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With more than 50 years experience in the development of fine chemical products, The Witton Chemical Company is one of the UK’s most trusted suppliers. For over half a century we have been providing high quality chemicals for international customers operating in all kinds of industries. Along the way we have developed long-standing partnerships with some of the largest adhesive, electronic, paint, sealant, petrochemical and pharmaceutical companies in the world.
Adaptable plant and a range of vessels enable us to undertake production runs from a few kilos to thousands of tonnes, which means we can quickly bring production to a commercial scale and meet customer timeline targets. Meanwhile, our dedicated research and development team, supported by an analytical team and facilities, can provide expert guidance in chemical design and in the scaling up of production processes.
We pride ourselves on a fast, flexible and efficient service, and we’re highly valued by clients who recognise our ability to take products to market extremely quickly. We like to maintain long-term business partnerships, working in close collaboration in order to facilitate a rapid exchange of information and ideas, to optimise processes and overcome problems.
Find out more about Witton and services we provide by visiting us online. For any advice or assistance, please call us on 01638 716001. 

Contract and Toll Manufacture

When you require polymers or fine chemicals on a commercial scale, look no further than Witton. We take can take the most complex formulas and scale them up into huge volumes, and we can do it extremely quickly to ensure deadlines are met and market opportunities capitalised upon. Our adaptable plant and range of vessels enables us to provide contract manufacturing services for any requirement – however large or small the batch. We can also provide toll manufacturing services, producing anything from hundreds of kilos to thousands of tons of materials per year, with finished products despatched in a choice of kegs, drums, bags, FIBCs or bulk loads to any destination in the world.

Polymers and Pre-Polymers

A core component of Witton’s operations is the development and optimisation of polymerisation processes. Most monomers may handled and reacted with redox initiators, azo initiators or thermal initiators such as peroxide. Reactions can be carried out in water or solvent, and the molecular weight can be controlled by the choice of reaction conditions or by using a suitable chain transfer agent.

We also have a considerable amount of experience manufacturing moisture curing polyurethane prepolymers based on MDI, IPDI, oligomeric isocyanates and silanes in combination with polyols. These are typically used in the production of sealants and adhesives.

Fine Chemicals & Dyes

As well as manufacturing, isolating and drying a diverse range of fine chemicals (including acids, alcohols, aldehydes, amines, amides, esters and aromatic compounds), Witton can also offer a service to recover chiral resolving agents.

Dyes and chemicals for a range of industrial applications can also be produced. We have recently manufactured dyes based on violanthrone, coumarine and pthalcyanine – these high value, low volume dye derivatives are made according to customer specification.

Product Development

Witton uses its considerable chemical manufacturing experience to develop and scale processes extremely quickly and efficiently. Our plant and equipment can be configured to produce all kinds of products, and our research and development experts can provide comprehensive technical advice and guidance where required. Their ability to develop cost-effective solutions in a short timeframe is one of the many reasons why companies outsource their production to us.

Plant & Equipment

Our state-of-the-art chemical production plant and equipment enables us to handle a range of materials, including those that are highly flammable, corrosive and viscous. We also have facilities for handling materials that melt between 20° C and 90° C, as well as advanced facilities for carrying out exothermic reactions, polymerisations, recrystallisations and distillations. Reactors vary in size from 70 to 18,000 litres, meaning we can provide for small and large volume requirements. A large warehouse gives us in excess of 1000m² storage space - this includes refrigerated and heated storage options.

Process Development

Witton continues to innovative with product process optimisation and long term development. We appreciate that to take advantage of market opportunities, you need to respond to them quickly and effectively. At Witton, we have a history of turning enquiries into business within a very short period of time. Our range of production facilities enables us to not only develop, but also scale up and manufacture quantities on a commercial scale. Whatever the order size or product complexity, Witton can deliver a complete solution with a rapid turnaround.

Case Studies

Witton prides itself on a flexible approach towards chemical manufacture. Companies come to us because of our ability to take on all manner of projects, from the smallest to the largest, the most basic to the most complex. A range of reactors in a variety of sizes means we can accommodate a diverse mixture of products for multiple customers at any one moment in time. Visit our case studies page to see how our adaptable facilities and flexible approach have enabled us to deliver first class chemical manufacturing solutions for companies from a wide range of industrial sectors.



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