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We have over 60 years of experience as specialists in high vacuum coatings and processes, especially gold, aluminium, titanium (beam splitter/autocue), nichrome (neutral density) and magnesium fluoride anti-reflection coatings.  Our customers include advertising companies, architects, aerospace companies, film and television companies, professional photographers and astronomers.  We provide two-way and front-surface mirrors, telescopes and binoculars, custom photographic filters and autocue mirrors. We offer aluminising of scientific mirrors as well as re-coating of telescope, holographic, printing and nautical mirrors. These are only a few of the products and services we offer; please see our website for more information.

Door Bolts | Outward Opening

We manufacture three different types of outward opening door bolts, each utilizing a push pad to release the door.  The Cooperbolt comes in three varieties: non-alarm door bolt, alarm door bolt and alarm door bolt and switch. The latter gives you the option to deactivate the alarm when necessary.  All three units are manufactured from die-cast aluminium with a 12mm diameter steel bolt, are easy to install and come complete with all the required fixings.

Door Bolts | Inward Opening

We also manufacture three styles of inward opening door bolts that operate using a pull handle. The three Cooperbolt door bolts include: non-alarm door bolt, alarm door bolt and alarm door bolt and switch. The latter gives you the option to deactivate the alarm when necessary.  All three units are manufactured from die-cast aluminium with a 12mm diameter steel bolt, are easy to install and come complete with all the required fixings.

Dual Access

Our range of dual access bolts combine both pull and push mechanisms to allow emergency access from both sides of the door.  The Pull Release model can only be re-bolted from one side and when combined with an alarm bolt the alarm will sound when opened from either side. The Pull Release + switch gives the option of deactivating the alarm.   We also stock a Manual Key Latch which when combined with a Cooperbolt push bolt gives key access from one side and emergency access from the other, and by adding a pull bolt it provides key and emergency access from both sides. 

Door Alarms

Our range of door alarms includes both horizontal and vertical fits.  These are both self-contained units that operate using a reed switch in the main unit and a magnet in a keep.  The main unit is fixed to the door and the keep attaches to the door frame allowing the alarm to sound when the door is opened.  We also stock a panic bolt ‘add’ alarm that is another self-contained unit that fits over the vertical bolt of a set of panic bolts.  The alarm is triggered via a microswitch when the vertical bolt moves and the door opens.

Panic Bolt Alarms

We also stock a panic bolt ‘add’ alarm that is another self-contained unit that fits over the vertical bolt of a set of panic bolts.  The alarm is triggered via a microswitch when the vertical bolt moves and the door opens.  The unit has a heavy-duty, die-cast aluminium body and is very easy to fit. The alarm, which is operated by battery, omits a sound at 105dB as soon as the door is opened or the unit is subjected to vandalism. A key must be used to stop the alarm, but the unit can also be deactivated if required.

Fire Door Retainers

Dorguard fire door retainers are fitted to the bottom of a fire door and allow doors to automatically close in the event of a fire alarm being sounded.  For everyday use the unit allows the door to be held open by manually depressing the plunger.  When the unit detects an alarm sound of over 65dB the plunger retracts and the door closes.  The unit is battery operated, with a low battery indicator, and is extremely simple to fit.  The units come in an array of colours and finishes, full details of which can be found on our website.  We also stock Dorguard covers that protect the unit from knocks.

Protective Covers

Protective covers ensure that your security equipment and other fittings such as thermostats, switches and keypads are protected.  We stock an extensive range of covers including: Call point covers for internal and external use, small, medium and large lockable thermostat covers, lock and no-lock push button & switch covers, mini-hinge covers for switches and sockets, and steel webb cages that provide protection for smoke detectors, PIR detectors, beacons, sounders, clocks, emergency lighting CCTV and florescent lighting.  Please see our website for full product details.

Panic Hardware

We stock a full range of panic hardware.  Our panic bolts and rim latch selection is suitable for wooden, metal and UPVC doors and includes: vertical panic bolts and rim panic latches for single doors, non-rebated double doors and rebated double doors.  We also stock a number of push pad panic hardware options that take up minimal space on the door, as well as outside key and digital access units that can be used in combination with panic bolts, rim latches and push pads.

