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Bunce (Ashbury) Ltd specialises in the supply of winter maintenance equipment for clearing footpaths, cycle ways, car parks, roads, runways, distributions centres and other environments where operations must continue regardless of the weather. We offer a quality range of products made with tough, durable materials able to perform in the most demanding conditions. They include:

  • Pedestrian-Operated, Towed & Tractor-Mounted Salt Spreaders – From leading Danish manufacturer epoke®.
  • Snowploughs (for lorries and tractors) – Designed and built by us.
  • Snow Blowers & Snow Cutters – Also designed by Bunce engineers. 
  • Pedestrian-Operated, Two-Wheeled Tractors & Attachments – From S.E.P of Italy.
  • Salt Bins – Available in two sizes. 
  • Rotary Sweepers & Brooms (available as towed or tractor-mounted units) – Designed and built by Bunce. 

More information on our winter maintenance equipment can be found in the sections below and on our website. Please get in touch if you require any further details. 

Pedestrian Operated and Towed Drop Salt Spreaders

We have been representing the Danish manufacturer epoke® in the UK for nearly 50 years, meaning we have a considerable amount of experience selling and supporting this equipment. Customers can buy with confidence knowing that their salt spreaders are backed by the technical expertise of our staff and that spares can be provided direct from the manufacturer whenever needed. 

epoke® salt spreaders are easy to use and simple to maintain – this makes them ideal for de-icing and anti-icing footpaths, shopping precincts, car parks,  hospital or factory sites, etc. These are classed as ‘drop’ spreaders because the salt is dropped from across the entire width of the salt spreader (as opposed to a ‘spinner’ type salt spreader where salt is broadcast from a spinner disc). This technique ensures that the salt is spread exactly where needed, and not over landscaped areas or thrown against cars. 

Bunce Snowploughs

Bunce of Ashbury has a long and distinguished history in the manufacture of snowploughs. Customers can purchase from us in complete confidence knowing that our equipment has been developed and refined over the course of a century (the Bunce family has been producing snow clearing tools since the 1890s), which means quality and performance are guaranteed. We were the first company to put a steel snowplough on the front of a lorry back in the 1920s, we patented the first steel ‘tripping edges’ used on many makes of plough today, and we were one of the first snowplough manufacturers in the UK to begin building polymer-faced snowploughs. Bunce is a true industry pioneer. Visit us online to find out more about our snowploughs.

Bunce Salt Bins

Bunce offers salt bins in two different sizes: 170 and 300 litres. Both types can be stacked one inside the other so that they can be easily stored in a relatively small space when they are not needed. The bins are made from a robust, weather-resistant, ultra-violet-stabilised polythene which is able to resist large impact forces. They are supplied in yellow as standard but other colours are available if required. Bunce salt bins also feature a recessed base which enables them to be handled by a forklift when fully loaded. Visit us online to find out more.

Bunce Snow Blowers & Snow Cutters

Our ‘MU’ PTO-driven snowblowers are suitable for use on agricultural and Unimog-type vehicles. They can be used either on their own, fitted to the front or rear 3-point linkage; or they can be mounted to the rear 3-point linkage of the tractor in combination with a Bunce snowplough fitted to the front to make a very compact and effective snow clearing unit. 

Our ‘SnoBlo’ engine-driven snowcutters are designed for quick and easy mounting onto the loading arms of a loading shovel (in place of the conventional bucket). This creates a powerful and effective snowcutter which does not require a dedicated prime mover. 

Find out more about our snowblowers and snowcutters by heading over to the Bunce website. 

SEP Two Wheeled Tractor Range

Bunce (Ashbury) Ltd are the sole UK distributors of S.E.P two-wheeled tractors. Made in Italy by a company with a global reputation for quality and reliability, these are amongst the most robust units you’ll find on the market. They are available with petrol or diesel engines (from 5hp to 12hp), recoil or electric starts, and can be used with a range of attachments, including sweepers, snowploughs, snowblowers, tillers, chipper shredders, cultivators, flail mowers, rotary mowers and trailers.

Bunce Sweepers

Bunce sweepers are designed for clearing mud, sand and grit from roads and runways, as well as for sweeping surfaces in preparation for dressing or paving operations. Some models are also able to clear shallow snow. It is this versatility that has made Bunce sweepers popular all over the world - from the West Indies to the Falklands, Indonesia to Iceland. Brush sections are supplied in galvanised crimped steel wire or polypropylene sections, and are easily replaceable. The former are ideal for anyone who needs an aggressive, abrasive sweep, while the latter are less aggressive and more suitable for use in livestock environments. Mixed wire brushes can also be supplied – these are ideal for general applications.

Bunce Drain Grabs

Bunce have been producing drain grabs at a facility near Swindon since the year 2000, when the company acquired manufacturing rights from the original designer in Denmark (the founder of the epoke® factory). Also known as sewer or gulley grabs, Bunce drain grabs are useful tools for cleaning out drains, sewers and gulley traps. They are made with a square or round bowl which opens and closes using a plunger on the handle – this makes cleaning drains quick, simple, safe and hygienic.

Featured Product - Epoke Epomini 20 Towed Drop Salt Spreader

Introducing the epoke® EpoMini 20, a towed drop salt spreader with a 200 litre capacity, large pneumatic tyres for getting up and down pavements, and a 38mm eye-type drawbar ideal for use with compact tractors and other small vehicles. The EpoMini 20 uses the epoke® metering system to ensure an accurate and consistent spread even with wet, lumpy salt. The spread rate can easily be adjusted by changing the tension on the spring base via a lever located on the side of the spreader. For more details and specifications, or to see what other epoke® spreader models we can offer, please head over to our website.



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