Advanced Connections has 10 years of experience in supplying audio and visual data solutions to the education sector. We are specialists in the field and market leaders. Education clients often have very specific needs, but also budgetary and other constraints, and we have become experts in supplying solutions – bespoke or carefully-designed off the shelf packages – that meet our clients’ needs without breaking their budgets. LCD projectors, remedial works, IWB installations, or a full lecture theatre, are all part of our services and product offerings. We work to your timescale and we offer competitive solutions with high quality and service guarantees.


We sell a range of SMARTBoards in sizes ranging from 48” diagonal at £765 up to 94” at £2,349. These interactive education whiteboards are exceptional teaching tools that improve learning outcomes. The simplicity of a whiteboard is combined with the power of a computer – allowing a teacher to give engaging lessons, write notes in digital ink, save work, display audio and video, and achieve other exceptional effects in creating a dynamic learning environment. Please contact us for more details.

LCD Televisions

We sell a range of LCD televisions, from 23” high definition units and up to 46” high definition units, in prices ranging from £395 and up to £1,395. Televisions are essential teaching tools in modern classrooms – allowing teachers to show documentaries, instruction videos, student work, and other inspiring or instructive content. Please contact us for more details.

Plasma Screens

We sell a range of high-quality plasma screens, from 42” units at £875 and up to 63” units at £4,999, for high-end and sophisticated classrooms that need large and rich display screens. Film classes and other media-rich courses can benefit from plasma screens in the learning environment. Please contact us for more details.


We sell a diverse range of overhead projectors for large classrooms and lecture halls. The largest LCD or plasma screen may be too small for a hall with hundreds of students – and so a projector is a large-scale and economical solution. Our projectors come with a variety of options – LCD, DLP, DMD, and ranging in brightness from 1,600 lumens up to 2,200 lumens, with prices from £399 up to £599. Please contact us for more details.



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