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Projector Lifting Services provides a range of services including contract lifting, plant and equipment handling, machine and factory relocation, industrial dismantling, project cargo, and more. Our services are in place to assist customers with all kinds of heavy and awkward lifting, relocating and transportation requests whether this be from one side of the warehouse to another, or from one country to another, we have the expertise to carry out your task safely and efficiently. We have more than 100 years of experience in the industry and provide customers with a first-class service. We have also developed and expanded the business to facilitate all kinds of projects around the world. Here at Project Lifting Services Ltd, we are passionate about what we do and enjoy a challenge. Some of our past projects have included installations in Yemen under armed guard and lifting a complete 80 tonne ship's wheelhouse to allow the hull to be floated in underneath. It is absolutely essential that our services are carried out safely and with the minimum disruption to the surroundings. Please contact us with your lifting requirements and find out how we can help.

New 500 Ton Hydraulic Gantry Lift System - Visit our website

The acquisition of our new 500 ton (453 metric tonnes) hydraulic lift system means that we can now offer our clients an even larger range of hydraulic gantry or lift systems, with capabilities from 178 tonnes to 453 tonnes (500 US tons).    We constantly strive to provide our clients with a comprehensive range of options, so that we can offer the best possible solution for each individual company’s requirements.  We are experts in the field and are always happy to share our experience with clients across the world, to help with deciding on the most effective option.

Hydraulic Gantry System - Visit our website

The use of hydraulic gantry systems is often cheaper and more efficient for applications where cranes aren’t effective. We have continued to develop our range of products and services over the years to provide our customers with effective lifting solutions. The investment of our new 500 tonne hydraulic lift systems has drastically increased our capabilities. This equipment provides our customers with access to hydraulic gantry and lift systems ranging from 178 tonnes to 453 tonnes.

Industrial Dismantling and Assembly - Visit our website

Our industrial and assembly services provide perfect solutions for the dismantling of industrial sites. Our lifting systems are perfect for dismantling heavy and awkward plants in a methodical manner in a way that can result in the salvation of expensive and valuable equipment. From the initial planning stage, through to dismantling, we work safely and efficiently with the minimum disruption to the surrounding area. The use of correct equipment can lead to a more effective site clearing process when compared to demolition methods.

Machinery Removal and Relocation - Visit our website

Whether you need to move heavy, awkward sized machinery from one side of the warehouse to another, or from one country to another, we provide the skills and equipment to do so safely and effectively. We have worked on many projects, small and large throughout the years. Examples include: total factory relocation, internal machine relocation, new equipment installation, assembly, lining and levelling, securing prior to commissioning, international relocations, and many more. Our team approaches each project with the skills and experience necessary to complete the task to the highest of standards. Our engineers plan the best process and work closely with customers beforehand to ensure the work is carried out safely and effectively. Please contact us with your requirements for further information.

Plant and Equipment Handling - Visit our website

Before we undertake projects we listen closely to our customers requirements in order to create appropriate flexible project plans. Once these are agreed we continue to create bespoke movement plans before works is carried out. Our services can include as little or as much involvement as you need such as full electrical and mechanical services, complete dismantling or reassembly and modification, or cable or pipe runs for new configurations. Our skilled team is highly trained in health and safety and ensure that all work is carried out safely and efficiently.

Contract Lifting and CPA Hire - Visit our website

We provide a contract lifting service whereby we plan and carry out all aspects of the lifting operation for you from planning stages through to choosing equipment, specifying the slinging and signalling arrangements, and supervision. CPA hire is also available for clients who wish to plan all aspects of the lifting operation themselves. The plant and operator will commence work once the plans have been discussed and agreed with the supervisor. For both services, the customer has the legal responsibility for Health and Safety however, for Contract Lifts we can take on more legal liabilities and provide greater protection under our own insurance cover.

Plant and Resources - Visit our website

It is extremely important in our line of work to use quality tools for each job to ensure that projects are carried out safely and efficiently. Our skilled engineers have access to a wide range of equipment in order to carry out each job effectively. Some of our equipment includes: 500, 300, 230, 200 tonnes hydraulic gantry lift systems, air skates with a 24 tonne capacity, four point lift system, mobile cranes, specialist forklifts and versalifts, nylon rolling system with a 500 tonne capacity, linked hydraulic ram jacking systems - long and short stroke rams, and more. All of this is provided alongside our planning and engineering services that include PowerCAD design, national and international installation contracting, and combined and co-ordinated installation and transport.

Project Cargo - Visit our website

We also specialise in cargo transportation services for over dimensional and heavy equipment as well as complete logistics project management services for clients in a wide range of industry sectors such as chemical, petrochemical, construction, engineering, energy, pipeline, infrastructure, pharmaceutical, mining and many more. Our experience in the industry enables us to work with specialist partners for the smooth running of all operations on a global scale. Whether you require assistance with route planning, transportation, lifting, shipping or a combination of services for a complete transportation management project, Project Lifting Service Ltd has the skills and experience necessary to meet your requirements with ease.

Health and Safety Policy - Visit our website

We take the issue of Health and Safety very seriously, both with regard to our clients and our own staff.  We comply with all relevant Health and Safety regulations and laws, as well as voluntary programmes and collective agreements.  Systems are developed and maintained to ensure a high level of Health and Safety.  We ensure that staff receive appropriate training and are encouraged to take part in all aspects of Health and Safety compliance.  You can see our full comprehensive Health and Safety policy on our website.

Testimonials - Visit our website

The high standard of our service is reflected by the comments we receive from many customers.  Have a look on our website, where you can see a large selection of testimonials from clients who are delighted with the service they have experienced.  Clients refer to superior levels of skill, as well as cooperation and flexibility.  Examples of professionalism and attention to detail are cited and many clients state their intention to use our services again in the future.  Take a look at the website for detailed testimonials.



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