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Here at UVO3, we are experts in UV disinfection and water treatment, using the latest technology to address your disinfection problems. We supply a comprehensive range of WRAS approved units for drinking water applications, as well as Van Remmen UV Techniek and R-Can (Viqua) equipment and consumables. UVO3 is also your first port of call for replacement parts such as UV lamps and quartz sleeves used in all makes of UV equipment. We also offer a completely free UV transmission testing service to make sure your unit is sized correctly. UV disinfection is the popular choice of water treatment since is leaves no taint, chemicals or residues in the water. It is also far cleaner than other processes, as no bacteria, viruses or mould are immune to the killing power of UV. Our UV disinfection units (often called UV sterilisers or UV filters) are composed of a stainless steel reactor chamber which houses single or multiple UV lamps located inside protective quartz sleeves. The 254 nm UV light emitted from these lamps is lethal to the DNA of bacteria. That's why it is becoming common to use UV disinfection not only in water, but in air ducts, on cartons, packaging, conveyors, and even on products themselves.


Domestic UV Units

UVO3's new WRAS approved AtlasUV range is designed to give reliable and efficient disinfection of drinking water and can treat flows from 11.4 l/min (0.7 m³/hr) up to 151 l/min (9.0 m³/hr). These units benefit from axial flow, polished stainless steel chambers, coupled to a unique and innovative controller featuring a user friendly colour display which gives meaningful user feedback messages.

AtlasUV units can be easily upgraded at any time with UV sensors and volt free contacts via simple plug-and-play connectors.

Lamp change is carried out without the need for any tools using the unique 'twist and lock' lamp connection cable.

Backed by up a superb warranty (10 years on the UV chamber, 3 years on the controllers & 1 year on the lamps, quartz sleeves & UV sensors). Full details available upon request.

We also continue to supply the whole range of spare parts for the Viqua/R-Can/Sterilight ranges of units.

Commercial UV Units

At UVO3, we are pleased to supply top quality commercial UV units. We are the UK’s and Ireland’s distributor for Van Remmen UV Techniek BV products and supply a fantastic range of UV equipment. Alongside our current range of UV equipment, we are pleased to offer the new Validated Range of WRAS Approved UV water disinfection units. These units feature axial flow chambers and a unique flow management system.

UVO3 supplies solutions for a range of applications including: water disinfection, ozone destruction, TOC reduction, pharmaceutical, semi-conductor, waste water treatment and rail/transport. Please head over to our website for more information.

Replacement Parts

UVO3 supply a huge range of UV lamps, quartz sleeves and o-rings for many different brands, including Van Remmen UV Techniek, Viqua, Hanovia, Wedeco, Aquada, Willand, Jabay, Voltarc, Hydrotec/Hydropur and more. Our parts are always of the highest quality, and are often better than the OEM parts that they replace. UVO3 is therefore your one-stop shop for quality, cost-effectives spare parts and supplies for UV disinfection systems.

Effluent UV Units

UV03 Ltd's 3G effluent disinfection modules are designed specifically for disinfecting treated effluent. The 3G unit has a patented self-cleaning technology, and also has no moving parts, meaning little supervision is needed for operation. Because of its modular design, these 3G units may be easily coupled in series or parallel with one another to deal with high flow rates. The 3G is designed to be permanently buried, and can be coupled directly to the aerobic plant discharge pipe or built into the treatment plant chamber.

Surface Disinfection

The food industry is increasingly demanding improved hygiene standards without resorting to harsh chemicals which might contaminate or destroy. That's why UV disinfection is the perfect alternative. It's dry, cool and chemical free, and can therefore be used on packaging, conveyors, filling machines and even directly onto foodstuffs. UVO3 offers a wide range of UV based surface disinfection cassettes and we can also supply bespoke systems to suit your specific requirements. These units are a compact design, can be built into the existing process lines, and are easy to operate and maintain.

Air Disinfection

UV disinfection is not only an effective tool against bacteria in water, but is also suitable for eradicating airborne bacteria. UV disinfection can be applied in the workplace, in food production areas and in public buildings such as schools, hospitals, waiting rooms etc. It is increasingly important to ensure that the workforce is operating in safe and clean environments. UV lamps can be mounted in ductwork to ensure a clean supply of air to business premises. Our lamps are sealed within a shatterproof coating so that in the unlikely event that a light should break, no fragments will contaminate production areas.

