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SPP Pumps Ltd is a global leader in the design, supply and servicing of pumps, pump packages and associated equipment used across a wide variety of applications and industry sectors. We have been involved in the manufacture of pumps for over 130 years, and we draw upon this considerable amount of experience to deliver first class products and first class services. Our market-leading pumps and systems are in use all over the world in vital applications and industries such as oil and gas production, power generation, water and waste water treatment, construction, mining and more. The SPP product portfolio also includes mobile pumps for the rental sectors, for which low life-cycle cost and environmental considerations are requisite design priorities. At SPP Pumps, we utilise rigorous quality control procedures to ensure our products live up to and surpass customer expectations.

We sustain a culture of competence and effectiveness in the workplace, placing great emphasis on customer needs and expectations, while also actively pursuing a policy of continual improvement in efficiency, performance and cost-effectiveness. SPP Pumps employs over 300 members of staff, many of whom operate out of our R&D, manufacturing and test facilities in the UK. We also have sites located in the USA, France, South Africa, Dubai and Singapore. The SPP service includes much more than just the supply of pumps. All of our products are supported by a range of after-sales services, including maintenance, spares supply and repairs. To find out more about SPP Pumps, please head directly to our website, or simply give us a call.

SPP Pumps: Water

SPP Pumps designs, manufactures and supplies a wide variety of pumps and associated pumping equipment for water supply, water/waste water treatment, industrial processes and general pumping services. We offer everything from End Suction Pumps DIN24255 (EN 733:1995) through to bespoke Vertical Turbine Pumps or Split Case Pumps. We have also developed an innovative series of pumps with an incredibly low life-cycle cost. All of our pumps are manufactured to the very highest standard to ensure outstanding reliability, efficiency and durability.

SPP Pumps: Fire

We are the world’s leading specialist manufacturer of quality fire protection pump packages. Our unrivalled application experience, together with our advanced testing and accreditation facilities, ensures maximum equipment reliability. That’s why our products are used in major airports, oil & gas installations, and in many of the tallest and most prestigious buildings around the world. The SPP range of fire pumps comply with the requirements of the LPCB, FM and UL approval standards, and also meet the requirements of NFPA 20.

SPP Pumps: Oil & Gas

SPP Pumps is one of the world’s leading suppliers of pumping equipment for both onshore and offshore oil and gas applications. We have a considerable amount of in-house experience and expertise in this field, which ensures our products are fully compliant with applicable specifications and regulations. Our pumps were the very first to deliver North Sea oil to shore, and we have been involved in North Sea projects ever since. Drawing upon this experience, SPP Pumps is able to supply equipment to the most extreme environments around the world. Our standard oil and gas industry products include horizontal split case pumps, vertical lineshaft pumps and electro-submersible pumps.

SPP Pumps: Autoprime Range

The Autoprime range is a series of versatile, reliable products suitable for use in a wide variety of applications worldwide. These are primarily sold to rental organisations, contractors, utility companies, open cast mines and municipalities. Ongoing investment into research and development ensures that our Autoprime products meet and often exceed market requirements and legislation, delivering significant benefits and solutions to owners and users alike. The range includes hydraulic submersible pumps, high flow pumps, medium head open set pumps, high head pumps and more.

SPP Pumps: Standard Products

Our standard pump product ranges have been specifically designed so that you can fit them to or replace any existing pump. An innovative modular design allows interchangeability across the range, giving you more flexibility in terms of maintenance, stock holding and material options. Although they are designed as standard, we can still deliver tailored solutions according to your requirements thanks to our considerable design and engineering capabilities. Find out more about our standard range by visiting the SPP Pumps website.

