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Founded:1 January, 1993 (24 years and 9 months ago)
No of Employees: 11-20
Annual Turnover: 5-10m
Parent Company: Bord na Mona, IE
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  • Manufacturer

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Bord na Mona provides odor biofiltration, wastewater and water reuse solutions for municipal & residential applications including membranes, MBBR, SAF, peat biofilters and rainwater harvesting.

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  • MÓNASHELL® Biofiltration Odor Control System With over 600 references the MÓNASHELL Biofiltration System is a sustainable, low maintenance and low operating cost alternative to traditional carbon or chemical scrubbing systems and exhibits many advantages over other biofilters. The reuse of waste shells as media maintains a neutral pH, allowing for highly effective biological treatment of odorous sulfur compounds in wastewater and industrial airstreams without the use of chemicals or nutrient addition. The waste airstream is directed into recirculating water within the MÓNASHELL unit, allowing contact between selected micro-organisms and odorous compounds. The harmless bacteria reside on the shell media, which contains high levels of CaCO3 and neutralizes acid byproducts of sulfide oxidation. The MÓNASHELL system is designed to deliver significant, environmentally responsible benefits for wastewater pumping stations, wastewater treatment works, sludge-handling, municipal solid waste and composting centers, as well as various industrial facilities included VOC reduction. MÓNASHELL is very effective for treating a broad range of compounds and high levels of H2S and Organic Sulfides. MÓNASHELL provides a very low whole life cost solution, uses a smaller footprint than conventional biofilters and its offsite or onsite modular construction allows ease of installation. Customers interested in learning more about the new MÓNASHELL system should visit www.bnm-us.com, call 1-800-787-2356, or email info@bnm-us.com
  • Puraflo® Peat Fiber Biofilter The Puraflo Peat Biofilter treatment system is a natural wastewater treatment solution for on-site wastewater treatment. Utilizing a unique biofibrous peat filter media, the Puraflo treatment system is one of the highest performing, most reliable systems on the market today. It has proven itself for over 15 years in a large number of U.S. residential and light commercial applications, as well as at sites subject to intermittent use or existing sites needing repairs or upgrades. The greatest benefits are derived from the reliability and simplicity of how the Puraflo system works, with no blowers or re-circulating pumps required, an important feature for any residential system. Following a septic tank containing an effluent filter the wastewater is time dosed, into the Puraflo modules. Time dosing is an important aspect of the design that protects the drain field and ensures high treatment performance, with ammonia levels of <5mg/l. For sites where no power is available a siphon system can be utilized for time-dosing. Other benefits include the ability to disperse the treated effluent directly through a gravel pad underneath the Puraflo units, the very low operating cost, the factory assembly reducing installation costs and the modular design of the Puraflo system allowing phasing of the construction. Customers interested in learning more about the Puraflo system should visit www.bnm-us.com, call 1-800-787-2356, or email info@bnm-us.com.
  • PuraM® Membrane Bioreactor Available in a range of mobile prefabricated carbon steel, or stainless steel tank configurations capable of treating flows from 7,000 to 125,000 gpd, or in concrete tanks for applications in excess of 1 MGD, the PuraM Membrane Bioreactor features significant improvements over comparable systems for small flow applications using an enhanced air scour flat plate design. The PuraM system utilizes ultrafiltration membrane technology to achieve high quality effluent that meets water reuse and stringent Total Nitrogen standards within a greatly reduced overall footprint. The pre-engineered solution is designed specifically for the decentralized municipal, community, and commercial markets that require greater reliability, reduced operational input through extended periods between chemical cleans, ease of maintenance, and less complexity than other systems by eliminating back pulsing, onsite chemicals and permeate pumps. Systems can be located above ground or in-ground with a range of screening and pumping packages. Add-on packages for phosphorous and/or enhanced nitrogen removal are available. Rent or lease systems can be provided. Customers interested in learning more about the new PuraM system should visit www.bnm-us.com, call 1-800-787-2356 , or email info@bnm-us.com.
  • PuraMax® Moving-Bed Biological Reactor MBBR System Designed to achieve a high quality effluent within a small overall footprint, the PuraMax System is an attached growth activated sludge process. Following a septic/primary tank, the aeration stage consists of recycled plastic media that provide an extended surface contact area for bacteria to attach. An aeration grid located at the bottom of the reactor supplies oxygen to the biofilm, along with the mixing energy required to keep the plastic bio-carriers suspended and fully mixed. The biosolids are naturally sloughed off the media, which are removed in a clarifier. Total nitrogen reduction can be achieved with recirculation or with a post-anoxic stage with carbon addition. The PuraMax is an excellent solution for high strength and industrial wastes. The process is suitable for IFAS configurations and retrofit of existing systems. The PuraMax System is engineered specifically for municipal, decentralized or on-site community and commercial wastewater treatment applications, where cost effective, simple, reliable operation and maintenance are required. Customers interested in learning more about the new PuraMax system should visit www.bnm-us.com, call 1-800-787-2356, or email info@bnm-us.com.
  • PuraSAF® Submerged Aerated Filter PuraSAF provides a cost effective, low energy, pre-engineered wastewater treatment solution that is simple to operate and maintain. The filter media are produced from recycled plastic that provide an ideal medium for biological attached growth. The process uses the media to provide superior oxygen transfer rates providing a very low operating cost solution. The filter normally operates in an upflow packed bed configuration that is readily fluidized for cleaning and desludging. In aerobic mode, PuraSAF offers a small footprint, low headloss solution for BOD, and Nitrification, and in an unaerated mode as an anoxic stage for denitrification or as a low-cost tertiary solids filter that approaches sand filter quality. The process can be designed for a number of applications including as a secondary treatment unit, for tertiary treatment reducing ammonia on existing works or lagoon effluent, as a temporary measure while an existing asset is being refurbished or replaced; as an emergency treatment stage on a failing works; to handle seasonal peak loads and in an unaerated mode as a low cost solids tertiary filter or as a denitrification filter. PuraSAF is available as mobile rental or lease units. The PuraSAF process can be installed as a pre-engineered package system or designed in concrete tanks. Customers interested in learning more about the new PuraSAF system should visit www.bnm-us.com, call 1-800-787-2356, or email info@bnm-us.com.