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In 2003, Record Electrical Associates Limited was formed bringing together three leading companies: Record Electrical, Townson and Mercer and Whiteleggs. This fantastic collaboration enables the highest quality services from each division to reach many industries such as petrochemical, marine, power generation, laboratory environments, process plants, railways and more. Record Electrical Associates jointly offers more than 200 years of knowledge and experience to its customers worldwide and develops year upon year in order to meet the ever-growing demands of the market. As part of Record Electrical Associates Ltd, Record Electrical is a well regarded company that specialises in the supply of analogue moving coil and moving iron indicators with the 'RECORD' and 'CIRSCALE' trademarks to a global market. Townson and Mercer supply temperature controlled baths, ovens, ultrasonic baths and furnaces for use within the laboratory and process markets, and Whitelegg supplies quality sheet metal fabrications in various materials such as stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium and various alloys.

Record Cirscale Meters - Visit our website

Our Record Cirscale Meters are manufactured to incredibly high standards. They are strong and robust and are designed for use in all kinds of environments. These circular panel meters are available in seven standard sizes, have long scale 240 ° presentation, dial markings to customer's requirements, and are certified for use within hazardous areas. Optional features include illuminated scales, internal illumination, external illumination, and rear zero adjustment. Case sizes are available from 50mm to 30mm in diameter and are supplied with fasteners to enable quick and easy assembly into panels.

Record Panel Meters - Visit our website

Our Record Panel Meters are available in six standard sizes and are designed and manufactured for use in all kinds of industry environments. These robust moving coil indicators are available at cost effective prices and are available with optional extras such as the useful illumination feature. The meters are available with square or rectangular faces and use a moving coil movement with knife-edge pointer and a white dial. They are available for both A.C. or D.C. applications. We can also supply external/voltage transformers, shunts or suitable transducers for large current and voltage applications. For detailed specifications, please visit our website, or contact us at Record Electrical Associates Ltd.

Record Traction - Visit our website

Designed for use in transits across the world, our Record Traction Speed Indicators are manufactured for speed indicating applications. They are available in three standard sizes each with square faces and four point corner fixing points for mounting in chosen areas. All models are suitable for A.C. and D.C. signals with accuracy to ±1.5%. Optional features include internal illumination, round bezels and more. These robust and reliable instruments are already widely used in many industry applications. Our Record Traction instruments are manufactured to BS 89/BR563 under the control of the ISO 9001 Quality System.

Chart Recorders - Visit our website

The Panel Line Recorder ZR 440 range is a relatively new addition to our selection of products. It is a fantastic instrument that is available in three basic options: ZR 441 (single channel fibre pen), ZR 442 (two channel with fibre pen) and ZR 443 (three channels with fibre pens). Features include an alarm for maximum and minimum on all channels, galvanic separation of inputs, improved dynamic characteristics, various values of input and supply voltage and they are compatible with transducers. For a detailed specification of the ZR 440 range, please visit our website.

Desiccator / Humidity Cabinet - Visit our website

The Dessicator/ Humidity Cabinet is used in various industries for the dry storage of specimens, for testing specimens under constant humidity and for the environmental testing of electrical assemblies, metallic products, natural and synthetic materials. All models are CE marked and are manufactured to ISO 9001 standards. Features of the desiccator include rapid air circulation over the desiccant tray and shelves, stainless steel tray, solid state electronic control and switching for stability, indication of moisture change from direct reading hygrometer and more.

Industrial Range - Visit our website

Our Industrial Range of Ultrasonic Cleaning Baths is used in many industries across the world. They are widely used for cleaning complex tools and fixtures and are a fast and effective solution to the removal of oil and grease deposits. The reduced time for cleaning products is hugely beneficial to many industries. Our industrial cleaning baths are safe and easy to use and feature controls for temperature and time setting, over temperature protection, protecting bath and operator and strong stainless steel baskets for carrying heavy items. A range of compatible heated rinse tanks and hot air drying units are also available.

Easy Heat - Visit our website

Our ‘Easy Heat’ ovens and incubators are available in 11 sizes and operate in temperatures up to 250 degrees C. Our incubators are available in a range of combinations with a choice of chamber material to suit each customer’s requirements. They can be fan assisted or natural convention, hydraulic, electronic or equipped with digital controllers. Sizes range from 6 to 190 litres for ovens and incubators and 6 to 75 litres for incubators/ sterilisers. Our ‘Easy Heat’ products are designed to be easy to operate and are equipped with a safety thermostat. All products are CE marked.

Digital Vacuum Ovens - Visit our website

Our Digital Vacuum Ovens are suitable for temperatures up to 240 degrees C and are used for a range of vacuum drying, curing and moisture content testing. There are three different sizes available in the range, each of which is manufactured from stainless steel in order to be tough and durable. Analogue models are also available. Our vacuum ovens feature unique cross-flow ventilation, true vacuum valves and interchangeable door gaskets. Our vacuum ovens are commonly used for applications such as drying heat sensitive samples, moisture determination, and drying samples under a controlled atmosphere. For further information on all of our products, please visit our website or contact one of our friendly team members at Record Electrical Associates.



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  • Cirscale Analogue Indicators
  • Record Analogue Indicators
  • Townson + Mercer Laboratory Baths, High Temp Ovens, Ultrasonic Baths, Furnaces, Viscosity Baths, Vacuum Ovens, Humidity Cabinets.

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ISO 9001:2015 - Quality management systems – Requirements

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