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Intelligent Vending Ltd is one of the UK’s leading vending specialists, supplying a great range of vending machines, catering equipment, machine components, vending ingredients and consumables to all manner of commercial and industrial clients, from the smallest to the very largest. We also work with clients within the public sector (including the armed forces), and often supply equipment and consumables to domestic customers. 

Intelligent Vending are more than just vending machine suppliers: we provide comprehensive vending services, including international sales and export, machine maintenance and vending consultancy. By providing these essential services, we’re able to offer a more complete vending solution, covering virtually all customer requirements. 

Here at Intelligent Vending we pride ourselves on a highly personal service. It allows us to better understand your vending needs and provide solutions to meet those needs.  And, as a completely independent supplier free from manufacturer ties, we’re able to provide honest, impartial advice on machine selection, which means you get a fit-for-purpose product that satisfies your requirements, rather than anybody else’s. 

In the sections below you’ll find a small selection of our products. To discover our full range of vending, catering and hygiene solutions, please head over to our website. If you would like any further information on our products or services, just give us a call on 01629 825555. 

Valera Action 1200w Hairdryer With Fitted Plug

As well as an extensive range of vending equipment and consumables, Intelligent Vending offers a number of personal care items for washrooms and leisure facilities, including hand dryers, hair dryers, sanitary bins, air fresheners and other related equipment. 

The Valera Action 1200w hairdryer has a fitted plug that enables it to be moved around in the area in which it is to be used. It also means the dryer can be left on display for customer use or hidden away so as not to clash with your interior colour scheme. 

For more details and pricing, please visit Intelligent Vending online. 

COMPACT Circline 22w Electric Grid Fly Killer

We also supply a number of insect killers ideal for use in commercial kitchens and other environments where hygiene is essential. 

Thanks to its circular 22 watt UV lamp, the COMPACT Circline electric grid fly killer can cover an area up to 80m². It is manufactured right here in the UK by a leading pest control specialist, and is fully tested to BS EN standards. Like all fly killers in the COMPACT range, the 22w Circline can be suspended from a ceiling, mounted to a wall or left to stand freely. 

Fly-Shield Solo 20w Glue Board Fly Killer

The Fly-Shield Solo - another of our best-selling fly killers - is designed to be discreet, stylish and highly effective. It utilises a powerful 20w energy-saving UV bulb and a large unobstructed glue board to trap and kill flies and other insects within an area up to 90m². Its discreet design makes it ideal for use in both domestic and commercial environments, from homes and offices to restaurants and shops. Fly-Shield fly killers are manufactured in the UK by a leading pest control specialist – all products are fully BS EN tested and CE approved. The Solo can be stood on any flat surface or mounted to a wall, depending on your preferences. A corrosion-resistant aluminium body improves durability and makes the fly killer very easy to clean.

Valera Action Wall-Mounted 1200w Hair Dryer (Black and Chrome)

The Valera Action 1200w is a powerful and efficient wall-mounted hair dryer specifically designed with the hotel and leisure industry in mind. Each dryer comes with a wall-mounted bracket for convenient storage and a coil cord that extends its range considerably. Like all of our products, the Valera Action 1200w comes with a warranty for complete peace of mind. To find out more, please visit Intelligent Vending online or contact our customer service team on 01629 825555.

EL Floor Standing Change Machine (Coin to Coin/Token)

With a large coin capacity and a high level of system security, the EL Floor-Standing Change Machine is ideal for all kinds of environments. It can be made to operate with UK Sterling (GBP), Euros (EUR) or US Dollars (USD) - other currency versions are available upon special request. 

The machine can return either tokens or coins in up to 3 denominations, depending on the selected hopper quantity. Security features include a six point locking mechanism, a door open alarm, separate lockable money compartment and an independent battery powered alarm system. 

C300D Wall Mounted Change Machine (Banknote & Coin to Coin/Token)

The C300D Wall-Mounted Change Machine accepts banknotes as well as coins. It can return tokens or coins in up to 2 denominations, depending on the selected hopper quantity. As standard the C300D can be operated with UK Sterling (GBP), Euros (EUR) or US Dollars (USD) – other currency versions are available upon special request. 

Security features include a robust 2mm steel shell, a door open alarm, seven point locking mechanism, a state-of-the-art note validator and an independent battery powered alarm. 

All of our coin machines come with optional service contracts. This includes general servicing and parts replacement, engineer call-out, 24 hour helpline and priority maintenance. 

Acis 720 Bottled Water Cooler (Tabletop)

Convenient, cost-effective and attractive, the Acis 720 Tabletop Water Cooler is ideal for just about any commercial or industrial environment. It is available in two water configurations (cold and ambient or hot and cold), and has an extremely simple set of controls for operator ease of use.  For details, specifications and prices, please visit Intelligent Vending online or contact our sales team on 01629 825555.

