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Adept Automation Ltd is one of the UK's leading designers and manufacturers of bulk storage hoppers, vibratory bowl feeders, and other automated component feeding systems. Our outstanding products - which are the culmination of years of development and continuous improvement - are used in a wide range of industrial sectors. An experienced team of designers and engineers each with their own application expertise enables Adept Automation to produce automated feeding equipment that is perfect for the task in hand. We are extraordinarily proud of our excellent track record for delivering high-performance equipment, and we maintain the highest of standards in terms of both product quality and customer service so that Adept Automation will continue to be one the UK's finest in the field. Below are some of the products that you can find on the Adept Automation website. If you wish to find out more about each of these, or would like to view some of our other products, please follow the links! Alternatively, you can give us a call to discuss your requirements with one of our experts.

Vibratory Bowl Feeders - Visit our website

We have produced a range of different bowl feeders to suit your application needs. Those models up to and including our 600 Series have drive mechanisms that are tuned to offer vibration frequencies of 100 pulses per second. A smoother drive amplitude allows small, light-weight and difficult components to be correctly orientated. Our 750, 900 and 1050 Series bowl feeders are more appropriate for sorting large and heavy components. Adept Automation's bowl tops can be manufactured from cast aluminium or stainless steel, though both have stainless steel tooling for enhanced resistance to wear. If product marking or friction needs to be avoided, we can fit bowls with a number of different lining materials, including those suitable for use with foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals.

Linear Feeders - Visit our website

The team at Adept Automation Ltd has worked extremely hard to develop an exceptional range of vibratory linear feeders for transporting orientated components in the horizontal plane. These can accommodate a tooled track measuring between 100mm to 750mm in length, depending on the weight and size of the part. Track lengths can be extended by using several linear feeders in series. Our linear feeders are used together with bowl feeders and provide buffer storage that allows the latter to be switched off for a period of time.

For more information on our linear feeders, please follow this link to the Adept Automation website.

Feeder Control Units - Visit our website

Adept Automation Ltd produces control units for adjusting the amplitude and speed of the feeder. These innovative devices, which come in a heavy-duty enclosure, are able to supply half wave and full wave pulse control. However, some controllers may be mounted within a machine control panel. We also have a dual controller available that enables track control sensors to stop and start the bowl feeder on demand, as well as to directly control an auxiliary bulk hopper. If you're feeding extra-heavy components or if you need consistent amplitude, we have control systems with integrated transducers that measure the load and adjust the amplitude to the appropriate setting.

Automatic Pin Loading System - Visit our website

The picture to the left shows two vibratory bowl feeders, both of which have 12 tracks that feed end to end into two 12 track linear feeders. At the end of the linear tracks, two escapements remove the 12 leading pins, lifting them vertically to a horizontal press position. At the central point between the two linear tracks is a stepper drive system. This carries a holder onto which an operator loads two mould blocks. The operator then initiates the cycles and the two mould blocks are taken to the first loading position where the first 12 pins are inserted. The second two sets of pins are escaped and positioned, and after the mould blocks are put into position, the pins are inserted. The cycle is repeated five times until all 60 pins are inserted into each of the blocks – these are then returned automatically to the operator's position.

Bulk Storage Hoppers - Visit our website

Adept Automation has designed, developed and manufactured a series of robust, reliable and high-performing vibratory bulk storage hoppers. These are used to load parts into the bowl feeder, offering large storage capacities and providing several hours running. They are also used to trickle-feed awkward components, improving feed rates and efficiency. A number of standard sizes are available to suit most needs, but we can manufacture custom units for situations where there are layout constraints or where a greater capacity is needed. These may be constructed from standard materials or to pharmaceutical specifications.

Acoustic Enclosures - Visit our website

We manufacture a range of acoustic hoods that are specifically designed to minimise the noise output of vibratory bowl feeders that run on noisy products. These are manufactured from two specially formed sections of fibreglass, both of which are split through the centreline for easy removal. The top section encloses the bowl while the bottom section surrounds the drive unit. Both are fastened using quick release catches for fast, simple removal. As well as providing a standard range of acoustic enclosures for vibratory bowl feeders, we can also produce customised units to suit feeders of an unusual configuration if required. To find out more, please visit the Adept Automation website.

Elevating Hopper Loaders - Visit our website

In addition to standard hopper loaders, Adept Automation manufactures elevating hopper loaders which are used to load heavy parts to bowl feeders that are positioned at a high level. The storage bin - which can be either static or driven by vibration or conveyor belt - is floor mounted, which makes it a convenient level for refilling. If you would like to find out more about our special elevated hopper loaders, or indeed any of the products that we have to offer, make sure you go to the website or give us a call. Our helpful, friendly representatives can provide all the information and guidance you need.



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