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Turner Electronics Ltd specialises in the supply of top quality cable processing, crimping and surface mount production machines. We have more than 50 years experience in the industry and are pleased to be the UK agent for Schleuniger, Machatronika and Autotronik.

Our fantastic team is on hand to provide customers with all the advice and information they need to ensure the most suitable and effective equipment is selected. We also provide installation advice as well as technical support and training.

Our Cable Preparation division features a complete range of automatic cable processing equipment such as Cable Cutting Machines, Cable Stripping Machines, Cable Strip and Crimp Machines, Coax and Fibre Optic Cable Processing Machines. We also provide pre-processing and post-processing machines and ultrasonic welding machines.

We also offer the Surface Mount range of equipment which includes Pick and Place machines, forced air Convection Reflow Ovens, Stencil Printers and integrated packages, Conventional and Selective Soldering Machines.

Cable Processing & Accessories

Here at Turner Electronics Ltd we offer an excellent range of automatic cable processing equipment.

The range includes:

  • Cutting: machines for high-precision cutting of wires and cables.
  • Wire Stripping: semi-automatic machines with a processing range from 0.03 – 16mm².
  • Cut and Strip: machines for processing single conductor wire, multi-conductor cable, shielded cable, coaxial cable, flat ribbon cable, glass optical fibre cable and plastic optical fibre cable applications.
  • Cable Accessories: includes Schleuniger pre-feeding, wire marking, inkjet printing, labelling, wire stacking, cable coiling and tying and more.
  • Twist: programmable stand-alone wire twisting machines.
  • Transfer Systems: Schleuniger transfer systems provide a new approach to economical cable and wire assembly.

Cable Crimping

We also supply top quality cable crimping machines including: strip and crimp, strip, crimp and seal, applicators, CFM, pull testers, crimp only presses, special application crimp tools and cut, strip and terminate machines.

We are pleased to provide various crimp only presses, strip and crimp machines, seal-crimp machines and crimp applicators from Schleuniger and GLW.

We also supply fully automatic swivel arm crimping machines for high-speed wire processing and crimp quality assurance equipment for crimp force monitoring, crimp height measuring as well as pull force testing devices for fully integrated networks including software for central data management and analysis.

Surface Mount

Our range of surface mount equipment includes pick and place machines, reflow soldering and forced air convection reflow ovens, stencil printers and integrated packages. We are pleased to be the sole UK agent for Autotronik, Mechatronika and DDM Novastar.

  • Manual Pick and Place Machines: a comprehensive range of benchtop manual pick and place machines for low to medium production runs.
  • Stencil Printers: reliable pick and place machines for low to medium volume applications.
    Automatic Pick and Place Machines: manual, semi-automatic and automatic stencil printers.
  • Dispensing Machines: versatile, automatic machines for dispensing solder paste, glue or virtually any viscous substances.
  • Reflow Soldering: various models available in the range.

Through-hole Assembly

We offer a range of equipment including Wave Solder Machines, Lead Forming Equipment and Component Counters from DDM Novastar.

  • Wave Solder Machines: a range of machines suitable for single or dual wave lead-free wave soldering from benchtop to high production floor standing models.
  • Component Counters: component counters for taped SMD components including the standard manual driven unit, the deluxe version with preset counter and the motor-driven component counter.
  • Component Processing: a range of machines from Schleuniger AG for cutting and bending the axial leads for taped components.

Bootlace Ferrules

We also supply various insulated, un-insulated and tri-rated ferrules. Please visit our website to view full technical details. Alternatively, please contact us at Turner Electronics Ltd with your requirements or for further information.

Ultrasonic Welding

Turner Electronics supplies an excellent range of high quality ultrasonic welding machines from world leading manufacturer, Schunk.

The range includes:

  • Schunk Minic II: an economic compact wire splicer for wire cross sections up to 30mm² for wire harness manufacturing.
  • Schunk Global Splicer 40: an ultrasonic welding system suitable for aluminium and copper wires with a maximum cross section size of 40mm².
  • Schunk LS-60: a table-top ultrasonic welding system with cross sections up to 60mm².

Other machines in the range include the Schunk DS-20, Schunk KOBRA and Schunk SOLSTAR. Please visit our website to view the range in full.


We are pleased to be sole UK agents for the Swiss company of Schnyder SA and are pleased to supply top quality Gear Generating Hobs, Thread Milling Cutters and Shaper Cutters.

Our stock hobs and cutters cover a range from 0.2 to 2 module and 10 DP to 150 DP. Hob sizes from 12 mm OD (1/2?) up to 75 mm OD (3?).

We also provide a range of associated services including hob sharpening, reform grinding, gear design and more.



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Additional Information

Brand & Trade Names

  • APS Novastar LLC Based in the USA, APS manufacture low to medium volume pick and place machines, stencil printers, reflow machines and soldering machines. Machines range from manual to fully automated.
  • ARC Manufacturer of cable tie wrap machines
  • GLW Manufacturer of strip and crimp ferrule machines
  • KMF Based in Germany, KMF manufacture crimp load monitoring systems
  • Mechatronika Manufacturer of entry-level semi-automatic and automatic machines for Surface Mount Technology (SMT).
  • PAWO Swiss company PAWO manufature weatherseal strip and crimp machines
  • Schleuniger AG Schleuniger is an international group hadquartered in Switzerland. Schleuniger manufacture precision machines for the wire harness and cable assembley market. The product line ranges from semi-automatic bench-top machines to fully automatic processing lines, including cutting, stripping, crimping of wires and cables, and connectors.
  • Schnyder Manufacturer of hobs and gear gear cutting tools.
  • Schunk Specialised in ultrasonic welding.
  • SM Contact Specialised in crimp connection and interconnection by pin insertion.
  • Wiedenbach Manfacturer of inkjet printers.
  • ZipaTec Manufacturer of wave and selective soldering machines.

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