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Anixter Component Solutions is a market-leading supplier and distributor of industrial fasteners and components. We have a range of over 12,000 standard catalogue parts covering fasteners, screws, nuts, plugs, caps, terminals, tapes, ties, clips and much, much more. And with Anixter, the possibilities are endless, because we offer a bespoke component manufacturing service for customers who need precise parts to suit their application. The quality of our products is of paramount importance to us. Over the years, we have built up a reputation for the highest standard of manufacturing, and we do not intend on relinquishing that reputation. That is why we have developed Quality Control Systems accredited to ISO 9001:2008 standards – this ensures that each and every component we produce meets and exceeds our customers’ expectations.

We have been involved in the production of metal and plastic fasteners for over 40 years, which is why we’re one of the UK’s most trusted suppliers. Our clients include those involved in IT and Electronics, Industrial Equipment and Accessories, Telecommunications, Lighting, Domestic Appliances and Equipment, Automotive, Aerospace, Transport, POS, Healthcare and Medical, Distribution, and many other industrial sectors. Below you will find information on some of our product categories. For detailed advice or guidance on the components we supply, please get in touch with the team at Anixter. They can help you find the most suitable products for your application, or discuss the possibility of bespoke manufacturing.

Plastic Screws

Plastic screws offer a wealth of specific benefits over their metallic counterparts. As well as being corrosion resistant, relatively chemical resistant and insulated against electricity, plastic screws can also be tightened without the risk of damaging sensitive equipment. We can provide a wide range of plastic screws with many types available, including hexagon cap head, cheese head, pan head, grub and countersunk, as well as many more. Customers can visit the website for further information on these and any of our products. 

Assortment Kits

Our Assortment Kits are ideal for those who need a selection of components, seals and fasteners in one place. Whether you're maintaining equipment or developing from scratch, it is always easier to have the part you need ready for use.

In fact, having a range of parts to hand is extremely useful when you need to complete a repair in time or build your prototype without having to wait for samples to arrive. Anixter Assortment Kits include stainless steel fasteners, metric nylon washers, dome plugs (hole plugs), nylon panel fasteners, metric nylon screws, O Rings, O Ring splicing kits, and metric nylon nuts.

Cable Management

Anixter has an extensive range of cable management products for clamping, routing and protecting cables and wires. Cable routing products include push mount, adhesive mount, edge mount and screw mount cable clips which are designed to bundle, mount and protect wiring and cables.

For the protection of cable we supply PVC and rubber grommets which prevent damage to wires as they pass through panels or bulk heads. Anixter is also an authorised distributor of Thomas and Betts products, which means we have a large selection of cable ties, including the popular Ty-Rap and Ty-Fast series of products. Other products within this category include cable glands, strain relief bushings and terminals.

Caps, Plugs and Security Fields

Caps and plugs offer a cost-effective way of protecting and masking components, panels or pipes during transport or painting/plating processes. We have a large selection of caps and plugs, all of them moulded in bright colours for enhanced visibility and improved product identification. This includes taper plugs, threaded plugs and caps, EPDM and silicon caps and taper plugs, flexible PVC caps, pipe caps, threaded hole plugs and screw/nut covers.

Also available are a range of tamper evident security seals for auditable protection of goods containers or cargo. Find out more by visiting the Anixter website.



We supply over 100 types of high performance plastic enclosures manufactured by Fibox Oy Ab. These are designed to house and protect electrical and electronic components. Available in polycarbonate and ABS, Fibox Oy Ab enclosure systems offer ingress protection up to IP67 and impact protection to IK08. These come complete with a sealing gasket and screws for a mounting plate.

If you would like to find out more about our electric/electronics enclosures, please head directly to the Anixter website, or get in touch via telephone.

Control Knobs and Handles

The control knobs and handles we supply have been ergonomically designed to give a comfortable method of hand adjustment in a variety of applications. These have been produced from a hardwearing, durable nylon.

The range includes wing knobs, lobe knobs, slug-nut knobs, scallop knobs, tri-star knobs, straight and tapered knurled knobs, star knobs, button knobs, push/pull knobs, tapered knobs and ball knobs. These are suitable for a variety of applications, including medical, agricultural, industrial, automotive and leisure equipment. Metal inserts are included.

Metal Fasteners

This category includes a selection of A2 and A4 stainless steel machine screws, nuts, washers and self tapping screws.

