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United Kingdom

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Sovereign Rubber is one of the UK's leading manufacturers of extruded rubber products. Established in the 1950s in Stockport, our range has grown to cover every requirement from cable protectors to heavy duty wrapped cylindrical fenders and D fenders. Our products are in demand world wide, thanks to our product diversity and reputation for quality and consistency.

The marine, oil and gas, agricultural and construction industries all benefit from our manufacturing range and experience, which enables us to take on the biggest of jobs. Our products are of the highest standard and are designed especially to match the most demanding shore based and sea-going requirements. We manufacture rubber extrusions with cross sectional dimensions ranging from 20mm to 600mm and wrapped cylindrical fenders from 500mm to 1500mm diameter, and all of our standard and bespoke profiles are manufactured from a hard-wearing blend of SBR/Natural elastomers, which gives them all a long life.

At Sovereign Rubber we offer a complete service, which includes CAD, in-house design and tooling, in-house testing of elastomers and in-house load testing. We can manufacture to order, or help you to design bespoke profiles, and our friendly and experienced customer service team ensure that every detail of the client's needs is passed on to our factory.

Hollow Cylindrical Fender

For quays, docks, jettys and ports, we manufacture our Sovereign Rubber Hollow Cylindrical Fender (HCF), though it can also be used outside the marine industry for protection sleeves, anti-vibration pads, etc.

We can produce the HCF in diameters from 20mm o/d up to 600mm o/d, using an extrusion method through a die. It has a simple design, with the i/d generally being 50% less than the o/d, and we can extrude it in lengths to suit customer needs. Our extruded HCF can also be pre-curved and drilled to aid in application and installation, and most of our HCF sizes can be made into solid cord.

D Type Fenders

We manufacture a range of D Fenders to meet a variety of installation requirements; hollow or solid, in sizes from 20mm to 500mm and in a variety of D formats (round D, Delta D etc.). We can manufacture our D Fenders to be pre-curved, drilled, chamfered and cut to specific lengths, for ease of application and installation. Produced through a die using the extrusion method, our fenders can also be supplied as Solid D Fenders.

These D Fenders are excellent barrier protection for vessels, trucks, portsides and loading bays, and can be installed into a channel or bolted directly onto the application.

Keyhole and W Fenders

Our Keyhole and W Fenders are designed specifically for tug and workboats, and are easy to install thanks to the fixing bolthole design. To suit this application, they are made from high abrasion-resistance rubber with excellent resilience. We use a specially compounded SBR/Natural blend elastomer, which is made to be highly resistant to the effects of seawater, UV radiation and ozone degradation.

Our Keyhole and W Fenders are available in sizes ranging from 100mm to 500mm, and we can use CAD and our in-house die/tooling department to help design bespoke profiles for your specific needs.

Piggyback Blocks

When oil or gas pipe laying operations require a smaller diameter pipe to run above a larger pipe, piggyback blocks can be used to ensure that the smaller pipes are correctly supported and attached to the larger pipe. We individually design piggyback blocks on our CAD system, and outline a detailed quality and testing plan to make sure that the products are in line with industry requirements, before carrying out testing on full sized assemblies in our testing area.

We can provide the rubber only, or the full system, including the appropriate straps and tools.

Wheel Chocks

For a variety of applications within the aviation and road transport industries, we produce extremely hard-wearing wheel chocks, which are manufactured from a specially formulated rugged rubber compound which makes them ideally suited to endure the harsh conditions of these demanding industries. Our triangular chocks have rounded corners to prevent profile damage and are heavily ribbed on all three sides to improve grip.

Standard and jumbo wheel chocks are provided with a 300mm fitted eyebolt and a length of rope to serve as a removal aid.

Cable and Hose Protectors

Loose, trailing cables, air lines and hosing can easily cause accidents around the workplace. To prevent such accidents and damage to cables, Sovereign Rubber provide cable protectors, which help to create a safer working environment in the office or on the shop floor. We have a wide range of profile sections available, which can help you to comply with health and safety requirements regarding loose cables.

Our cable and hose protectors range from 60mm to 350mm wide, with circular bores ranging from 10mm to 50mm radius. We also provide rectangular bores to suit a variety of applications.

Scrapers / Snow Plough Blades

We also produce scrapers for use in farmyards, stables, markets etc. These are useful for keeping such environments clean and free from waste such as slurry or mud. We know that a very high degree of abrasion-resistance is necessary for scrapers such as these, so we test our rubbers to the most stringent standards. Our scrapers can be provided in widths up to 450mm and lengths of 6 metres.

We also produce blades specifically for snow ploughs, which are made of an exceptionally hard-wearing and abrasion-resistant compound, to suit constant contact with tarmac and concrete surfaces. These are produced in a wide variety of sizes, all which can be extruded in 6 metre lengths.

Weighbridge Rubber

Foreign material such as dirt, product and grit can enter the gaps at the side of weighbridge platforms, potentially causing mechanical problems. This can be prevented through the use of weighbridge rubber. These T-Section weighbridge rubbers sit in the gap around the outside of the weighbridge, with the top section creating a cover over the gap, to keep material from entering. Our weighbridge rubber can be provided with either a flat top, or a curved top.



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Registered at Companies House:15 September, 1955 (63 years and 11 months ago)
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