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We are a specialist supplier of production machines and services, primarily to the automotive industry in the UK. Originally founded almost fifty years ago as Perfection Machines, we changed our company name to Permat in 1976.

Since joining the Nagel group in 1970, we have specialised in the automotive industry. Nagel's  extensive expertise and long-standing relationships with automotive manufacturers of all Tiers and levels enhances the benefits we can provide to our own customer base.

As well as supplying automotive production machines, we offer a wide range of services, including tool refurbishing and stone and diamond supply.

We offer customer support in the form of traditional telephone help line or call-out service, as well as "Tele-service" by which our engineers can remotely access computer controlled honing machines to instantly see the diagnostic and control information presented
on the PC that controls the machine. This lets them provide troubleshooting, help and advice from our premises, saving time and money for our customers.


Honing improves the surface finish, shape and size of machined components such as brake cylinders, cylinder blocks and liners, compressor cylinders, connecting rods, gears, hydraulic valves and injection pump parts. In fact, almost all components can be honed.

We offer an extensive range of honing machines that feature bore lengths of up to 1200 mm and diameters ranging from two to 1500 mm, with the main diameter range covering three to 1200 mm. We also supply honing stones, honing tools and diamond honing ledges.

Materials that can be honed include brass, bronze, hard chromium, glass, graphite, cast iron, pressed materials, light metals, sintered metals, and steels both hardened and unhardened.


When grinding alone is either too expensive or insufficient to achieve the required surface finish and roundness, superfinishing is used. We offer a comprehensive range of superfinishing machines and attachments as well as superfinishing stones.

Our range of superfinishing machines includes:

  • Centreless through-feed machines and centreless plunge-cut machines for cylindrical components
  • Centreless through-feed machines for tapered components
  • Centreless plunge-cut machine for taper rollers
  • Centreless through-feed machine with automatic response for lifting and lowering the superfinishing stones at interruptions
  • Centreless plunge-cut machines featuring "circular arc shaped" oscillation for generating spherical rollers
  • Superfinishing machines for machining in the chuck or between centres
  • Superfinishing machines for machining of spherical and thrust faces, featuring "rotating"
    honing sleeves

We also offer a range of superfinishing attachments for lathes and other machines.

Deep Hole Drilling Machines

We offer a variety of deep hole drilling machines and carbide-tipped tools. Deep hole drilling machines are used for long hole bores as well as high-precision short bores.

Our machines include a horizontal deep hole CNC drilling machine for boring and drilling guns, skiving and roller burnishing, a deep hole drilling machine for cylinder blocks and a horizontal deep hole drilling machine Type 4 (12 spindle).

We also supply modular deep hole drilling units (BES) for special machines and transfer lines. These are available in horizontal and vertical as well as single and multi-spindle.

Our parent company, NAGEL, offer a fully automatic transfer line for machining gear shaft holes, with a capacity of 133 pieces per hour with zero defects.

Leak Testing Machines

We build leak testing machines under licence by Permat at our Birmingham factory. Our LR 80 Leak Testing Machine offers combined testing of engine block oil galleries and water jackets. If the designated leakage rate is exceeded, the water jacket and oil gallery densities are indicated separately, and the leakage rate from the water jacket to the oil galleries is shown.

Tape Finishing Machines

Permat is leading supplier of tape finishing machines for surface finishing on crankshafts, camshafts and thrust faces. Tape finishing is also a proven way of machining raceways for sliding and anti-friction bearing. The polishing tape and micro-finishing film act as a cutting tool which is pressed against the component’s surface by means of a formed tool shoe with half-elastic or hard supports. Quick stock removal is accomplished by two simultaneously working movements (rotations) – this in turn helps to significantly improve surface quality. To find out more about our tape finishing machines and their uses, please head across to the Permat website.

Assembly & Leak Testing Machines

We supply automatic assembly and air leak testing machines for special applications within the automotive industry. 

  • Type MT Assembly Machines – featuring a range of automatic operations, including assembly and air leak testing of oil and water chambers.
  • LR80 Leak Testing Machine – provides combined testing of water jackets and oil galleries on engine blocks. 

For more information on our automatic assembly and air leak testing machines, please visit the Permat website or get in touch directly – expert advice is just a phone call away.


At Permat we offer a number of services in addition to the supply of new tools. We carry out professional refurbishment of tooling for our current and new customers. For stick type and large area honing tools we can provide diamonds or stones including honing stones and cutting layers as well as superfinishing stones in a range of hardness and grains. We also supply honing tools with large area diamond cutting layers. View further details on our website and call or email us to see how we can help whether you are a repeat or one off customer.

Customer Support

At Permat we can offer our customers technical support when required. Your honing machines can be remotely accessed by our technicians from our premises meaning we can see exactly the same information as our customers do via a PC link. This allows us to give instant advice and help should any issues or faults arise with your equipment. We can also offer support and assistance via our telephone helpline service as well as offering a call out service as required. We value our customers and our after care service is designed to provide an additional level of help when necessary.

Contacting Us

Permat Machines Ltd is based in Station Road, Coleshill in Birmingham. We can be contacted by telephone and Fax, and our numbers are available on our website. Our email address for enquiries, quotes or technical support is available on our website. We also have an online enquiry form that can be completed and to which we will respond as soon as possible. We welcome enquiries whether you are a long term customer or a new customer looking to use our services. We can also be contacted by phone, fax or email if you require any technical assistance or support via our dedicated customer support service.



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