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Red Rooster Industrial (UK) Limited is a well-respected company that specialises in the sales, repair and rental of powered hoists, winches and measuring equipment. With many years' knowledge and experience within the industry, the team at Red Rooster Industrial is dedicated to providing customers with the very best products and services.

Red Rooster's premises are designed to have all of the facilities and capabilities necessary to meet all types of customer requirements and also to meet small and large batch runs. We work closely with our customers to ensure they receive the very best service and receive the highest quality products to suit their applications. We strive to create solutions for specific requests and meet orders in quick turn-around times. We use the latest CNC technology to manufacture high quality products. All of our equipment is tested to the highest standards by trained and qualified staff and meets our BS/EN/ISO 9001:2000 quality system that is accredited by Lloyds Register. Our quality systems undergo an external audit every 60 days to ensure our equipment is maintained to the highest standards. Red Rooster products comply with the European Machinery Directive and are CE marked.                   

Air Hoists

At Red Rooster, we supply a wide range of air hoists and equipment suitable for industrial and marine applications. Items within the range include tool handling hoists, mini industrial hoists, compact hoists, large capacity air hoists, spark resistant air hoists, pendant/ wall mounted controls/ air service equipment, special configurations, pneumatic trolleys, air balancer hoists, and festoon supply systems. All of our hoists and equipment meet industry regulations, are CE marked, and comply with the European Machinery Directive. We are pleased to supply spark proofed models of the 'compact' and 'large capacity' ranges as well as the complete range of air hoist trolleys. These are ideal for use in environments where the risk of explosions is present.

Powered Winches

We supply a wide selection of quality powered winch products. These can be either pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric. Items within the range include, but are not limited to, electric worm gear winches, hydraulic worm gear winches, general purpose winches, traction winches, crane winches, offshore hydraulic winches, offshore manriding winches, pneumatic utility winches, planetary compact winches and more. We also supply various winch accessories including drum pressure rollers, drum guards, limit switches, grooved drums, drum dividers, clutches (of various kinds), brakes, gears, valves and more.

Manual Winches

We currently supply four main manual winch products. These include:

  • Industrial Worm Gear Hand Winch: square worm-wheel transmission and maintenance free bearing with adjustable crank, load pressure brake with double ratchet system.

  • Industrial Spur Gear Hand Winch: load pressure brake with double ratchet system, maintenance free bearing, cable outlet to left, right, under and top side, with free spooling option.

  • Floor Mounted Spur Gear Winch: heavy-duty floor mounted winches for use in home or industrial settings. Features spur gear reduction, anti-reverse ratchet pawl, foot brake acting on hand wheel, ratchet and handle.

  • Manual Winch: M Series with centrifugal brake for lifting, manual disengaging clutch, manual band brakes, grooved drum and drum pressure roller.

For full product specifications, please visit our website.           

Electric Wire Rope Hoists

Our electric wire rope hoists can be adapted for use in various applications. The standard range includes six construction sizes for capacities from 800kg to 40,000kg with two or four rope falls, lifting speed between 1.5 and 12 m/min and with feet suitable for 'supported' or 'suspended' mounting. Our Series M configurations are available to suit a range of capacities and are available with either two or four rope falls. For further information and specifications of our electric wire rope hoists, please visit our website or contact us at Red Rooster Industrial (UK).

Pneumatic Wire Rope Hoists

Our pneumatic wire rope hoists are available in two types: the standard monorail trolley with low headroom configuration, and the articulated trolley with standard headroom only. They are available with a range of options such as Zone 1 spark resistant models, a choice of drum lengths, fixed mount, powered trolleys, manual trolleys, and geared trolleys, upper and lower limit switches, automatic overload protection, and more. Features of the pneumatic range include variable speed, 2, 4 and 6 station pendant control, clear control legends, steel sheaves running on heavy duty bearings with grease point, fail safe pilot operated control valve and mains emergency stop.


We supply three main types of cranes:

  • Overhead Travelling Cranes: these are either pneumatic or electric models with either chain or wire rope hoists and can hold up to 10 tonnes capacity.

  • Gantries and A Frames: these can be mobile, free-standing or fixed and can hold up to 10 tonnes capacity.

  • Swing Jib Cranes: These can be either electric, pneumatic, or manual models and can hold up to 5 tonnes capacity.                   

Load Measuring Equipment

We supply a wide selection of high quality load measuring equipment. Items within the range include: standard tensile links (capacities range from 2 to 25 tonnes), telemetry and large capacity links (communication by FM wave band digital radio), compression cells, load pins (these are designed and manufactured in-house to meet specific requests), precision links and running line monitors (electronic), remote displays (for use with remote indicating load cells), pallet truck weight scales/ pallet weight scales, digital craneweigher (withbattery life of 60 hours between charging) and load cell shackles (produced in capacities from 5 – 250 tonnes).

Wire Rope Spoolers

We are also pleased to supply the Red Rooster Wire Rope Spooler (WRS-III). This tough and robust unit is able to hold wire rope drums with a combined weight of up to 4000kg. The WRS-III is easy to operate and features a manual disengaging clutch to allow the operator to pull the wire rope out or use a powered winch. It has a wind on band brake to apply tension to the wire rope during spooling operations reducing slack rope. Other features include forklift pockets, lifting pad eyes, low air consumption and a detachable shaft and support bearings.

Rooster Rentals

Here at Red Rooster we are extremely proud of our rental fleet. Our fleet features over 290 pneumatic hoists (30 with more than 25 tonne capacity), pneumatic trolleys (up to 50 tonnes capacity), special low headroom hoists and trolleys (up to 25 tonne capacity), spark resistant hoists and trolleys, air winches (up to ten tonne capacity), air spoolers with fitted brake, clutch and lifting frame, various measuring links and shackles (includes two 250 tonne load shackles), running line monitors, data loggers and chart recorders and more. Our rental fleet is offered on a pay for days in use system and we provide worldwide delivery. Please get in touch with the Red Rooster team for further information.

Kito Hand Chain Hoists

We can provide a range of Kito hand chain hoists including our CX, CF, CB and HCB models. As well as being strong, durable and effective, all of our hand chain hoists are also extremely reliable and safe to use. Customers can visit the website for more information including detailed technical specifications which can be downloaded as a PDF. Alternatively, you can contact us directly by phone or email and we will help you further. 



Registration Number: SC113779
VAT Number: GB498 3903 91
Registered at Companies House:4 October, 1988 (35 years and 5 months ago)
No of Employees: 21-50
Annual Turnover: 2-5m
Company Type:
  • Manufacturer
  • Distributor
  • Fabricator
  • Service Providers
UK Branches: West Bromwich

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