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Anglia Circuits Ltd is a leading UK manufacturer of quality PCBs. We have been producing printed circuit boards for more than 45 years, and in that time we’ve established a UK-wide reputation for top quality components and a fast, friendly and flexible service. Our aim is to provide the PCBs you need quickly, cost-effectively and in the quantities you require without ever compromising on quality or service. 


At Anglia Circuits we take great pride in being able to say “yes” to even the most demanding projects, a situation made possible by a combination of our own expertise, facilities and experience and those of our approved offshore partners. Whether it’s manufacturing small volume 6-layer boards or mass producing PCBs with 18 layers or more, we are willing and able to supply the components you need, exactly when you need them. 


It’s all part of our commitment to providing a service that is second to none – a service where quotes are provided as quickly as possible, where quality standards  are always met, where delivery performance exceeds 95%, and where customers have direct access to our technical directors, quality managers and engineers in order to discuss the requirements of their project. 


At our purpose built factory in Cambridgeshire we’re able to manufacture boards with up to 18 layers, with all procedures monitored and controlled under an ISO 9001:2008 quality management system and all operations carried out in accordance with IPC-A-600 Acceptability of Printed Circuit Boards. For volume requirements we recommend the use of our Far East Supply Centre, where we have a panel of best-in-class suppliers able to manufacture and deliver PCBs within as little as two weeks. 


In the sections below you can see the various stages that usually make up a PCB manufacturing project. You can find out more about this service and exactly what’s involved by visiting Anglia Circuits online, where further company information is also available. If you would like to discuss a project with a member of our team, just get in touch using the contact details provided above.  


Pre-Production Engineering

Once your order data has been received it is processed through our Pre-Production Engineering Department where we carry out design rule checks and prepare it for manufacture using UCAM stations. This helps to ensure that there are no complications further down the line.

Multi Layer Bonding

When it’s ready, your artwork is printed onto the inner layers of the boards. These are then etched. 


Prior to Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI), the inner layer panels are post etched punched to maintain registration. 


A complete inspection then helps to ensure quality of tracks and design. 


The layers are then laid up according to your specifications and put into the press for bonding – this involves heating the layers to 180°C under vacuum in our 4 daylight oil-heated press. 


X-Ray and Drilling

After the bonding process is complete, the boards are drilled with holes for tooling. All of our machines are equipped with air bearing spindles and laser tool checks, enabling us to maintain maximum accuracy in the drilling process. Once this is complete, the boards are passed through an X-ray machine to check the correct alignment and the inner layer registration.

Direct Metallisation

Before being printed, the boards are passed through our conveyorised Desmear and Shadowline for direct metallisation. They are then passed directly into our Photomech room.

Photomech Process

Then, in our state of the art, temperature controlled environment, the outer layer images are printed and developed.

Plating Process

The boards will then go through various processes to achieve finished conductor patterns. After that they are passed onto our Strip Etch Strip (SES) line and are then ready to return to AOI for further inspection.

Solder Mask Finish

The next stage of the process is the application of a solder mask finish. This is done using our atomised air spraying techniques. After this the layers are printed, developed and then returned to Plating for a final surface finish.

Silk Screen Printing

Once the surface finish has been applied the component identity is silk-screened onto the board. 


Then the boards are moved on to profiling, the last stage in the manufacturing process, where they are machined to their final dimensions. After this they are visually and electronically tested against your original data. 

If the boards meet the standard required they are then vacuum packed and dispatched directly to you. 

You can find out more about the different stages of the PCB manufacturing process at Anglia Circuits by heading over to our website – and if you’d like to discuss a project with a member of our team, please do not hesitate to call! 




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