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With more than 40 years of experience in the laboratory liquid handling industry, we are the leading specialist supplier in the UK and Ireland, supporting scientific labs for all their pipetting needs.  
Our Mission is to provide laboratory supplies that improve results quality, increase efficiency and save time and costs for our customers. We endeavour to do this while sourcing and developing products that reduce environmental impact and improve safety and ergonomics.

We offer extensive ranges of pipettes and tips from major manufacturers as well as our own brands. We also supply laboratory consumables such as microtubes, plates, racks, PCR supplies and biology reagents.

We provide UKAS Accredited Pipette Service to ensure the highest standard of maintenance and calibration for our customers’ pipettes.


Whatever your liquid handling application requirements may be, we can fulfil them with our extensive variety of precision single channel, multi-channel and specialist pipettes that provide accuracy, reliability, safety and comfort.

We offer:

  • RAININ manual single channel and multi-channel pipettes, including the LiteTouch LTS system as well as the RAININ Liquidator 96™ 96-well manual pipetting system
  • RAININ electronic pipettes for maximum precision and reduced risk of RSI
  • RAININ positive displacement pipettes for the transfer of viscous or hazardous liquids and reduced risk of sample contamination
  • RAININ Auto-Rep repeater pipettes with positive displacement
  • Pipetting aids for easier sampling of volumes up to 100ml
  • Serological pipettes made of polystyrene (sterile, non-sterile or bacteriological)
  • Gilson pipettes

We also supply bottle top dispensers, pipetting accessories and spare parts as well as provide in-house or on-site pipette service.

PCR Plates & Tubes

Our PCR tubes and plates are made from only the purest materials and the highest quality standards to consistently protect your samples, maintain their integrity and eliminate assay interference. PCR tubes are thin-walled for optimal yield and fast thermal transfer.

We offer individual PCR tubes, strips of tubes and strips of caps. We also supply PCR work up racks and IsoFreeze PCR storage racks.

Have complete confidence in your PCR data with our UKAS accredited temperature validation services for your thermal cycler. Our CYCLERtest Thermal Cycler Validation, with real-time performance reporting, lets you be assured that your thermal cycler is achieving and properly maintaining the correct temperature.

Pipette Tips

Our high quality pipette tips, featuring the RAININ BIOClean™ range of pipette tips, are suitable for a wide range of pipettes and offer you maximum performance without assay interference.

Our comprehensive range of pipette tips include:

  • Economical loose and pipette tips
  • Pre-racked pipette tips
  • Environmentally friendly, cost-effective and convenient pipette tip refill systems
  • Filter and sterile tips
  • EZject ergonomic tips
  • Earthsaver tips with biodegradable racks
  • Speciality tips including capillary pistons, gel loading and wide orifice tips, positive-displacement repeater syringe tips, 384-well 16 multichannel pipette tips
  • Serological pipette tips (sterile, non-sterile or bacteriological)
  • Robotic tips
  • Liquidator 96™ tips

We also offer tip packaging recycling services and supplies.


Made from the purest grade polypropylene, our laboratory consumables will ensure that your precious samples are safeguarded from contamination and your experimental results maintain their integrity.

We offer an extensive range of high quality centrifuge tubes and microtubes, including the new RAININ LiteTouch™ ergonomic microtubes, and microtubes by Treff, SSI and Anachem. We complement our comprehensive selection of microtubes with a range of microtube accessories such as pellet pestles and cap locks and openers.

We also supply SSI screw cap tubes in a variety of sizes and cap styles. Certified free of DNA, DNase and RNase, these are suitable for molecular biology usage.

Laboratory Equipment

We supply high quality bench-top laboratory equipment that will help maximise your output and efficiency while ensuring sample integrity. 

The RAININ Liquidator96™ manual Pipettor offers accurate simultaneous pipetting into 96 wells, achieving high throughput in many applications. We also supply Liquidator96™ tips and accessories such as magnetic bead separators and adaptor plates. 

We also offer dilutor dispensers, peristaltic pumps and accessories, mini centrifuge, stirrer and the flexible Gilson Safe Aspiration Station, designed for fast, safe aspiration and disposal of contaminated liquids.


We supply 96 well and 384 well microplates to meet the requirements of high throughput and microtiter applications.

Deep well plates, available in a wide selection of well volumes and compatible with robotic workstations, offer an easy and convenient solution for sample handling and storage.