Acis 520 POU Water Cooler (Tabletop)

The Acis 520 is another of our popular tabletop water coolers, available in two different water configurations: cold and ambient or hot and cold. This model has no bottle and therefore requires plumbing – water is on-demand and unlimited. An attractive design makes the Acis 520 ideal for just about any domestic, commercial or industrial environment. 

For more information, or to view our other POU (Point-of-Use) plumbed-in water coolers, please head over to the Intelligent Vending website. 

IceBerg POU Water Cooler

With the ability to dispense chilled, ambient or even carbonated water, the IceBerg POU water cooler covers all your hydration requirements. This slimline machine serves high quality, Brita-filtered water and has a huge cup capacity of 700. It features a high visibility, stylish blue display to catch the eye of the passerby, a bottle option that allows users to fill their own drinking vessels, and a 1.7m mains lead for positioning flexibility. The IceBerg water cooler can be banked alongside other DarenthMJS machines for a complete vending solution. For more details, please visit Intelligent Vending online.

Merchant 6 Food, Drink & Snack Vending Machine

The Merchant 6 is a high capacity food, drink and snack vending machine that provides up to 50% more selections than a conventional snack machine. This is one of our most popular vending products, chiefly because its flexible shelving system allows you the present a wide product choice to the customer, thereby increasing sales. Maximum product capacity is 340. 

All Merchant vending machines have an A++ energy rating and benefit from a range of eco-friendly features. One of the main advantages of the Merchant 6 is its ability to store items at two different temperatures. The upper section of the machine can have a temperature set anywhere between 1°C and 9°C, while the lower section can have an independent temperature anywhere between 1°C and 7°C. This means you can store and sell drinks and snacks from a single machine without compromising product freshness.


ICV Ice Cream Vending Machine

The ICV is one of the most widely used ice cream vending machines in Europe, and has been ever since the first model was released almost two decades ago. Over the years, the design of the ICV has been updated with newly developed technologies that have helped cement its place as Europe’s market-leading ice cream vending machine. This latest incarnation provides four product selections and has a maximum capacity of 204 items. It features ecological, CFC/HCFC-free insulation, a convenient integrated folding table and a small internal door to minimise thermal dispersion during product stocking.

Solista ES5 (B2C) - Hot Drinks Machine (Mains Fill)

With a sleek design, a large cup capacity and a range of cutting edge technologies, the Solista ES5 from leading hot drinks machine manufacturer N&W is perfect for all coffee lovers. Z4000 technology delivers exceptional fresh ground espresso coffee and espresso-based specialist drinks in just a few seconds, making this a highly convenient bean-to-cup coffee vending machine for any environment. The Solista ES5 features 10 direct select push buttons with a chromium plated frame around the entire selection area. The machine comes with free delivery, installation and training.

Lei SA Coffee/Hot Drinks Machine (Mains Supply

Available in instant coffee and bean-to-cup versions, the Lei SA Coffee/Hot Drinks Machine covers all your hot drink vending requirements. It can be supplied with a specially designed base cabinet for floor-standing applications or on its own as a tabletop/countertop machine. The Lei SA features 12 backlit push buttons that can be configured as selections or pre-selections; the selection panel utilises Bianchi’s Soft Touch Technology (STT), which recognises human touch. A 32-digit alphanumeric LCD display makes drink selection and customisation extremely easy.

Sexual Health Vending

We aim to support local sexual health initiatives by providing lost cost condom vending equipment for use in schools, colleges, universities and other such environments. Easy and non-stigmatising 24/7 access to condoms in areas frequented by young people has been found to be one of the most effective ways of reducing the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and controlling unwanted pregnancy. 

In recent years, Intelligent Vending has gained a great deal of experience and expertise in this area, and can provide in-depth advice on machine location and operation. You can also download our sexual health vending brochure in PDF format from the Intelligent Vending website.

Vending Consultancy (Per Hour)

Our vending consultancy services cover a wide range of vending issues, including bespoke machine design, product launches, new vending concepts, exhibitions and brand promotions, international supply and export, effective portfolio management, and research and development. Vending consultancy is charged either by the hour or at a reduced flat day rate (8 working hours). If you would like to find out more about our vending consultancy services, please get in touch on 01629 825555.

Kenco Singles Machines

Not only does the Kenco Singles Coffee Machine look good, it also performs exceptionally well, delivering a choice of freshly filtered hot drinks within just a few moments of selection. This includes Twinings Tea and Suchards Hot Chocolate, as well as a range of Kenco coffees. The Singles machine can be plumbed in or manually filled, depending on your preferences.


Features include a large LCD display, an incredibly simple capsule insertion interface and a large cup aperture for inserting mugs. The Kenco Singles Coffee Machine also gives you the opportunity to double-up on capsules to make 12oz drinks. 

Find out more by visiting Intelligent Vending online. 



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