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Whiteley Read Engineering Ltd, based in Rotherham, is a specialist company for the design and manufacture of pressure vessels and process plants. The company has a longstanding history in the industry and has been associated with pressure vessels and process industries since 1937! Whitely Read Engineering Ltd opened its fabrication facilities in 1983 and boasts a factory that covers 1500 square metres and is serviced by two over-head cranes for the manufacture of pressure vessels, columns and other fabrications of weights up to 200 tonnes! The factory is located in a prime position for the transportation of materials and goods to and from the UK and worldwide destinations.

At Whitely Read, we are dedicated to meeting the complex needs of our customers and work hard to invest, improve and update our services to ensure that we remain one of the leading manufactures of pressure vessels and process plants worldwide. Our team of highly experienced and qualified staff work tirelessly in all operating disciplines such as engineering, design, project management, procurement, manufacture, quality assurance, sales and administration to ensure the service we offer is first class.

What are pressure vessels?

Pressure vessels are containers designed to hold gases or liquids at various operating pressures and temperatures to specific parameters. Pressure vessels are engineered and manufactured to strict procedures and regulations in this potentially dangerous industry. Pressure vessels are used in all kinds of industries for various uses. Examples of pressure vessels include diving cylinders, storage vessels for liquefied gases, recompression chambers and autoclaves. This is just a small list of examples; pressure vessels are used on a wide scale in nuclear, mining, oil refineries and petrochemical industries to name a few.

Our Pressure Vessels

As one of the leading pressure vessel suppliers in the world we supply to a wide variety of industries such as the petrochemical industry, chemical industry and the pharmaceutical industry. We manufacture pressure vessels of up to 200 tonnes in weight, 5.8m in diameter and 70m in length in various steels or cupro nickel alloys. Our pressure vessels are produced from high or low grade alloy or from carbon and molybdenum clad in stainless steel.

Materials of Construction

Carbon Manganese Steels: Stainless Steels Other Materials Impact tested to minus 60°C Through thickness tested ('z' Quality), Hydrogen induced crack tested (HIC), Nace MR-01-75 (Sour Service), High strength quenched and tempered (Superelso/Diros).

  • Stainless Steels: Austenitic, SMO 254, Duplex, Super Duplex. 
  • Low Alloys: Chrome Molybdenum 
  • High Alloy: Incolloy, Inconel, Monel, Cupro, Nickel Hastelloy 
  • Clad: Carbon and Chrome Molybdenum clad with Stainless Steel including weld-overlayed.

Industries Served

We have a proven track record in supplying products and services to worldwide industries such as Petrochemicals, Hydro Power, Glass Flake Lined Vessels, Offshore Oil and Gas, Separators, Refractory lined Vessels, Onshore Oil and Gas, Gas Scrubbers, Belzona Lined Vessels, Water Treatment, Pig Launchers, HP LP Steam Drums, Chemicals, Pig Receivers, Diverters, NuclearGlycol Contactors, Process Columns, Power Generation, Slug Catchers, Dressed Columns, Rectangular Tanks, Reactor Vessels, Deaerators, Skid Packages, K O Drums, FCCU Riser Fabrications, HRSG Insulated Plain, Ductwork, Superheater ElementsDampers, Hydrocyclones.

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance programme is of the utmost importance and is supported by management and personnel at all levels to ensure complete quality from enquiries through to engineering/design, manufacturing/testing and final dispatch of products to our customers. We are dedicated to offering a cost-effective, first class service to our clients at every step of the process.

All of our company procedures are regularly reviewed when new European and International standards are introduced to ensure we comply at all levels.

Codes of Construction

It is essential for our products to meet various worldwide regulations. We meet the following industry codes:

  • BS1113, BS2654, BS2594, PD5500, TBK2, PED 97/23/EC 
  • ASME VIII DIV 1, ASME VIII DIV 2, API 620, API 650, Tema 
  • China National Standard GB150, Stoomwezen, Indian Boiler Regulations, Swedish Pressure 
  • Vessel Code, A D-Merkblatt, Roarke & Young.



Registration Number: 04192614
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Registered at Companies House:3 April, 2001 (22 years and 11 months ago)
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