busy areas. The high speed of the doors means temperature loss is kept at a minimum and draughts are extremely low. Our high speed doors are available in two different formats; folding high speed doors or rolling speed doors. The folding high speed door is designed for use on external walls and is manufactured to withstand all types of weather, and the rolling doors are designed for internal use. Our doors have been developed with features to meet all industry requirements and regulations. Safety is the top priority with all of our door designs and installation processes.

Folding Shutter Doors - Visit our website

Our folding shutter doors are designed to suit the passage of vehicle and/or pedestrian traffic and are easy to use. They are created to open and close smoothly and doors bunch at the sides to leave a clear opening. Our folding shutter doors are reliable and tough so that they are long-lasting and are constructed to withstand wear and tear and damage. All of our folding shutter doors are manufactured from galvanised materials with the door leaf deeply profiled for extra support. Our folding shutter door options include Electric operation, Automatic controls, Vision panels, Sump boxes, Draught excluders, Special locking and more.

Rolling Fire Shutters - Visit our website

Our rolling fire shutters have been designed for installation in areas where the possibility of fire spread may occur. Our doors have been stringently tested to comply with industry performance regulations such as B.S. 476 PART 22 (1987) by the Fire Insurer's Research and Testing Organisation (FIRTO) and have also been tested and assessed to be capable of a four hour rating up to door size of 7m x 7m. Our rolling fire shutters are widely used in commercial and industrial applications and are available in many standard Ral or BS colour finishes. Our shutters self close via heat sensitive links and can include audio and visual alarm panels. We offer a highly advised maintenance service to ensure rolling fire shutters are functioning as they should.

Steel Hinged Doors and Frames - Visit our website

Our steel hinged doors and frames are suitable for use in many areas such as fire exits, personal entrances and exits, plant rooms, fire proof zones and more. Our skilled engineers tailor our doors to fit most opening spaces. Our steel hinged doors are supplied as either single leaf or double leaf. They are manufactured out of tough, reliable materials to maintain wear and tear but also for the best security. Our hinged doors are manufactured from Zintec coated steel, are double skinned and have interlocking reinforced seems to prevent distortion. They are also available in a range of colour finishes.

Insulated Rolling Shutter Doors - Visit our website

Our insulated rolling shutter doors are widely used in commercial and industrial settings where they not only provide high security but also thermal and sound insulation. They are mostly operated by an electric motor, however, manual chain operation options are available for door sizes of up to 16m2. Door faces are galvanised and are available in different colours and finishes. Our insulated rolling shutter doors are tough, durable and designed to guard against the wear and tear of intense use.

Insulated Overhead Doors - Visit our website

We also supply high quality insulated overhead doors. These doors are widely used for industrial purposes due to their strength and efficiency. They feature high-density, polyurethane foam-filled sections and full perimeter seals for excellent thermal performance. Our insulated overhead doors are supplied with a choice of three long-life exterior finishes in more than 20 different colours. The polyester coated galvanised steel and plastisol coated galvonised steel create tough, corrosion-resistant finishes suitable for demanding environments. Electric operation is available for efficient use as well as optional extras such as double glazed windows, integral or matching pass doors, fascia panels, security locking systems and more.

Other Products - Visit our website

Alongside our fantastic range of industrial doors, we also offer other associated door types and equipment including:
Clearview glazed overhead doors
Fire resisting roller shutters
Insulated roller shutters
Steel-hinged doors and frames
Fire escapes and security doors
High speed doors
PVC strip curtains and doors
Spares, repairs and contract maintenance
For further information about our products and services please contact the team at AVON Industrial Doors Ltd and we will be happy to help.

Overhead Garage Doors - Visit our website

Our overhead garage doors are available in a range of colours and styles to suit different requirements. These doors feature twin galvanised steel door panels with high density polyurethane foam fill. They are supplied as standard with full perimeter seals and can be supplied as manual or electric types to suit customer requirements. Manual doors are easy to operate with specifically designed torsion springs and electric doors are supplied with a remote control and a built in light feature which activates when the door is opened. Our electric doors also feature a manual release in case of power failure.

Glazed Overhead Doors - Visit our website

We offer glazed overhead doors to meet a need in many situations, such as fire stations, car showrooms, and other settings, where extra light is needed in a garage or where a "picture window" effect is desirable. Our glazed Clearview sectional overhead door is built on a series of hinged and jointed 40mm-thick sections – this framework is built from hollow extruded and anodised aluminium pieces. This is an attractive and low-maintenance material for your overhead garage doors. We build our glazed garage doors with a heavier insulated bottom section and a heavy-duty foot plate with a weather seal. And we offer the Clearview glazed doors with a number of standard colours for the aluminium frame. Please visit our website for more information.

Installation & Service - Visit our website

Avon fields direct employed labour teams for all of our installation work. These teams are equipped with everything they need – fully-equipped vehicles including onboard generators, ladders, tools, and other equipment. All of our engineers are certified and accredited with experience in installing door systems and related products. We maintain on our staff two qualified electricians who can complete all of our installation jobs within the current 17th edition electrical regulations. And we also maintain the equipment necessary to observe suitable health and safety measures – including hydraulic scissor lifts, specially-designed transporters, and other equipment. We also offer operating and maintenance training for all of our products.

Industrial Rolling Shutter Doors - Visit our website

Avon Industrial Doors Ltd supplies and installs top quality rolling shutter doors. These tough and robust doors are suitable for installation in a range of industrial settings and can feature different fixing arrangements which enable the roller shutters to be installed to meet different customer and building requirements. Our industrial roller shutter doors have been expertly designed and manufactured to provide customers with increased security and reliability. They can be installed in new or existing buildings and can commonly be seen in factories, warehouses, workshops, grain stores and similar types of buildings. Please head over to our website to find out more and to download our roller shutter brochure.

Electric Rolling Garage Doors - Visit our website

These smooth operating doors can be operated by the owner via a handy, pocket-sized transmitter making parking a car in the garage a quick and easy activity. Various sized doors are available to accommodate new or pre-existing garage types and the doors are operated via a powerful electric 240V 1 phase motor. The unit also features a manual hand winding mechanism in case of emergency. Additional features include the Autolocking anti-lift system and anti-fall back safety brake in case of motor component failure. Our electric rolling garage doors are available in a range of colours, including wood grain effect.

Folding Shutter doors - Visit our website

Our folding shutter doors are manufactured to incredibly high standards and feature galvanised materials and a deeply profiled door leaf for additional support. These doors are effective for openings where vehicle or pedestrian traffic is to pass through and are operated via a simple manual process. They are tough and robust and suitable for installation in a range of settings. When choosing to install our folding shutter doors, customers can select from a range of optional extras including electric operation, automatic controls, vision panels, sump boxes, draught excluders, special locking and more.



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