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Bülte Plastics Ltd are manufacturers of an extensive range of Polyamide products and specific parts in other materials. Our range of products includes metric nuts, washers, bushings, screws, spacers, caps, covers, handles, plugs, gaskets, knobs, seals, hand wheels, and much more. In addition to our range of products, we can also produce special parts based on customer specifications.

Our production line is both efficient and flexible, which allows us to provide the best lead times and an incredible quality/price ratio. As production methods and materials have improved, we have made sure to keep up to date in our manufacturing. Along with our experience, adaptability and advice service, this helps us to provide the most reliable products.

We are confident that our research, development and quality controls all show in the overall quality of our products. Confidence in our products can be further solidified by our ISO 9001:2008 certification. Of course, quality products would be nothing without quality service, which we can provide thanks to our excellent logistics and international presence. We have built up an international network of incredibly efficient distributors, which has given us a dynamic and reactive team to deliver our service.

Regardless of the specific industry, Bülte Plastics can assure that you get the best product for your application.

Washers - Visit our website

We have an extensive range of washers, to cover all possible applications. Our range includes Bülte locking and sealing washers, DOFA/double locking and sealing washers, holding washers, flat anti-loss washers, Bülte anti-loss washers, flat sealing washers, nylon glass filled washers, brake washers, black nylon washers, polypropylene washers, PTFE (teflon) washers, PVDF washers, hard and soft PVC washers, fibre washers, neoprene washers, self-adhesive washers, Bülte retaining washers, locating washers, saddle washers/spacers, POM clips, STB-retaining rings, metric finishing washers and various nylon flat washers.

Our locking and sealing washers negate the need for Nylstop or lock nuts, making stock management easier and reducing costs. These are resistant to corrosion, vibration and electrolytic action.

Anti-loss washers are the perfect product for preventing the loss of screws and can save time during assembly and disassembly. Screws can only be removed by unscrewing the washers.

Spacers - Visit our website

Our range of spacers includes round spacers and retaining spacers in a variety of diameters, metric round tapped spacers, metric hex tapped spacers, metric hex tapped/threaded spacers, hollow pins, PCB spacers with clips and saddle washers.

The round spacer creates a constant gap between two components, while both insulating and absorbing vibrations. Its high resistance to temperature and liquids makes it a safe option for many applications, particularly in electronics.

The retaining spacer is useful for pre-assembly applications, preventing the loss of screws and bolts. It is especially suitable for electronic use, due to its insulating qualities.

Bushings - Visit our website

We can provide a variety of shoulder washers, bushings and metric screw insulators, as well as custom bushings made to customer specifications.

Our shoulder washers and bushings are perfect for isolating different materials and protecting against dust. They are resistant to corrosion and most chemicals, making them suitable for a range of applications.

The metric screw insulators are made to insulate fixing elements, protecting them from short circuits and electrolytic corrosion. They are also effective at preventing vibrations from causing the assembly to loosen.

Nuts - Visit our website

Our expansive range of nuts includes hex nuts, hex flat nuts, hex cap nuts, hex lock nuts, hex washer faced nuts, hex dome nuts, hex insulating cap nuts, round nuts, deco round nuts, slotted nut-plugs, knurled nuts, conical knurled nuts, knurled thumb nuts, wing nuts and washer faced wing nuts.

Round nuts are for finishing applications, with a neat visual appeal and manual tightening. They are light, rustproof and have good resistance to wear and weather conditions.

Hex nuts are a good option if you need chemical, wear and shock resistance as well as low coefficient of friction. If you're looking for good mechanical, electrical and thermal properties, consider the hex flat washer, which is also rustproof and wear resistant.

Screws - Visit our website

To complement our incredible range of nuts and washers, we have a similarly large range of screws. This includes cheese head screws, pan head screws, mushroom head screws, flat head screws, slotted screws, hex head screws, washer faced hex head screws, hex socket head screws, phillips head screws, cup square head screws, knurled thumb screws, triangular head screws, wing screws, small wing screws, washer faced wing screws, thumb slotted screws, wide pan head screws, countersunk head screws, grub slotted screws, violin head screws, four-star screws, binder posts and threaded rods. We can also produce special screws based on customers' individual specifications.

Plugs - Visit our website

Be it for protecting the head of a screw or the end of a tube, we have a variety of plugs for sale. These include screw caps, rivet caps, allen screw caps, decorative screw caps, lamination caps, screw protection covers, cover plugs, protection caps, protection plugs, violin head plugs, slotted plugs, hex washer faced plugs, universal plugs, threaded plugs, knurled slotted plugs, round hole plugs, square hold plugs and soft PVC protection caps.

Our screw caps prevent dirt from getting in, and prevent corrosion and deterioration of metallic screws. They can also resist most chemicals and weather conditions.

Many of these plugs are made from polyethylene, which means that they are resistant to acids, oils and greases.

Plastomet - Visit our website

Our range of Plastomet products combine plastic components with metal components, to provide the benefits of both. This range includes a variety of wing screws and nuts, four-star screws and nuts, knurled screws and nuts, plastomet adjustable feet, hex caps nuts, washer faced hex head screws and binder posts.

The plastic elements of these products are made from nylon, while the metal elements are zinc-plated steel. Like many of our products, the plastic parts are available in a range of different colours. For our Plastomet products, the available colours are black, white, grey, yellow, red and blue.