We supply general purpose assay plates as well as 4titude’s new Vision Plate 384 that offers fast, high quality results thanks to its optical base flat to within 100 microns.

We also offer a range of plate sealing options to ensure sample security and prevent cross-contamination and evaporation.

For accurate and efficient manual pipetting that eliminates the requirement for complicated programming, we offer the RAININ Liquidator®96 that can fill 96 plate wells at once, or a 384 well plate in only four cycles with an adaptor.

pH and Conductivity Measurement

Whether you require solutions for complex applications under regulatory control or for simple routine measurements, Anachem’s pH and conductivity measurement range has it covered. Our pH meters and conductivity meters are backed by more than 60 years of expertise in sensor innovation, so you can be absolutely confident in their quality and reliability. The range includes:

  • Benchtop pH meters
  • Benchtop pH/Ion meters
  • pH electrodes
  • Benchtop conductivity meters
  • Portable conductivity meters
  • Conductivity electrodes
  • pH and conductivity accessories


Pipette Calibration and Servicing

Anachem has a UKAS-accredited pipette service centre where we can offer a fast turnaround on equipment calibration, pipette repairs, decontamination and servicing. We can also set up an on-site pipette service clinic in your own laboratory – a convenient solution for large volumes. To meet COSHH regulations, all pipettes are decontaminated using MicroSol3+ decontaminant prior to servicing and are provided with a decontamination certificate. To request a quote, please contact Anachem’s service team on 01582 456256.

Laboratory Safety

Anachem is fully equipped to provide a comprehensive range of laboratory safety equipment including protective supplies, gloves and decontaminants. Our range is designed to help make safe working in hazardous environments a reality and even includes radiation protection products from radiation shields to bins for radioactive waste. In situations where bacteria, mycobacteria, spores, fungi and viruses are hazards, Anachem can supply Virkon disinfectant products which have a proven record in preventing contamination. Virkon simply dissolves in water and is available in a range of sizes from 50g sachets to 5kg drums. We can also supply Virkon labelled empty spray bottles.

Molecular Biology

Within our molecular biology department, Anachem provides reagents suitable for a huge range of applications include real-time PCR, next-generation DNA sequencing, high fidelty PCR, hot start PCR, fast PCR, robust PCR, crude sample PCR and molecular diagnostics.


Our KAPA Biosystems Second Generation PCR reagents are able to provide significant performance improvements and enable applications and results that cannot be achieved with the use of wild-type enzymes. Our various KAPA kits contain Master Mixes made up of DNA polymerase for quick and highly efficient qPCR along with increased levels of reaction efficiency, linearity and sensitivity.

Liquidator 96 Well Pipetting System

For the ability to carry out a simultaneous pipetting operation with high levels of efficiency and accuracy 96 wells at a time, we can supply the Liquidator® pipetting system. This system provides amazingly fast results without programming or unnecessary technician time resulting in a maximized workflow and a dramatic increase in laboratory throughput. Working the same as a regular manual pipette, the Liquidator 96 benchtop system is compact and able to fit on any bench or in laminar flow cabinets. 96 wells can be filled in under 20 seconds making the Liquidator 96 faster and more convenient than many robotic systems.

Laboratory Balances

Anachem offers a range of laboratory balances from METTLER TOLEDO which combine precision and durability for fantastic results and cost effectiveness. Our selection includes NewClassic MS balances, NewClassic ML balances, NewClassic ME balances, Education Line balances, weights and balance accessories. 


METTLER TOLEDO NewClassic MS balances feature fast setting times and consistent results for both simple and complex weighing procedures. The range includes precision balances able to provide a readability from 1mg to 0.01mg. 


Balances from the Education Line range are ideally suited for use in classroom laboratories thanks to their robustness and ease of operation. Battery operated portable balances are also available for field experiments.



Registration Number: 00974301
VAT Number: n/a
Registered at Companies House:9 March, 1970 (54 years and 1 month ago)
No of Employees: 51-100
Annual Turnover: 5-10m
Parent Company: METTLER-TOLEDO
Company Type:
  • Distributor

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Brand & Trade Names

  • KAPA Biosystems
  • METTLER TOLEDO METTLER TOLEDO is a global manufacturer and marketer of precision instruments for use in laboratory, industrial and food retailing applications.
  • Microsol
  • Rainin
  • SSI
  • Virkon

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ISO 9001:2015 - Quality management systems – Requirements
ISO 14001:2015 - Environmental management systems – Requirements with guidance for use

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