Access Control

We stock a comprehensive selection of access control products to suit a range of applications. Just some of the products we have to offer include, card entry systems, exit buttons, keypad access controls, proximity access systems, audio entry systems, video entry systems, electric locking controls and door alarms, as well as more. Customers can visit the website for further information on all of our access control systems, as well as power supplies and other accessories. Alternatively, you can contact us directly, by phone or email. 

Emergency Lighting

We stock a selection of emergency lighting products with a variety of settings in mind. We can provide exit boxes which are illuminated at all times and can even offer three hours of emergency lighting in the event of a power outage. Other products within this range include standard luminaires and round luminaries which are easy to install and effective. It is also worth noting that we stock anti-vandal bulk heads which protect your lighting from damage and theft. To find out more about these or any of our products please visit the website. 

Fire & Safety

Fire and safety products are important additions to any environment, whether it be commercial, industrial or even residential. We stock a wide range of fire and general safety products which include extinguishers, blankets, stands, covers, cabinets and a variety of different alarms including fire, theft, carbon monoxide, smoke and personal attack, as well as many more. To view everything we have to offer, including information on features and pricing please visit the website. 

Site Management

We can provide a selection of site management equipment which can be used across a range of establishments. Just some of the products we have to offer include door alarms, disabled toilet alarms, door closers, dummy CCTV cameras, cabinet locks, post boxes, traffic control signs, security seals, vehicle locks and more. For more information or if you have any specific queries, don't hesitate to contact our customer service team directly and they will do everything they can to help. 

First / Front Surface Mirrors

Used for photography, audio-visual projection and reflex binocular mounts, because the reflection comes from the front face there are no 'ghost' double images as would be caused by a normal 'looking glass' mirror.

For photographers and audio-visual projection uses, Front Surface Mirrors are available up to about 915 x 760 mm, or 860 x 815 mm (36 inches x 30 inches, or 34 inches x 32 inches). Thickness for safety is usually 4 mm or 6 mm.

Telescope Making Supplies

Vacuum Coatings Ltd is also pleased to supply top quality telescope making equipment including: Astronomical Telescope Mirrors and Flats (dimensions and prices are available to view on our website), Grinding Powders (silicon carbide for grinding mirrors to the required curve) and Polishing Powders.

Please give us a call to find out more about our telescope making equipment and/or to place your order. Post and packaging charges depend on the weight of your order. Please see details online, or enquire at point of order.

Scientific Mirror Re-Coats

Vacuum Coatings Ltd offers a professional aluminising service for astronomical optical flats and primary mirrors. We can also recoat camera mirrors, sextant mirrors and prisms. Details and prices can be found on our website. 


We also offer optical testing services for amateur astronomers wishing to establish the working quality of an optical system or component. Optical flats are tested against a reference flat in order to determine their accuracy in wavelengths of light by the interference fringes shown. 


Find out more by visiting Vacuum Coatings online. 


Tele-Prompt / Autocue Glasses

Autoclue glasses can be coated with a high quality, semi-reflective layer made from titanium. The standard beam splitter (50:50) is used at an angle of approximately 45°. At 45° exactly the reflection is a few percent less than the transmission. For a precise 50:50 split, an angle of about 50° is required. This allows images from two directions to be combined into one. 


A second standard coating ratio (30:70) is also available. This reflects one third of the image and passes two thirds of it – this is the normal standard for prompt and autocue glasses. Baking the layer onto the glass at a temperature of 400°C ensures that it does not wear away and allows it to be cleaned and treated as a normal glass surface. 



We have a wealth of experience in offering high quality astronomy based products. Just some of the products we have to offer include, telescopes, mirror making powders, eye pieces, mountings, finders and focus mounts, as well as more. We can also provide key services such as the testing and recoating of telescope mirrors. If you have any questions whatsoever, or you would like further information on any of products and services, don't hesitate to visit the website. 

Optical Mirror Refurbishment

We can offer an expert optical mirror refurbishment service. Whatever optical equipment you may have, we can complete a full refurbishment which includes a cleaning and recoating of the front surface mirrors. If you have any questions about this service or you would like further details such as pricing, feel free to contact our team directly, by phone or email. 



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