UV Water Treatment for Pools and Spas

We've all experienced going to a swimming pool and finding our eyes stinging from the excessive amounts of chlorine based chemicals used to keep it clean. For years these same chemicals have been used. But experts are now recognising that UV disinfection systems are the superior choice to maintaining a healthy and high quality swimming experience. UVO3 UV equipment not only disinfects the swimming pool waters, but also breaks down combined chlorine compounds (chloramines) by photo-oxidation.

UV Water Treatment for Agricultural Water

Our AGRI range of UV water disinfection units are the perfect choice for disinfecting irrigation water. A host of special features make these units ideal for demanding environments. They may be placed in a fixed installation or mounted to a trailer for field use. UV is effective against all forms of bacteria, including Legionella, Pseudomonas and E-Coli. That's why UV treated irrigation water is ideal for use on salad crops and other vegetables where the consumer might eat the product without pre-washing it. UV also eradicates certain diseases that can destroy root vegetables such as brown rot.

Ozone Generators

UV Ozone generators from UVO3 are the modern way to significantly reduce the need for strong and corrosive chemicals like chlorine and bromine in swimming pools and spas. Ozone is an extremely effective oxidizing agent which is produced inside a stainless steel generating chamber. As air is drawn though this chamber, molecules of oxygen recombine to create ozone. This rapidly oxidizes contaminants, leaving harmless precipitates which are collected by the pool filter. Ozone dissipates back into pure oxygen in around 20 minutes. This new technique is far more cost-effective than using harsh, concentrated and irritable chemicals. These generators use less than a 60 watt bulb to continuously protect water.

Water Features

UV systems can easily be applied to re-circulating water features to eliminate the risk posed to the general public by waterborne bacteria. Unlike chemical methods, UV treatment ensures that the clarity and appearance of the water remains the same. UV03 offers UV units that provide constant, long term, bacterial killing treatment without the need of continual operator intervention. We have successfully applied these units to many different types of water features. If you would like to find out more about the benefits of our UV water treatment systems, please get in touch with our sales team on 01480 355 446.

Other Products

We also supply various accessories and products to complement our ranges of UV equipment. Examples include: Cartridge and Bag Filters, Drum Filters, Replacement Filter Cartridges, Salt Based Softener Systems, Multi-media (sand and carbon) Filters, De-ionisation Systems, and RO Systems. To order any of these items or to find out more about this range or other ranges of our UV equipment, please call our friendly team at UVO3 Ltd.

Drinking Water UV Filters

We are also pleased to supply an excellent selection of drinking water UV filters. The Validation Series of Van Remmen UV Techniek is extremely durable and energy-efficient. Units are validated to NEN-EN 14897 and feature an optimum reactor design with matching power supply. They are easy to use and require little maintenance. If you would like to find out more about our drinking water UV filters, please visit our website or contact our friendly team at UVO3 who will be happy to answer your questions and provide all the information and advice you may need.

Process Water UV Filters

UVO3 supplies top quality, reliable equipment suitable for use in all types of process water applications. Our UV filters for process water provide users with a range of advantages such as high and reliable levels of water treatment and quality, cost-effective operation and water conservation. UV disinfection can be carried out with fresh or re-used water to improve and maintain water quality. Our equipment has been expertly designed and created to achieve excellent results. The UV chambers are manufactured from high-grade stainless steel and state-of-the-art electronics are featured. Please visit our website to find out more about our process water UV filters.

Waste Water UV Filters

UVO3 also supplies premium quality waste water UV filters suitable for use in a range of industries including water recycling, shipping and waste water treatment plants. Our waste water UV filters have been expertly designed and created to be durable and long-lasting. They are extremely effective and provide users with reliable filtration solutions – even with cloudy water. They can be used for the treatment of various water flows and require little maintenance. UVO3 provides full technical advice and support. Please get in touch for more information.

Silver Range of UV units

The Silver Range of UV units has been created to provide users with disinfection solutions across a range of flow rates from 7.5 litres/min to 57 litres/min at a dosage rate of 30 mJ/cm2. These units feature a highly efficient electronic lamp controller which provides a constant output current and a universal power input (100 – 240V. 50-60 Hz). They also feature a 304 stainless steel pressure rated tube and all units are fully CE compliant. These units require minimal maintenance and lamps can be easily changed without disrupting the water flow.



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