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  • Mr Jon Youles - Managing Director
  • Mr Paul Bradley - Technical Director


Ytron-Quadro are suppliers of specialist processing equipment for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries. We offer innovative process solutions for particle size reduction, mixing and powder incorporation. Since our inception in 1984, Ytron-Quadro has been closely involved in the processing industry and has built close relations with the PPMA and ISPE, both of which we have supported as active members on organising committees and through attendance at exhibitions.

Our Quadro Comil and Ytron Y mixing systems brought our innovations to prominence within the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, and since then, we have developed broad range of sophisticated equipment capable of handling numerous applications.

Please visit our website to view our state-of-the-art processing systems – If you would like any further information on any of them, don't hesitate to give us a call!

Size Reduction Products

Size reduction equipment has always been our speciality, right from the moment the company was founded by Dudley Bradley in 1984. That means we have accumulated a great deal of experience and expertise in dry powder dissaglomeration, fine grinding, and wet mass delumping, as well as particle size reduction. Whatever your application, you're sure to find the right process solution in our choice of equipment. Our product range includes: the Quadro Comil for uniform size reduction, deagglomeration, dispersion and mixing; the Quadro F10 Fine Grind with compact mobile fine grinding mill and integrated feeder, filter and air unit; the Quadro FlexSift, which offers high capacity safety screening and delumping; the VMI Rayneri TRILAB, an all-encompassing tool for the preparation of creams and pastes; and finally the Ytron Z, a homogenisation system for slurries and liquid/liquid mixtures. To find out about all of these in detail, just follow the link to our website!


Our range of liquid/liquid and power liquid mixing systems are used in a wide range of food and pharmaceutical applications. The VMI Rayneri TRIMIX is the complete solution for mixing creams and pastes. We also offer the VMI Rayneri TURBOTEST, a bench top mixer for research and development purposes. Highly versatile and easy to operate, the TURBOTEST comes with a selection of tooling options and numerous integrated safety features. Also included in our mixing system range of products are the Ytron Y ByPass, Ytron Y Directed Jet Mixer and the Y-Tron Z. If you would like to find out what these can do, all you need to do is follow the link to the Ytron-Quadro website.

Powder Incorporation

Ytron-Quadro offers an excellent range of mixing and powder incorporation devices that may be used for batch, continuous and re-circulating systems. All of our devices have been designed and developed to eliminate the difficulties associated with powder handling and powder wetting.
  • Ytron PID – A powder incorporation and dispersion system featuring a self-cleaning injection nozzle.
  • Ytron XC – This powder incorporation device has been designed for high ratio powder addition.
  • Ytron Y ByPass – A directed jet mixer featuring ByPass technology for rapid dispersion without aeration.
  • Ytron Y Directed Jet Mixer – Generates an axial flow of liquids through the Y rotor stator head to give rapid homogenous mixing without aeration.
  • Ytron ZC – for gelling and thickening applications.
  • Ytron ZC 0 – for powder addition of difficult to wet-out powders in a single pass.

Powder Sampling

Accurate sample taking is essential to understanding product quality in a wide range of applications. Ytron-Quadro are able to offer a number of sampling products from leading manufacturer LaboControle, including:

  • FlowControl powder sampling systems – for controlling the quality of incoming bulk materials.
  • PickProof granule and powder sampling systems – for fast and efficient sampling.
  • PowControl powder samplers – for controlling the quality of powders and collecting samples directly from the process.
  • PowerProof powder samplers – for controlling the quality of incoming raw materials
  • VolumControl sampling systems – for volumetric in-line sampling of powders and granules. 



Registration Number: n/a
VAT Number: n/a
Founded:1 January, 1984 (39 years and 11 months ago)
No of Employees: n/a
Annual Turnover: n/a
Company Type:
  • Distributor


