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WEISS UK is a long-standing company that specialises in the manufacture and supply of superior quality assembly plant components and modules. Alongside its UK offices, WEISS also operates from Germany, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands as well as from countries further afield including the USA, China, Korea and Brazil. WEISS products are sought for use in a wide range of industries including Automotive, Plant/ Mechanical Engineering, Medical/ Pharmaceutical and more.

The name WEISS is associated with innovation and quality with all components and assemblies being manufactured to the highest of standards in line with stringent industry regulations. From bodywork parts and special ball bearings, to micro-switches and shower fittings, WEISS delivers a wide range of standard and bespoke products. The team at WEISS works closely with clients to gain a firm understanding of applications and requirements to deliver the most effective solutions.

Please head over to our website or read on to find out more.


Here at WEISS UK, we are pleased to offer a fantastic new range of products that take on a new machine concept and design approach. To enable flexible use. This range features freely programmable components including the NC rotary indexing table, NR rotary indexing ring, CR heavy duty rotary indexing ring, TH heavy duty ring, TO torque rotary table, ST high-torque rotating unit and the TW with hybrid drive. All of these components are freely programmable and perfect for re-engineering. Commissioning costs are kept to a minimum with this range of components via the use of end-to-end control software (WAS) with uniform user interface.


We are also pleased to deliver our fantastic range of fixed-station rotary indexing tables. This range is the result of 50 years of knowledge, development and innovation at WEISS and we are thrilled to present it to the world.

Our fixed-station rotary indexing tables include:

  • TC Rotary Indexing Tables – reliable and powerful solution used worldwide for a range of automation applications.
  • TR Rotary Indexing Rings – featuring a large central opening, flat, compact design and high level of parts accuracy.

Please head over to our website to find out more about our fixed-station rotary indexing tables.



The LS280 fast cycling linear assembly system features a completely new and elegant operating principle which results in jerk-free and jolt-free motion sequences (up to 60 cycles/minute) and a reduction of transport times. The LS280 combines a rotary indexing table with a transfer system (such as a cam drive and belt system) to achieve smooth motion sequences and short workpiece exchange times. This unit features a modular system design with steel fabricated base frames for stability. Highly reliable and maintenance free, the LS280 is a fantastic system.

HANDLING SYSTEMS - Visit our website

Our WEISS handling components are manufactured with an electronic drive or electromechanical drive in order to achieve the highest levels of performance, reliability and energy efficiency in a range of industry applications.

The range includes:

  • HP Handling System – highly dynamic and ready for installation, customers can choose from the HP140 or the HP70, bot of which can significantly reduce energy consumption otherwise associated with pneumatic systems
  • HL Highly Dynamic Linear Motor Axis – with state-of-the-art drive technology this unit is highly desirable and available in a range of sizes and shapes. Customers can choose from the HL50 or the HL100 to meet specific requirements.

Please visit our website to view our complete range of handling systems.


PRECISION SYSTEMS - Visit our website

WEISS strives to meet the demands and requirements of a range of industries and as such has developed a fantastic range of precision systems. Units in this range span from standardised, open-frame cross tables to complex, customer-specific granite systems.

  • MK Cross Table – compact and with an open-frame construction for backlight applications, the MK cross table is enabling new opportunities for micro-assembly, micro-machining and measuring systems.
  • Multi-axis Systems – featuring a combination of WEISS products and systems which are adapted to meet specific customer/ application requirements.

Please visit our website to find out more. Alternatively, please contact us directly at WEISS UK for more information.



WEISS UK provides bespoke manufacturing solutions to meet specific customer requirements. These solutions can feature SR/SK indexing machine bases in a range of sizes and designs, additional indexing plates, and ‘ready to work’ kinematic sub-systems featuring a combination of mechanics, electronics and software for complete, intelligent solutions. Please contact the team at WEISS UK to discuss your production requirements.


AUTOMOTIVE - Visit our website

We have worked with a number of clients in the automotive industry during the years and are pleased to present a range of application examples on our website.

These include:

  • Large axis and small springs
  • Custom machines for the assembly of sealing rings for fuel pumps
  • Mechanical deburring of cast parts by an articulated robot
  • Vibration-free inspections and more.

Please head over to our website to view application examples.



We have also displayed on our website a selection of applications we have worked on for clients in the plant/mechanical engineering industry.

These include:

  • CEE plug connection assembly
  • Spring fitting system
  • Custom machines for the assembly of sealing rings for fuel pumps
  • In-house development of special tools and robot production processes.
  • Rotary indexing tables and more.

Please visit our website to find out more about our services in the plant/mechanical engineering industries.


MEDICAL / PHARMACEUTICAL - Visit our website

WEISS has worked with a number of clients in the medical/pharmaceutical industries.

Examples of previous projects include:

  • Needle production line with 20 stations
  • Production of disposable plastic bags
  • Revolutionary mesh tubing machine.

All components and assemblies are custom-made to meet specific customer and industry requirements. Please get in touch to find out more.


OTHER INDUSTRIES - Visit our website

WEISS UK is proud to deliver first-class solutions to clients in a range of industries. Whether we are working on projects in the watch industry in Switzerland, plastics processing in the US or the paper industry in Germany we provide the same high levels of service and support to all. Please get in touch today to find out more about our products, services and how we can work with you to achieve fantastic production solutions.




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Registered at Companies House:30 November, 2001 (20 years and 6 months ago)
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Parent Company: Weiss GmbH
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