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Spiroflow is a renowned global company specialising in the design and manufacture of conveying systems. With more than 35 years experience within the industry, Spiroflow has extensive knowledge and expertise within the market. Its systems are designed for the transportation of small or large quantities of dry bulk solids such as (powder, granule, flake, pellet or lump.

Spiroflow undertakes extensive research and developments to meet changing emands within the industry. Its ranges of conveyors include: Flexible crew Conveyors, Aero Mechanical Conveyors, Positive Pressure and Vacuum neumatic Conveyors and Cable and Chain Driven Tubular Drag Conveyors.

Flexible Screw Conveyors

Flexible Screw Conveyors are the simplest and lowest cost solution for a multiplicity of applications, comprising a stainless steel spiral rotating within an UHMWPE food grade tube.  This type of conveyor suits materials with a bulk density up to 2.5kg/l and can carry material to a maximum distance of 20m, although multiple, linked units can extend to greater distances as required.  Maximum throughput rate is 40 tonnes/hr on ‘Megaflow’ models. The throughput of the flexible screw conveyor will diminish the steeper the angle at which it operates.  The extent of this depends on the nature of the material.  The reduction is caused by fallback of material down through the centre of the spiral, which can be checked by the provision of a central core or tube.  Single flexible screw conveyors of up to 6m in length can then be used in the vertical. The term ‘flexible’ means that the conveyor can be curved to some extent dependent upon the tube diameter of the model used.  This offers some installation flexibility when conveying around obstacles between the inlet and outlet. 

Aero-Mechanical Conveyors

The Aero-Mechanical Conveyor has the alternate and more descriptive name of a ‘rope and disc’ conveyor. It provides an effective means of ‘mechanical pneumatic conveying’ and is not to be confused with drag link conveyors, which operate at much lower speeds. A continuous rope, with a series of equally spaced discs secured to it, travels through a delivery and return tube circuit at high speed. This type of conveyor is well suited to horizontal, inclined or vertical conveying up to 25m with no loss of efficiency in the vertical.  Another major advantage is that degradation of the material is almost negligible.  This is because it creates a moving current of air in which the material is carried - similar to the effect of a vacuum or pneumatic system.  However, the aero-mechanical conveyor does not need a cyclone or filter to separate the product from the air as the air carrying the material is not expelled at the outlet.  The material is centrifugally separated from the air at the outlet and the unloaded air current is drawn back down the return section of the tube.  Thus it is retained within the tube circuit. Typical maximum rates of throughput are: oats 40 tonnes/hr, milk powder (26% fat) 20 tonnes/ hr and granulated sugar 80 tonnes/hr.

Bulk Bag Dischargers

Spiroflow's experience is the culmination of many years of close co-operation with both small and large volume users - resulting in the development of a comprehensive and expanding range of bulk bag dischargers and transfer equipment to meet the particular requirements of virtually any product and bag type. Nine models of bulk bag dischargers are available to provide discharge by volume or by weight. A wide range of modular emptiers is also available, providing the complete solution to bag emptying and materials conveying.

Bulk Bag Fillers

Our range of weigh/fill equipment, for bag capacities of up to 2000kgs, offers a choice of basic models designed to meet the needs of the majority of applications. These machines are modular in construction, enabling the user to specify a number of options to meet their individual production requirements – current and future.

Bin, Bag & Drum Emptiers

Spiroflow can offer a range of automated solutions for emptying bins, sacks, bags and drums in a safe, efficient and dust-free manner. Not only is this good for the health of operators and the environment, but also for company finances, because an automated emptier has the power to significantly improve plant efficiency and enhance operator productivity.  Spiroflow emptiers can be made to include dust extraction systems, integral bag compactors and various other features.  Find out more about our automated bin, bag and drum emptiers by visiting Spiroflow online.

Tubular Drag Conveyor

We are pleased to offer the Cableflow™ Tubular Drag Conveyor, which is designed for use where there are reduced clearances and lesser running speeds.  We developed the Cableflow for gentle handling, allowing friable bulk products to be conveyed from single or multiple in-feed points to single or multiple discharge points.  Because of our special design, such products con be conveyed over long distances with no or very little damage.  The Dynaflow™ Link and Pin Driven Tubular Drag Conveyor is a mechanical drag system designed to operate within a pipe.  It is of use in a number of applications, being able to withstand temperatures of up to 250°C.

Vacuum Conveyors

At Spiroflow, we take pride in our range of mechanical conveyors that are used across an extensive range of applications.  However, we recognise that there are also numerous applications for which the best solution is Vacuum or Positive Pressure Pneumatic Conveying.  We recently added to our existing choice of such solutions with the new range of Spiroflow® Vacuum and Positive Pressure Pneumatic Conveyors.  All products in this range benefit from multiple inlets and outlets.  They are easy to clean, with total containment.  Able to operate at any angle, these conveyors are flexible, offering versatile routing and afford hygienic and dust-free gentle handling.

Ingredients Handling System

The Spiroflow® Ingredients Handling System allows you to own a unique system, tailored to meet your company’s individual needs.  Sometimes this can be something as simple as the addition, for example, of a hopper.  Or we can provide a complete bespoke turn-key system.  It is our skills and experience that allow us to provide you with exactly the ingredients handling solution you are after.   We can take care of installation, commissioning, after sales service, service contracts, spares and much more.  Discuss your requirements with our highly qualified mechanical and electrical engineers and you will find there is no challenge our experts cannot take on.

Water Treatment

We have a great deal of experience in water treatment, usually working together with contractors to provide potable water and public sewage treatment for utility companies.  Additionally we work with commercial organisations who have a requirement to treat water before discharge from their premises.  There are many excellent reasons for choosing Spiroflow, including our years of experience in dependable and accurate dosing options.  We offer a comprehensive range of chemical storage and delivery options; offer systems performance guarantees and full after-sales support.  Our experience and knowledge mean that you can be sure of effective water treatment that is reliable and practical.



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