Additional Information

Brand & Trade Names

  • Labocontrole Labocontrole sampling devices for Powders, Liquids and Gases are designed to meet the specific requirements of raw and in process materials. With manual devices and automated samplers for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries all QA needs can be met. Sampling devices and process equipment
  • LaboControle Accessories Includes Bag Seals, Sample bottles and sampling station Applications: Powder and Liquid Sampling
  • LaboControle EasyProof EasyProof allows liquid sampling up to a depth of 4m and 500cps viscosity. Applications: Powder and Liquid Sampling
  • LaboControle FlowControl Sampling systems for incoming bulk materials and devices desing for in process and in hopper sampling of powders
  • LaboControle IsoControl The IsoControl for in-line volumemtric sampling of liquids including tanker delivery assay
  • LaboControle LiquiProof The Liquiproof for the sampling of liquids from drums, tank and containers Applications: Powder and Liquid Sampling
  • LaboControle PickProof The PickProof enables samples of powders and granules to be simply and quickly taken
  • LaboControle PowControl Control the quality and collect accurate samples directly from the process in safety with the PowControl system
  • Labocontrole PowerProof Control the quality of your incoming raw materials with accuracy using the PowerProof
  • LaboControle VolumControl The VolumControl system is used for the volumetric in-line sampling of powders and granules. A simple design for a quality sample. Applications: Powder and Liquid Sampling
  • Quadro Quadro Engineering, the innovators of the Comil conical screen mill, continue to develop and innovate with new products such as in line Sifter and the F10 fine grinding mill. Quadro milling and vacuum transfer systems are used in a wide range of powder processing applications in the Food, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics industries
  • Quadro Comil U3 and U5 The Quadro Comil is the original conical screen mill for uniform size reduction, deagglomeration, dispersion and mixing and is available in Laboratory bench top scale ideal for product R&D
  • Quadro Empty Capsule Conveyor Quadros Empty Capsule Conveyor (ECC) is used principally for the pharmaceutical and neutraceutical industries as a method of simple and continuous feeding of empty capsules to all types of capsule filling machines
  • Quadro F10 Fine Grind The F10 Fine Grind system provides a compact mobile fine grinding mill with integrated feeder, filter separator and air unit.
  • Quadro Filled Capsule Conveyor Quadros Filled Capsule Conveyor (FCC) for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries is used to transfer filled capsules from the filler or metal detector to downstream machines such as check-weighers
  • Quadro QVac Vacuum Transfer The QVac sanitary pneumatic conveying system from Quadro provides convenient powder and tablet transfer for a wide variety of applications
  • Quadro Sifter Based on the established Comil U20 platform the S20 Sifter from Quadro gives high capacity safety screening and delumping
  • Quadrocomil Conical screen mill - process equipment
  • VMI Rayneri VMI Rayneri, with over 50 years experience in developing and manufacturing mixing technology lead the way in the mixing of cosmetic and pharmaceutical creams and lotions. The equipment range includes laboratory scale mixers for atmospheric and vacuum mixing requirements and large scale Vacuum mixing systems
  • VMI Rayneri TRILAB The VMI Rayneri TRILAB is a versatile R&D tool for the preparation of creams and pastes with integrated vacuum system, melting, heating, and cooling. The TRILAB mimics the larger production TRIMIX and can be used for small scale production and product development Applications: Size Reduction, Mixing, Cream and Paste Mixing, Homogenisation, Laboratory Scale Equipment
  • VMI Rayneri TRIMIX The VMI Rayneri TRIMIX is a complete solution for the manufacturing of creams and pastes. With options for integrated vacuum system, wax melting, heating, and cooling the TRIMIX can be used as a stand alone mixer or part of a larger system Applications: Mixing, Cream and Paste Mixing, Homogenisation
  • VMI Rayneri TURBOTEST The VMI Rayneri TURBOTEST is the ideal versatile bench top mixer for R&D with a range of tooling options and a number of integrated safety features. The ergonomic design and programmable control make the TURBOTEST versatile and easy to operate Applications: Mixing, Laboratory Scale Equipment
  • Ytron Mixing systems for food and pharmacuetical industries. Ytron specialise in the design, innovation and manufacture of a range of mixers and homogenisers for the production of homogeneous, air free liquids pastes and suspensions, with over 40 years application experience in all areas of industry including Food, Beverage, Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Chemical processes.
  • Ytron PID Powder incorporation and dispersion system with self cleaning injection nozzle
  • Ytron XC Powder incorporation device for high ratio powder addition
  • Ytron Y ByPass Ytron-Y directed jet mixer with ByPass uses the axial flow of fluids through the Y rotor stator head to generate suction drawing the powders or liquids directly into the mixing zone for rapid dispersion without aeration
  • Ytron Y Directed Jet Mixer Ytron-Y directed jet mixer generates an axial flow of fluids through the Y rotor stator head giving rapid homogeneous mixing without aeration
  • Ytron Y Lab Bench top laboratory Ytron mixing system, available with or without the bypass system
  • Ytron Z Homogenisation system for slurries and liquid/liquid mixtures
  • Ytron Z Lab Small scale development rotor stator homogeniser
  • Ytron ZC Powder incorporation device for geling, thickening and difficult to wet powders
  • Ytron ZC 0 Small scale development tool for powder addition of difficult to wet out powders in a single pass

Company Certifications

ISO 9001:2015 - Quality management systems – Requirements