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Speech Processing Solutions has been delivering cutting edge dictation and speech technologies to a global market for over 50 years. From office-based desktop transcription systems to mobile dictation devices, we have products to support every imaginable speech processing scenario. We’re experts in:

  • Mobile dictation
  • Stationary dictation
  • Software solutions
  • Meeting recorders
  • Voice recorders
  • Transcription devices

As an official licensee of the Philips brand and a worldwide leader in the professional dictation market, Speech Processing Solutions has all your voice recording requirements covered. Not only can we supply the systems you need to record and transcribe speech, we can also provide full technical support, advice and assistance to help you get the most from them. With offices in the US, Canada, Australia, Belgium, France, Germany and the United Kingdom, we’re able to serve a global market. 

Some of our products can be found in the sections below. To discover the full range, please visit Philips Dictation online or get in touch with the Speech Processing Solutions UK office on 01206 755555.

Pocket Memo Digital Dictation Recorder

Pocket Memo dictation recorders from Philips take dictation to a whole new level. These standard-setting devices feature breakthrough 3D Mic technology that delivers exceptional audio quality in virtually any recording situation. They also have built-in motion sensors for automatic microphone selection and a large colour display for easy, intuitive operation  – all this from a robust yet lightweight handheld unit with an ergonomic design and a hardy stainless steel housing. 

Other features include an integrated barcode scanner for streamlined documentation, a PIN lock for high data security and a docking station for fast battery charging and hands-free recording. 

Pocket Memo Dictation and Transcription Set

Philips dictation and transcription sets combine ergonomically designed, robustly built hardware with intuitive user-friendly software for a speech processing solution that’s fast, simple and effective. 

Dictaphones feature a high quality built-in microphone for excellent sound quality, a lightweight metal body for user convenience, direct charging via USB for economical recording, a push-button interface that facilitates professional editing and an exchangeable memory card for unlimited recording. 

Transcription devices feature lightweight stereo headphones for improved comfort, ergonomic foot pedals for convenient playback control and SpeechExec workflow software for easy data management. 

Desktop Dictation System

Philips 730-series dictation systems provide a user-friendly, professional-quality dictation solution. They feature a high-quality microphone that gives superb recording quality, integrated speakers with tone, speed and volume controls for crystal clear playback, a workflow display that shows important information at a glance, and convenient search forward and skip functions for quick access to individual recordings. 

The 730 dictation system from Philips can be used as both a dictation and transcription machine when combined with various accessories. Find out more by visiting Philips Dictation online or contacting Speech Processing Solutions on 01206 755555. 

Software Solutions

Speech Processing Solutions can offer the full range of software packages for use alongside Philips dictation and transcription devices, including:

  • SpeechExec dictation recording applications for smartphones
  • SpeechExec dictation workflow software
  • SpeechExec dictation software
  • SpeechExec transcription software
  • SDK for SpeechExec recorder and dictation hardware
  • SDK for dictation hardware
  • SpeechExec remote device management software

Find out more about Philips editing software by visiting Philips Dictation online. For expert advice and assistance, please contact Speech Processing Solutions on 01206 755555.

Pocket Memo Meeting Recorder

The Pocket Memo meeting recorder from Philips has been designed to capture sound in a 360° angle so that nothing is ever missed. It offers high quality recording in DSS, MP3 and PCM format, is compatible with a range of accessories for increased recording coverage, and comes with an elegant metal carrying case for portability. The meeting recorder is easy to use and requires minimal set-up, offering an out-of-the-box solution for instant speech recording.

Voice Trace Digital Recorders

Voice trace digital recorders from Philips feature a metal microphone grille for exceptional sound clarity, a pre-recording function that ensures you never miss a word, stereo MP3 recording for crystal clear playback and 4GB of in-built memory for up to 44 days of recording. They also have an integrated fold-out stand for easy device positioning and a remote control for wireless recording – these are just some of the convenient features that make Philips voice trace digital recorders the best in their class. Discover the range at Philips Dictation online.

Transcription Sets

The Philips transcription set is a digital document creation solution designed to make transcription easy and intuitive. Features include an ergonomic foot pedal for convenient playback control, lightweight stereo headphones for enhanced wearer comfort, SpeechExec workflow software for efficient data management, and priority functions and notifications for urgent recordings. Transcription sets are designed to work seamlessly with Philips digital dictation solutions.


To complement Philips’ range of digital dictation and transcription solutions we offer a comprehensive selection of compatible accessories, including foot pedals, hand controls, mini cassettes, power supplies, batteries, transcription headphones, handheld microphones, hands-free head-sets, memory cards, USB docks, telephone pickup microphones and much more. Discover the range at Philips Dictation online or get in touch with Speech Processing Solutions on 01206 755555.



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