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Since being established in 1988, we have expanded five times over, ending up in our newly acquired factory in Reading, Berkshire. We are a UK based manufacturer of power supplies, adaptors, converters, transformers, and battery chargers, with samples and pre-production quantities available straight from our facility. These can then be approved by yourself, before we transfer manufacture to our facility in China. Doing it this way ensures the highest level of quality at a competitive price, and we make it easy to get your items mass produced. We received an ISO 9001 certification in 2003, and our focus is always on making quality, safe items.

As well as our facility in China, we have also developed strong links with manufacturers in Hong Kong and Taiwan who create switch mode and linear power supplies. This has allowed us to expand our range to one of the largest on the UK market. We have also expanded our team, with many highly trained production staff on board who can handle high volume demands, delivering your items on time and on budget. We always have large stocks of our most requested items, meaning we can despatch certain items right away, and we are always developing new products that meet our customer's changing needs.  

Desktop Power Supplies

Our desktop power supplies include switching adaptors from sub 10 watts to 250 watts. With a universal AC input range, they are suitable for use worldwide, and come with international safety approvals. Our popular Stontronics branded range offers quality power supplies at a competitive price, all with a minimum 12 month warranty and estimated MTBF of 50,000. We are also suppliers of Meanwell and Sinpro desktop power supplies, top end units for applications where extra longevity is necessary. Speak to our experienced team who can advise you on the best power supplies for your needs.  

Plugtop Power Supplies

Plugtop switch mode power supplies cover the full range from 3 to 30 watts, with output voltages from 3.3 to 48vdc. Our supplies come with a minimum of 12 months, up to a two year warranty, with high quality design and build. Our sales team can give you a tailored quotation, as well as advising which product is best for you application. As well as the Stontronics range, we supply CPC and Rapid branded products, including options with various DC multiplugs, including male and female adaptors.  

Internal Enclosed Power Supplies

Our entire range of internal enclosed power supplies have been rigorously tested, and we are so confident in their quality, we offer a three year guarantee. With 105oC long life electrolytic capacitors and compact cases that screw in easily, our ranges include 15, 25, 35, 50, 60, 75, 100, 150, 200, 320, 500, 600, and 800 watt models, all of which are 100% full load burn-in tested. With protection from short circuits and OLP/OVP overloads, our units are compliant with EN 61000-3-2 (PFC).  

Installation Power Supplies

Installation power supplies cover 12 to 42 watts, with voltages up to 48v. Our wall mountable range is popular with those in the security sector, and it makes CCTV installation easier. Options include mounting tabs, and bare-end mains lead inputs which give our items a wide range of applications and can be used in multiple regions. There are also waterproof options which can survive harsher outdoor conditions. If you need advice on the best product for your needs, give our experienced team a call to find out more about our range.  

World Traveller Plug & Go Power Supplies

World travel adapters allow you to plug and go wherever you are in the world, with compatible heads available for UK, Euro, USA, and Australian plugs. These meet the strict international safety standards, with 6 to 30 watts of standard output voltage. Our power supplies easily adapt to suit your needs as you travel around the world, changing quickly and easily. Having a standard unit means it's easy to sell your products around the world too. There's no need to supply different power supplies when shipping to various countries, just include one of our easy to use plugs.  

Power Over Ethernet SMPSUs

Power Over Ethernet (POE) units such as splitters and injectors allow you to remotely power wireless access points, and are commonly used for security cameras, routers, webcams, VoIP phones, wireless access points, and in industrial devices such as sensors and controllers. They are also useful for access control and help points, and can be used to control lighting, or power remote point of sale kiosks. POE units are compact and cost effective, meeting CE, FCC, and RoHS compliance standards. Speak to our experts and find out how you can eliminate the need for external power supplies for your WLAN points, cutting down on cabling in your workplace.

Lead Acid Battery Chargers

Lead acid battery chargers are a very competitively priced power supply solution for all kinds of applications, and as well as our own range of chargers, we stock the high quality Meanwell units, all of which come with a one year guarantee. This allows you to get the correct charger for your budget, without having to compromise on quality. As well as desktop chargers, we offer switch and go models with UK, Euro, and USA compatible heads, as well as many plugtop chargers, including specialist models for motorcycle batteries.  

