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S.S White Technologies specialises in the design and manufacture of flexible drive shafts and associated couplings and casings. With many years experience in the industry, the team at S.S. White Technologies is able to provide the industry with a fantastic range of high quality, reliable products. These products are widely used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, farming, agricultural, food, defence, motor racing (F1), marine, water treatment and more for applications such as abattoir knife drives, failsafe systems in elevators, aircraft thrust reversers, automotive powered seats and tacho cables, brush cutters.

We follow strict quality control procedures to ensure that all products are manufactured to the highest standards. We are ISO 9001: 2000 and AS9100 approved.

Please read on to find out more about our fantastic products and services or take a look at our website to view images and further information. If you require technical advice or have any other enquiries, please contact us at S.S. White Technologies and we will be happy to help.


LinkFlex is widely used for connecting equipment over short distances (usually up to 300mm due to the shaft not being stabilised). It features two female couplings, one at each end, and is joined to a length of flexible shaft to interface with driving and driven equipment. Please follow the link to our website to view detailed LinkFlex product specifications. If you require further information or advice, please call our friendly team at S. S. White Technologies who will be happy to help.


MasterFlex is a cost effective solution suitable for connecting equipment over longer distances than LinkFlex due to the shaft being stabilised by the casing (usually up to five metres). It features a shaft, casing and end connections to interface with driving and driven equipment. It is easy to install and reliable for long term use. Multiple bends and large offsets can be accommodated. Normal duty assemblies can be used for applications where running speeds don’t exceed 2000rpm and where the duty cycle is low. High duty assemblies can be used for applications where the running speed does not exceed the values given in the MasterFlex performance table.

Why Flexible Shaft

Flexible shaft can accommodate parallel offsets, angular offsets, 90 degree bends, change of directions and large parallel offsets. Benefits include design freedom, design simplicity, moving parts (gang mowers, portable power tools, toys), dampened vibration (used for earth augers, aircraft lighting, drilling machines and more), reliability, bi-directions (used for power screwdrivers, gattling guns and machine tools) and safety. Flexible shaft is easy to install even in the smallest of spaces. Please visit our website to view examples.


Our flexible drive shafts are used for a wide range of applications in different industries. Please take a look at some of the examples below:
Remote valve control
General Purpose Machines
Control Systems
Window Opener
Blind Opener
Screw jacks
Remote Control of Couplings
Screw Jacks
Elevator fail safe systems
Spray Guns
Screening plant
Displacement take up (motor to drive line)

Food and Medical
Meat Slicers
Abattoir knives

Brushcutters (strimmers)
Drill drives

Thrust Reversers
Nozzle Control
Flap Control
Tube cleaning

Seat Adjusters (powered seats)
Tacho cables
Heater controls
Brake bias systems (competition vehicles)

Tacho Cables
Fan drives
Valve operation
Armoured vehicle sighting closures


Please visit the S.S. White Technologies website to find out more about out mechanical power transmission solutions. Our LinkFlex and MasterFlex solutions are widely used in a range of industries and provide users with high quality, reliable results.

Examples of Flexible Shaft

Flexible shaft is used for a wide range of industry applications. Examples include:

  • Parallel Offset: motor couplings, steering columns, drive shafts
  • Blocked Path: conveyor drives, blade sharpeners, speedometer drives
  • Moving Positions: gang mower, portable power tools toys
  • Dampen Vibration: earth auger, aircraft lighting, drilling machines
  • Change Directions: power screwdriver, gattling gun, machine tools
  • Harsh Environment: toxic waste incinerator, thrust reversers, space antenna
  • Single Power Source: flap controls, robotics, power seats
  • Difficult Positions: windshield wipers, string trimmer, audio visual equipment
  • Absorb Shock: brush cutters, motor couplings, APU drives

Selection Criteria

When deciding on using flexible shaft there are four main things to consider:

  • Direction of Rotation: this is determined by viewing the shaft from behind the driving end towards the driven end. Rotation can be clockwise, anti-clockwise or bi-directional and must be identified correctly as uni directional shafts are manufactured to suit the selected direction.
  • Flexibility Required: please visit our website to view our flexibility diagram.
  • Speed (rpm): use the maximum rotational speed of the application to make a selection.
  • Torque to be Transmitted: please visit our website to view the formula needed to estimate the running torque for your application. You must also consider the stall and start up torque.



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  • LinkFlex Mechanical power transission made easy for short lengths
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