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Stulz UK is the exclusive UK distributor for a wide ranging portfolio of ‘Data Centre Cooling Solutions’ manufactured by Stulz GmbH in Hamburg, Germany. This includes close control air conditioning, in-line direct rack cooling, fresh air free-cooling, telecoms cooling, free-cooling chillers and coolant distribution for high density server rooms. Our focus is on delivering powerful cooling systems with low energy consumption to ensure the best possible PUE. 

Server rooms, data centres, internet hosting and other business critical electronic environments demand reliable, innovative cooling solutions providing 24/7 operational security. Stulz has designed and manufactures a flexible range of high quality, powerful, cooling products specifically designed to meet this demand. Known as CRAC units, Sensible Coolers or Packaged units, they are available in downflow or upflow configurations and in chilled water, DX air-cooled, DX water-cooled, glycol free-cooling and fresh air free-cooling designs.  With the arrival of blade server technology, and consequent high density heat loads, Stulz introduced the ‘CyberAir’ close control air conditioning unit range. The small footprint design incorporates ultra low energy EC fans with ‘inverter’ speed control technology offering high capacity output and precise airflow regulation.

Our air-conditioning systems and chillers are keeping sensitive information and communication technology cool, ensuring maximum availability with minimum energy consumption in data centres throughout the world.

Stulz UK also offers a full range of service and support resources:

  • Planning support, site surveys, system configuration and technical submissions.
  • Energy efficiency and carbon footprint calculations
  • Full load witness testing in Hamburg Test Facility
  • Installation, on-site testing and commissioning services
  • Maintenance contracts including a 24 hour, 365 day emergency service.

Air-Side Economizers

Here at Stulz UK Ltd, we are pleased to supply a fantastic range of top quality air-side economisers. These fantastic units have been expertly designed and created to be tough and durable for reliable, long-term use. Money savings of up to 80% can be achieved when using Stulz Air-Side Economisers. This is achieved by simple automatic switching to optimum operating modes which is based on heat load and outside air conditions.

Our range of Stulz Air-Side Economisers includes:

  • Air-Side Economiser with Stulz Mixing Box.
  • Air-Side Economiser with Controls Only.
  • Air-Side Economiser Container Solution (integrated into a Stulz Modular)
  • Air-Side Economiser (Integrated into a Stulz Air Handler Unit).

Please visit our website to view detailed product specifications.

Water-Side Economizers

We are also pleased to supply our flexible water-side economisers. These excellent units automatically switch to the most effect operating mode based on heat load and outside air conditions. Cost savings of up to 60% can be achieved when using a Stulz Water-Side Economiser.

Flexible Solutions with Stulz Water-Side Economisers include:

  • Traditional Free Cooling.
  • Dynamic Free Cooling.
  • Evaporative Tower Free Cooling.
  • Free Cooling with Dual Chilled Water Coils.

Please head over to our website for more information, or contact us directly at Stulz UK Ltd with enquiries.

CyberAir3 - Powerful, high capacity cooling with maximum energy efficiency

STULZ offers the CyberAir3 series in all known cooling configurations including types A, G, GE, ACW, GCW, CW and CW2 in both upflow and downflow formats.

The CyberAir3 precision air-conditioning system with Dynamic Free-cooling (DFC) conditions the air in medium to large computer and server equipment rooms with a heat load of over 20 kilowatts. DFC offers energy savings of up to 60 % less than conventional DX cooling systems.

CyberAir3 is the world’s first precision air-conditioning system that considers the benefit of seasonally varying ambient temperatures. It automatically selects the optimal operation mode for each case. In cool weather, the optional DFC or DFC2 automatic air-conditioning technology makes use of dynamic or fresh air free-cooling with outside air. Energy-intensive compressor cooling (DX) is only switched on when absolutely necessary. For this purpose, all units are equipped with speed-controlled EC fans and electronic expansion valves.

MiniSpace - Small footprint precision cooling

The MiniSpace precision air-conditioning system from STULZ cools small servers and equipment rooms with a heat load of up to 30 kW.

With MiniSpace, you can keep your computer systems cool much more precisely, economically, reliably and durably than with conventional comfort air-conditioning systems. The system works either via a cooling compressor with air or liquid cooling (DX system), or with chilled water (CW system). The units require very little floor space, and their compact size means they can be installed in small or existing server rooms. The units are available in all common formats including upflow and downflow air delivery.

CyberRow - Comprehensive Rack Cooling

CyberRow is an advanced precision A/C unit, which is tailormade for the targeted cooling of racks. In the CyberRow, innovative air conduction has been enhanced by state-of-the-art technology, which enhances the performance, flexibility and efficiency. Fluctuating server rack loads, space restrictions, lack of a raised floor, existing server technology - these are some of the tricky situations in everyday practice that the CyberRow has been specially developed to deal with.

CyberRow is a standalone A/C unit and is installed and operated independently from the rack. This complete separation of the rack and the A/C unit increases reliability and provides greater freedom for designing the layout in the data centre.