Waterproof Power Supplies

We offer both weatherproof and waterproof power supplies to suit your needs, and all our units confirm to IP67 standards. Our waterproof PSUs are made in the UK, and bulk orders can be manufactured in our Chinese facility, and our sales team are always happy to give you a tailored quote. We also have a range of waterproof LED power supplies from 18 to 200 watts, with a constant voltage of 5v to 48v or constant current mode, and these can be used for LED lighting and a range of other applications. 


We offer medically approved power supplies, including plugtop, desktop, enclosed, and open frame PSUs. These units have medical safety approval, and are available with a power range from 5 to 200 watts. Our medical PSUs use only the highest quality components, allowing us to offer a minimum of one year, and in some cases two or three year warranties. When it comes to working with the medical industry, we don't offer 'cheap' units, as quality is so important. Rather, we supply our goods at a competitive price, while still ensuring they have the highest specifications. Call our team for a personalised quote for your needs.  

CCTV, Security, & Installation

When it comes to choosing power supplies for CCTV and security purposes, you'll want to ensure you pick quality, reliable units. We make many of our power supplies in our UK facility, with waterproof, single and multi outputs, multiple fused outputs, battery backup, and access control PSUs available in our range. We also manufacture bespoke and custom power supplies for specialist applications, and our technical engineers can advise on solutions that meet your specific requirements.  


We are experts in the LED lighting power supply field, with many popular PSUs in stock and ready to ship, as well as many items that can be manufactured by our partners. Choose between constant current, constant voltage, waterproof, leading edge, trailing edge, dimmable, or other custom options. We also stock Meanwell LED drivers which are high end units with a three year warranty. These are ideal for applications where you need extra reliability and peace of mind.  

Custom And Bespoke Design Service

Our comprehensive facilities and experienced team mean we can undertake a bespoke design service to meet your requirements, including original equipment manufacturing. From design to development and manufacturing, we create power supply units to meet your unique needs. Our factory in Reading, Berkshire has flexible production lines that can deal with the most complex of jobs, while our facility in China deals with manufacturing on a larger scale. We also offer extensive electrical testing facilities, and are happy to arrange visits to view our plant.  

Commercial Industries

Whether you need a simple single output device, or a much more complex unit, we can help you create a practical unit which remains small and compact. We use the highest quality components, including long life capacitors, designed by experts in power design architecture. Our work with the commercial industries has also included designing PSUs for different operating temperatures, from -20 to +70oC, and in both indoor and harsh outdoor environments. Speak to our experts about your commercial PSU needs, and find out how we can custom design a solution to suit you.  

Cases And Mains Leads

We stock AC mains cables with clover leaf, figure 8, and kettle plug versions for UK, European, and USA use. We can also supply specialist leads for countries such as Australia and South Africa, or can order items for any country in the world. These leads are 2m in length as standard, however, we offer custom made variations to suit your specific requirements. Our range of power supply enclosures includes wall plug and desk top items, and many of these are in stock and ready to ship to you.  

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Uninterruptible Power Supplies, also know as UPS, are back up systems for when losing power just isn't an option. This ensures that a loss of power won't lead to a loss of data, and that your system doesn't crash. There are many different options available, all manufactured by Borri, a globally trusted brand who create highly reliable UPS, including line interactive, offline, online, and digital online units. These are trusted by companies in industries such as oil and gas, chemical, power generation, transportation, and the manufacturing sectors. If you need help choosing the right UPS, give us a call to discuss your options.  

LED Drivers & LED Power Supplies

Our range of LED drivers and power supplies include:

  • Plastic case in-line LED drivers – Perfect for lighting applications, these units have weatherproof resin cases and can be configured for constant current or voltage.
  • Metal case in-line LED drivers – This casing is also weatherproof, and has the added benefit of more effective heat conduction. Larger drivers are available to allow you to power more LEDs from a single source, lowering power consumption.
  • Plastic case screw terminal LED drivers – Available off the shelf or to order, these are reliable, efficient, and safety approved units.
  • Open frame LED drivers – Ideal for industrial applications, our staff will be happy to offer a quote for your specific requirements.
  • Plugtop LED drivers – Available in UK, US, or Euro models.
  • Dimmable LED drivers – Offering the latest in dimming technology for 1-10v drivers.  

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Registration Number: 02270716
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Registered at Companies House:23 June, 1988 (35 years and 8 months ago)
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