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PD Components Ltd is a leading supplier of high-quality, bespoke tooled component parts for smaller manufacturers. Drawing upon the extensive resources of our numerous partners in the Far East, we're able to offer lower costs and significantly reduced lead times.

To ensure all the components meet the required quality standards expected by our customers, we only ever source from carefully selected companies which are able to manufacture to ISO 9002 standards. So whether it's plastic mouldings, precision metal components or decorative extrusions, you can always be assured of highly reliable, fit-for-purpose products.

As well as offering low to high volume manufacturing, PD Components is also able to provide design, prototyping and support services through its sister company, Product Designs Ltd. With considerable experience in mechanical, electro-mechanical and electronic design, we're able to develop a wide range of components for virtually any application.

We draw upon the experience and ingenuity of our design team who utilise the very latest techniques and materials to offer fully feasible solutions that pass seamlessly into the manufacturing process.

So when you require cost-effective component design and manufacturing services, look no further than PD Components Ltd. Give us a call today on 01782 817581 and we'll get the ball rolling!

Product Design

Production Designs Ltd offers a complete range of design services that include 3D CAD modelling, visualisation and component design. Our design engineers will work with you at every stage of the development process to ensure your requirements are being met. With over 20 years of experience in the design of electrical, mechanical and electro-mechanical components, we’re able to take your concept or idea and turn it into a fully-functional reality.   If you would like to discuss your ideas with our experts, please get in touch on 01782 817581.


Analytical Services

Production Designs Ltd utilise state of the art finite element analysis tools to test your concepts for stress and thermal problems. By using Cosmos/M software, we're able to build an accurate model of your component and subject it to the stresses and strains that it will face when in use. Our analytical services include stress testing for both standard and non-linear materials, modal analysis, thermal conduction and radiation. The development team at Production Designs Ltd are also well-versed in the use of ANSYS, ProMechanica and CFD thermal analysis tools such as Flotherm.



After design and analysis, the PD design team will take your concept to the prototyping stage. Prototypes are produced using Stereo Lithography, foam space modelling or conventional model making techniques. For fast turn round structural models, we offer the latest technology using high speed CNC machining from sold material billets. Typical turnaround is usually between 5 and 8 days. If you would like to find out more about our design, analysis and prototyping services, please visit the Production Designs Ltd website or get in touch with us directly on 01782 817581.



PD Components Ltd has strong business relationships with many UK-based and Far Eastern component manufacturers. We only ever source from companies that produce to ISO 9002 standards, the internationally recognised quality benchmark. This guarantees the integrity, reliability and longevity of the products that we supply. For higher volumes, our Far Eastern partners are able to offer shorter lead times and cost-effective solutions for tooled components. You can find out more about the manufacturing processes they are able to provide in the sections below.  



Through our various manufacturing partners, we’re able to provide castings of both ferrous and non ferrous alloys using precision sand, investment casting and gravity die processes. High pressure die casting techniques are employed for high volume castings where only a small amount of post-process finishing is required. Components can be produced in most types of metal, including stainless steel, aluminium, zinc and zinc alloys. Castings may be produced locally or in the Far East where cost-efficient high volume tooling and production is possible.



For high volume Printed Circuit Board (PCB) production, we source from various Far Eastern manufacturers who have outstanding technical expertise in the electronics field. They are able to produce high quality PCBs at a significantly lower cost than manufacturers elsewhere. For smaller batches or pilot production, we source from various local or national suppliers who have proven technical capabilities in the production of electronic components. Whether you need conventional or surface mount assemblies (or a combination of both), PD Components are able to help. We can also procure PCB sub-assemblies, wiring assemblies and enclosures if required.



Extrusions are typically employed as decorative or structural parts. PD Components has supplied thousands of enclosures using a construction that combines extruded and moulded components. As well as standard plastic and aluminium extrusions, we also offer heat sinks in aluminium with or without embedded copper. Extrusions may be supplied either from the Far East or from within the UK subject to the annual volume required. If you would like to discuss your extrusion requirements, please get in touch with our experts on 01782 817581.




PD Components Ltd holds close business relationships with a number of approved factories and toolmakers that specialise in the production of high quality technical mouldings with tight tolerances - as well as less critical components which require a high cosmetic finish. We’re able to source high quality plastic parts extremely quickly and efficiently, with lead times as short as 30 days.





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