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Spillages at the workplace need never stress you out again once you’ve signed up as a SERPRO customer. We provide a huge variety of consumable products to assist you with maintaining your equipment and to help clean up after those unfortunate mishaps that occasionally happen even in the best-regulated workshops.

At SERPRO, we supply items that absorb, contain and wipe up spillages. We sell absorbents for every kind of substance, ranging from paper and fabric to pads, clay granules and wood, and in many sizes and quantities.  If you need something to catch and dispose of the product which is being spilt, our drip trays, spill pallets and other receptacles will do the business for you!

Our customer service is second to none – not only we do deliver both within the UK and abroad, our professional team can give you detailed advice and guidance on the most appropriate product for your particular spillage issue. Just phone or email us, and we’ll be delighted to direct you towards a cost-effective and practical solution. 

Absorbents - Visit our website

No matter how careful you are in the workplace, leaks and spillages will happen now and again. When they do, it’s crucial to have suitable absorbents on hand to deal with them. At SERPRO, we’ve got absorbents that can tackle any type of spill. If you have to deal with spills of a general nature, such as when using contaminated water in industrial processes, then our general purpose absorbents will meet your needs.

Our range of ‘oil only’ products tackles oil that has been spilt on water or inside storage units, while we have a wide selection of  absorbents to cope with any eventuality. 

EVO Eco-Friendly Natural Fibre Absorbent Pads - Visit our website

Would you like an absorbent pad that’s demonstrably environmentally sound? Manufactured from 85% recycled natural fibres, the EVO natural fibre pad has the lowest carbon footprint of any such product presently sold in Europe. It’s made from sustainable sources, boasts a high absorbency level and is well-constructed for extended usage. The pad is completely fire-resistant, and it only absorbs water-based fluids after an extended time. Its floating and oil-gleaning abilities are on a par with melt-blown pads (currently the most widely used). An unashamedly ‘green’ product which nonetheless performs as well as any of its mass-market competitors!

Filter-Sock - Visit our website

The filter-sock is a splendid method of cleansing drain and bund water that have been lightly contaminated by oil. Its benefits include the removal of sediment and oil to virtually trace level and the reduction of operational costs through avoiding the use of tankers to remove spoiled water. You just fix the filter-sock to a hand pump with a screw driver and make it secure with the hose clip supplied. You then pump the drain’s contents through the filter-sock until you’re satisfied that the discharge is clean, and finally dispose of the contaminated filter-sock in a responsible manner.

Oil and Fuel Absorbents - Visit our website

When oil spills, the effects can be catastrophic. Wherever the spillage and whatever the type and amount of oil, our oil absorbents can put things right. They don’t absorb water, but act solely to contain water’s hydrocarbon and oil-based liquid components. Fast-working and compatible with every form of fuel, these products are suitable for exterior use and there are several sizes to choose from. Oil absorbent pads are best in small areas, such as on floors or around machines, and are essential for storage units and marine facilities. Oil-only absorbent rolls are perforated and low-linting, and pick up spill from larger surfaces.

Anti-Static Oil and Fuel Absorbents - Visit our website

The risk of causing sparks is a constant hazard for those working in dry or cold conditions. By using our anti-static absorbent rolls and pads to clear up spills, you’ll ensure that you won’t be creating a situation which might lead to conflagration. Presented in specially designed bags which dissipate the accumulation of static charges, these items can be used outside and inside and in both dry and wet conditions. Indispensable for fuel storage depots and other locations notable for flammable vapours, and worthwhile additions to the spill response kit of any aircraft refuellers.

Chemical Absorbents - Visit our website

Chemical spills require particularly stringent treatments. Hazmat Absorbents are specifically for use on dangerous substances like acids, chemicals, fuels, caustics and bases which need to be carefully dealt with. They are branded bright yellow for simple identification in emergency situations. When such scenarios do occur, Hazmat Absorbents will prevent the spillage from spreading, thereby  reducing the risk of injury to your staff. Chemical absorbing cushions are useful for containing and absorbing fluids like acids and alkalis, and can be combined with drip pans to deal with bigger spills. Chemical absorbent pads are excellent in commercial contexts, while chemical absorbent rolls are great as a general back-up.

General Purpose Absorbents - Visit our website

The majority of spillage problems which you encounter on a day-to-day basis can be successfully addressed by SERPRO’s general purpose absorbents. These can be employed on such substances as oils, cutting fluids, coolants, solvents and other everyday liquids. General absorbents come in a variety of types, including pillows, absorbent mats, socks, pads, booms and roll, so you can opt for the method most appropriate for the quantity of estimated spillage in your premises. Each absorbent is available in several grades and weights, and can be used on its own or as an additional component in your company spill kit.