Handwheels & Knobs - Visit our website

Whatever assembly needs adjusting, calibrating or tightening, we have a range of handwheels and knobs for such purposes. This includes a variety of three-stars grips, four-stars grips, triangular hand wheels, knurled knobs, wing grips, t-handles, star grips, knurled handwheels and star handwheels.

These can be provided with the screw in (male) or just the knob element (female), and the male elements can be aluminium, titanium, stainless steel, brass or nylon. If these products are going to be tightened all the way down to the end of the screw, it is recommended that a lock nut is used.

Plastimont - Visit our website

If you want the freedom to assemble knobs yourself, you can purchase our Plastimont bodies, which are plastic knobs in kit form. Available kits include three-stars plastimont bodies, four-stars plastimont bodies, triangular plastimont bodies, knurled plastimont bodies, wing plastimont bodies, t-plastimont bodies, star plastimont bodies and flat star plastimont bodies.

As with our Plastomet products, these items are made of nylon, and can be provided in black, white, grey, blue, green, red and yellow.

Most of these can be paired with hex screws or nuts, leaving you to choose between steel, brass, nylon or other materials.

Handles - Visit our website

Whatever needs to be lifted or opened, be it in the electronics, construction, medical or furniture industries, we can provide a plastic or metal handle to suit the job.

We have straight handles and round handles, as well as the unique universal handles, giving you the choice as to what shape handle you use. The majority of our handles are made from nylon, and thus come in the usual range of nylon colours, including black, white, red, yellow, grey, green and blue. Some handles are available in polypropylene or polystyrol, and some consist of nylon housings with PVC or aluminium tubes.

Adjustable Feet - Visit our website

For the support and levelling of machines, we have a range of adjustable feet, that allow machines and the individual feet to be set at the appropriate heights.

Adjustable feet types include octogonal, plasto, plastofix, plastofeet, plastoball and plastodreh. All of these are full nylon products and come in the standard range of nylon colours.

The plastofix, plastodreh and plastofeet products have swivelling screws, and the plastofix is particularly easy to drill due to the presence of pre-holes.

Miscellaneous - Visit our website

If none of the specific categories cover the plastic product that you are looking for, you may find what you need in our miscellaneous section, which contains a whole assortment of products not covered in our main sections. Products in our miscellaneous section include snap-in clips, push-in clips, round shelf supports, flat shelf supports, self-adhesive bumpers, metric inserts, knurled inserts, grommets, cable clamps, cable ties, cable clips and wall plugs.

If you need to keep cables, tubes or pipes grouped together and fixed in place, our cable clamps are just one of the solutions available. These can be provided in nylon, soft polyethylene, rubber and PTFE, in a range of colours.

Our self-adhesive bumpers are translucent, non-slip cushioning bumpers made to stop doors from slamming loudly. These come in a variety of shapes and colours.

Cable glands - Visit our website

For a range of industries, cable glands are necessary for the secure attachment of cables to their respective devices. Our range includes metric cable glands, PG cable glands, cable glands with reducing inserts, cable glands with cable guides, multigums, soft plugs, metric locknuts, PG locknuts, metric hex head plugs, slotted plugs and O-rings.

The metric cable gland is waterproof, self-locking and has a temperature resistance between -25°C and 100°C. If large temperature differences need to be dealt with, it is recommended that an O-ring be used on the external thread.

The cable gland with cable guide is made for flexible cables and universal mounting. It has a temperature of -30°C to 100°C and comes in nylon with a neoprene sealing ring.

Stamped Parts - Visit our website

We can manufacture stamped parts based on customers' drawings, in an expansive range of materials. We produce these parts with high pressure waterjet cutting, which involves water being forced through a 0.2mm diameter hole at pressure between 3,000 and 4,000 bar. This extremely precise process can cut through the hardest materials, and cuts shapes repeatedly with zero deformation.

Our stamped parts can be produced from a large variety of materials, so whatever tensile strength, temperature range or specific resistances you need, there will be a material for you.

Consult the stamped parts section of our website for more information, as all of the materials and specifications are listed.

Special Parts - Visit our website

If our wide range of products does not have the specific product that you require, our expertise in plastic manufacturing can be put to work making parts based on your drawings or specifications. On our website is a form that you can fill in, so that you can get a price on your special parts. Here you can specify the quantity, select the material and colour, upload your plan and add comments.

Technical Data - Visit our website

For your guidance, we provide on our website a comprehensive page of average technical characteristics for our products.  Note that this is not definitive, but only meant to provide guidance.  We can also supply our customers with material data sheets, which outline technical data for the raw materials we use to manufacture our plastic fasteners.  If you have any technical queries that are not answered here, please do get in touch and will be happy to help.

Our Advantages - Visit our website

The list of our advantages falls neatly into three categories: reliability, quality and service.  Reliability is assured, as we bring over 60 years of experience, giving us a breadth of knowledge and adaptability.  Further, we are always happy to help our customers with advice.  We use the very latest production techniques across our wide range of products.  To ensure quality, we have undertaken extensive research and development over the years and utilise the best and latest production methods and materials.  We offer a very good quality/price ratio and are are certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 standard.  Finally, in terms of service, we employ sound and effective logistic practise and offer excellent lead times, processing orders within 24 hours.  We deliver to more than 140 countries across the world.



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