STULZ CyberRow rack cooling systems are suitable for hot-aisle and cold-aisle capture in open and contained spaces.

CyberRow is available with 3 sizes (300, 400 & 600mm wide) and 4 different cooling systems:

  • CW - System (chilled water cooling)
  • A - System (direct expansion)
  • G - System (direct expansion and plate condenser) GE - System (direct expansion + indirect free cooling).
  • GE - System (direct expansion + indirect free cooling)

Telecom Cooling

Our Telecom precision air-conditioning systems for base stations are sturdy, compact and efficient, offering years of reliable operation around the clock. 

We offer four types of Telecom cooling systems:

1. Split-Air with a cooling capacity of up to 8.4 kilowatts
2. Wall-Air externally mounted system with cooling capacity of up to 21 kilowatts
3. Tel-Air2 internal air conditioning system with cooling capacity of up to 12.5 kilowatts
4. Free-Air free cooling unit which adds economical fresh air free-cooling to existing conventional comfort air conditioning systems

The Split-Air, Wall-Air and Tel-Air2 systems are also available with free cooling.

Data Centre Solutions

The 24/7/365 operation of data centres requires reliable, efficient cooling and humidity control to protect sensitive server equipment. The optimum temperature and humidity conditions can be maintained by closed-circuit air-conditioning systems which supply cold air via the raised room floor.

Precision air-conditioning systems that utilise hybrid technology can take advantage of cool outside air, reducing data centre electricity consumption by as much as 40%. Quiet and efficient, they are designed to provide years of reliable, cost-effective operation that will maintain IT availability around the clock.

High Density Cooling

High density data centres, with multiple blade servers generating a large amount of heat in a small space, can be prone to hotspots that can adversely affect operational reliability. Precision air-conditioning systems that combine liquid cooling and recirculating air can maintain the required room temperature to the specific degree by targeting accumulated heat loads greater than 30 kilowatts with cold water. 

The CyberCool Pump & Transfer system maintains separation of the water supply from electrical components by separating the system into two circuits. 

The CyberCool Outdoor Chiller supplies chilled water to precision air-conditioning units and can provide up to 235 kilowatts per unit of cooling capacity. 

The CyberCool Indoor Data Chiller, with a cooling capacity of up to 100 kilowatts, is a perfect expansion unit for existing systems when targeted direct liquid cooling of hotspots is required.

Server Rooms

The reliability, temperature and humidity control requirements of even small server rooms can quickly overwhelm conventional room air-conditioning, potentially adding the cost of failed IT equipment to electricity costs that are already high due to inefficient air-conditioning.  

Precision air-conditioning systems efficiently regulate both temperature and humidity, and are designed for cost-saving continuous operation over many years. 

We offer the Compact and MiniSpace precision air conditioning systems which offer cooling of server rooms with heat loads of up to 18 and 28 kilowatts, respectively.

Precision Air Conditioning

The CyberAir 2 precision air-conditioning system, with optional Dynamic Free Cooling (DFC) hybrid technology that takes advantage of cool outside air to save energy, is a modular system that can grow with your needs. 

The CyberAir 2 is a stand-alone unit that features an intelligent processor and an electronic expansion valve that quickly adjusts to pressure and temperature fluctuations. This high efficiency system consumes up to 60% less electricity than regular precision air-conditioning systems. 

The flexible and scalable CyberAir 2 system, with a choice of seven cooling systems, six sizes and multiple equipment options, can be tailored to your specific operational requirements.

Direct Rack Cooling

The Stulz CyberRow advanced precision air-conditioning unit is a stand-alone component designed for targeted rack cooling. It is available in two sizes, with a choice of four cooling systems:

  • Chilled water
  • Direct expansion
  • Direct expansion and plate condenser
  • Direct expansion with indirect free cooling

The CyberRow features three adjustable and independent EC fans and an EC compressor with a soft start function that offers 50% lower power consumption. Cooling capacity is precise and controlled in a manner of seconds thanks to an electronic expansion valve.  

With its compact footprint and universal rack compatibility, the CyberRow is also an ideal solution for optimising cooling in existing buildings.


Water is 3500 times more effective than air for heat conveyance. Our CyberCool chillers and pump stations have been designed for maximum reliability and efficiency in data and medical centres. 

We offer a range of CyberCool chillers with cooling capacities from 4 to 1,700 kilowatts.  They feature energy efficient EC fans and partial-load mode operation for additional energy savings.

  • Air-cooled outdoor 
  • Air-cooled outdoor with free-cooling for up to 40% more efficiency
  • Air-cooled indoor
  • Air-cooled indoor, split
  • Liquid-cooled indoor

Stulz CyberCool XT chillers are compact and supplied ready for fast, easy connection with factory presets.



Registration Number: 02113767
VAT Number: GB452 3740 60
Registered at Companies House:23 March, 1987 (36 years and 11 months ago)
No of Employees: 21-50
Annual Turnover: 10-20m
Parent Company: Stulz GmbH
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