Water Magnets - Visit our website

The contamination of fuel tanks and storage tanks by water is a frequent problem – one which the SERPRO water magnet can help with. It’s a highly cost-effective method which addresses the build-up of condensation and moisture on tanks’ interiors. The water magnet soaks up and removes the water. All you have to do is tie the supplied line to the cage around the ‘magnet’ and drop the whole unit into the tank through an appropriate aperture. On reaching the bottom of the tank, it will absorb water into the central sack which expands until full. A simple yet highly efficient piece of equipment.

Drip and Spill Trays - Visit our website

When handling and storing dangerous materials, you need to able to safeguard your building and employees from potential drips, spills and leakages. SERPRO drip and spill trays are easy to manipulate and just the thing for intercepting liquid emissions from your equipment. Service and maintenance staff and anyone working in a workshop or garage environment will value these trays as a reliable method of preserving cleanliness in their operational surfaces. One of our most popular drip trays is the 1m x 1m type, whose large dimensions make it particularly suitable for positioning under vehicles. Alternatively, our mini-drip trays work well for those slower and smaller-volume leaks.

Generator Trays and Kits - Visit our website

Using small generators on construction and building sites and out in the field frequently implies a need for dedicated trays and spillage kits. Regardless of the size and portability of your generator, it will run on petrol or diesel when producing electricity. The Health and Safety Executive stipulates guidelines on how to handle flammable materials in conjunction with electricity. These include placing your generator on a hard surface, such as a drip tray, and having a spill kit to hand at all times. Drip trays should also be positioned underneath couplings and hoses. SERPRO generator trays and kits are fully compliant with HSE specifications.

Plant Nappy - Visit our website

Anyone who operates small plant equipment outdoors should consider Plant Nappy as an addition to their spillage protection arsenal. It contains leaks and spills from mobile plant in every type of weather and copes admirably on uneven terrain. Plant Nappy is so easy to use – you don’t even need to empty rainwater from it! It’s sold in three different sizes and is a valid alternative to drip trays. Plant Nappy particularly comes into its own if you need mobile power generation, and the availability of disposable refills make it an investment that will definitely stand the test of time.

Marine Spill Kits - Visit our website

Cleaning oil from bodies of water is a key function of several of our products, which will be particularly valuable to owners of leisure and ocean-faring vessels and to harbour-masters.  Oil-only booms curtail the advancement of the spill, while oil spill skimmers (whether in the form of pad, sock or pillow) will soak up the oil or petroleum on the water surface. Bilge pads are especially useful if you captain a small craft, and SERPRO also offer a 10-litre marine spill kit for oil and fuel. This contains an oil and fuel absorbent sock, absorbent pads, latex gloves, a disposal bag and a pair of attachment cords.

Drain Protection - Visit our website

Securing drains is essential if you wish to prevent a spill or effluent spreading through your premises or on public thoroughfares. When quick action is needed, SERPRO spill containment berm dikes will create an immediate barrier for containment. By using berm connectors, multiple berm dikes can be linked to impede the entry of spills into drains. SERPRO drain seals stand firm against oil, water and the majority of chemicals and can be used over and over again to keep your storm drains fluid-free. They are offered in a number of sizes, one of which will be perfect for your drain.

Oil Only Spill Kits - Visit our website

An oil-only spill kit will mean you’re always prepared if the unthinkable happens. It’s got everything you’ll require to be able to deal with an oil spill with the minimum of fuss. Our kits have absorbents which gather up petroleum and oil at the same time as keeping water away, and can be used on spillages which have happened either on land or on bodies of water. Highly compact and portable, oil-only spill kits help to affirm your eco-friendly credentials in a cost-effective manner. They’re excellent for vehicles and other restricted locations, and can be easily stored behind the driver’s seat when in transit.

Chemical Spill Kits - Visit our website

Don’t be tempted to do without a spill kit when handling hazardous chemicals. Without the correct protection, you’re risking injury or possibly even death. SERPRO chemical spill kits have all the absorbents necessary to cope with spills of acids, alkalis, bases and fluids of uncertain extraction. The kits are available in different types, including portable kits in bags to tackle small spills; container-packed mobile kits to deal with medium and larger chemical spills; and cabinet spill kits which you can distribute at appropriate points within your organisation. Choosing a chemical spill kit is an important decision – feel free to contact us for suggestions.

Wheelie Bins - Visit our website

Fancy a sturdy and attractively coloured wheelie bin? SERPRO’s European-manufactured bins are made from high-quality HDPE and comply with noise reduction regulations. They also meet the RAL-GZ951/1, Directive 2000/14/EG and EN840 standards. All our wheelie bins have galvanised steel wheel axles, reinforced axle housing and 200mm wheels with rubber tires. They are cadmium-free and resistant to ultra-violet light, which increases their durability. The bins come in three different sizes, namely the 120-litre small wheelie bin, the 240-litre bin, which is the standard size used by most UK councils for refuse collection, and the 360-litre large wheelie bin, used primarily in commercial contexts.



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