SPP Pumps: Transformer Oil Pumps

SPP Pumps have been manufacturing transformer oil pumps for over 60 years, and many of the pumps that we produced over 40 years ago are still in action today! Such durability attests to the quality of our designs. The benefits of our transformer oil pumps are numerous:

  • Weatherproof – all moving parts are completed enclosed and sealed.
  • No Gland Leakage – no shaft seal is required, thus eliminating oil leakage or entry of air.
  • Easy mounting and coupling – four alternative branch positions for either horizontal or vertical mounting.
  • Robust construction
  • Rotation – a window is fitted in the shaft end for rotation observation.
  • No Lubrication – ball and roller bearings are lubricated by the circulating transformer oil.

SPP Pumps: Energy Saving

Pumps account for around 13% of the UK’s entire annual electrical consumption, and with worldwide oil, gas and coal prices at record levels, the cost of usage is spiralling. With this in mind, SPP Pumps have invested heavily in the development of a more efficient pump that can reduce energy consumption significantly and therefore minimise costs. If you would like to find out more about our energy saving pumps, just follow the link to the SPP Pumps website.

SPP Pumps: Service Division

All of our products are backed up by the SPP Pumps support service, available 24 hours a day. Whether it’s a pump, valve, motor, heat exchanger or generator, just give us a call, and we’ll help you get back on track. To find out more about our service division, please visit the SPP website, or simply get in touch with our expert representatives via telephone.


At SPP Pumps our Unistream range of pumps is widely used for applications such as circulating duties, water boosting, irrigation, heating and air conditioning, fuel transfer and process cooling. They are manufactured from high quality materials and are designed to be tough and durable for long-term use. All of our Unistream pumps conform to EN 733/DIN 24255 standards for use in industrial, building services and various OEM applications. They feature impellers which are deigned to save energy without effecting performance. Unistream hydraulics components are interchangeable with the close coupled Eurostream and Instream range.


Our Eurostream range of pumps is widely used for applications such as circulating duties, water boosting, greenhouse irrigation, heating and air conditioning, fuel transfer and process cooling. This range provides close coupled versions of our Instream range and is designed to DIN 24255 standards. We offer more than 25 pump sizes in the range from 32mm up to 125mm discharge (190 pump/ motor combinations). The Eurostream pump is designed to be compact and is easy to install with its baseplate and coupling alignment. Eurostream hydraulic components are interchangeable with the close coupled Instream and Unistream.


We also supply the Instream range of pumps. These pumps are typically used for applications such as circulating duties, water boosting, greenhouse irrigation, heating and air conditioning, fuel transfer and process cooling. The Instream pumps are designed and manufactured to be easy to install and components can be interchangeable with pumps in the Unistream and Eurostream ranges, often saving time and costs for spares. We also supply specific pumps that conform to ATEX standards. Please contact us at SPP Pumps for further information or advice regarding all of our pumps.


Our Aquastream range of pumps is typically used for industrial and environmental applications such as circulating duties, water boosting, irrigation, fish farms and other service applications with clean and slightly contaminated non-corrosive liquids. These high efficiency, mixed flow pumps produce large flow rates at low to medium heads. They feature a specifically designed hydraulic system which is designed to produce up to 89% efficiency depending on the size. Our Aquastream pumps can be supplied as horizontal, vertical, open shaft, or can be vertical direct mounted to suit different requirements.

SPP Pumps - FireEye

There are many benefits to having FireEye installed; the main ones being the alleviation of potential system failures and the reduction, if not prevention, of a number of circumstances like significant faults, downtime, costs or even loss of life. A huge array of businesses involved in an equally wide range of applications can benefit from having this system installed including schools, factories, warehouses, offices, airports, hospitals, power plants and many more. Additionally FireEye can provide for remote monitoring capabilities and has a whole host of other really useful features. For more information please visit our website. If you have any questions please call us.

Offshore Field Service

Travelling the globe in the support of products engineered by SPP Pumps are our field service engineers who are highly experienced in both land based projects and oil and gas installations located offshore. Offering an unrivalled level of customer service, SPP Pumps are ably supported by design engineers who are factory based and head office administration and coordination. For more information please visit our website where you can also view an image gallery. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help in any way that we can; our engineers can be mobilised with a few hours!



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