Machine screw styles include DIN 85 Pan Head, DIN7985/Z Pozi Pan, DIN 963 Slotted Countersunk, DIN 965/Z Pozi: Countersunk, DIN 7991 Socket Countersunk, ISO 7380 Socket Button, DIN 912 Socket Head Cap and DIN 933 Hexagon Head. We also have a range of tamper-proof Pin Tx screws – these prevent the screw from being removed by a flat or cross head screw driver.

Spring steel products include cage nuts, J nuts, U nuts, torque nuts and edge clips – many of these parts are available in a number of different finishes.

Motion Control Components

Anixter supplies a range of gear and hinge motion dampers which are designed to function with a sprung action in order to control either linear or pivotal motion. These are typically used in opening mechanisms such as car grab handles, glove compartments, article trays and sliding drawers. You can find out more about our motion control components by visiting the Anixter website.

Tapes and Adhesives

Our Assortment Kits are ideal for those who need a selection of components, seals and fasteners in one place. Whether you're maintaining equipment or developing from scratch, it is always easier to have the part you need ready for use. In fact, having a range of parts to hand is extremely useful when you need to complete a repair in time or build your prototype without having to wait for samples to arrive. Anixter Assortment Kits include stainless steel fasteners, metric nylon washers, dome plugs (hole plugs), nylon panel fasteners, metric nylon screws, O Rings, O Ring splicing kits, and metric nylon nuts.

Flexible Conduit & Fittings

Our close partnership with two of the UK’s leading flexible conduit system manufacturers enables us to supply a full range of conduit and fittings with a wide variety of technical properties. Anixter’s alliance with Adaptaflex and PMA means we can cater for virtually all cable management applications.

Flexible conduit cable protection is available in a broad range of materials that provide comprehensive mechanical/chemical/environmental protection, including Nylon, PVC and polypropylene. Metal flexible conduit is available in plain galvanised steel and PVC covered galvanised steel.

Electro Mechanical Products

Anixter offers a complete range of electro-mechanical products that provide a number of options for terminating and connecting wires, as well as for protecting appliances against electrical surges. Both screwed and screwless type PCB terminal blocks, crimp connectors and crimp terminals are included in this category, as well as a range of electrical and electronic fuses and fuse holders (for appliance protection).

We also offer an innovative range of modular push buttons that enable you to interchange different buttons with a common mounting plate. Contact blocks are stackable, which allows a single actuation to trigger a combination of open and closed contacts.

Plastic Fasteners

This category includes a wide variety of products that are specifically designed to clip and secure panels, signs, decorative covers and other such products. Moulded with corrosion-resistant, non-conductive materials such as Nylon and Acetal, our plastic fasteners are designed to provide the highest levels of reliability. The range includes pine tree clips, push rivets, snap rivets, drive rivets, plastic hinges, screw rivets, lens clips, drive lock rivets, snap latches, expansion nuts, push lock latches and ratchet rivets.

PCB Accessories

Anixter supplies an extensive range of PCB spacers and pillars for fastening and securing PCBs into panels and enclosures. Many of the designs utilise a snap-fit fastening system that makes the PCB extremely quick and easy to install. Other styles include self-adhesive and screw mount options. Anixter spacers are moulded in durable Nylon 6,6, which provides excellent electrical insulation. For applications that require greater support and retention strength, we offer a number of heavy duty spacers that incorporate brass inserts – these are available in sizes from M2.5 up to M10, with body lengths ranging from 15-80mm.

Wire & Cable

Anixster Component Solutions offers a diversity of high quality wire and cable components. Our extensive, competitively priced range includes the superior quality Alpha Wire Xtra Guard high performance multicore cables. We also supply an extensive range of standard cables to meet your requirements including control cables, mains cables, communication cables, flat ribbon cables and single core equipment wires. As part of our wire and cable range we also offer accessories such as our range of professional quality wire cutters, wire strippers and cable cutters. Visit the Anixster Component Solutions website to view full product specifications of our wire and cable components range.

Lighting Components

Anixster Component Solutions has 40 years of experience in supplying UK lighting manufacturers with a diversity of Class C components. Over the years we have developed long-term business relationships with many of the most well-known UK lighting manufacturers thanks to our experience and understanding of the lighting industry’s needs. We offer a wide range of products for cable management, fastening and protection requirements as well as a bespoke parts sourcing service to locate specialist plastic and metal parts. We also offer a custom design service from which we can design a new solution to meet specific requirements or adapt an existing part resulting in an overall cost and labour saving service for our clients.

Delivery Information

Anixster Component Solutions delivers on a national and international scale, and we offer standard and next delivery as well as a self-collection pick up service from our warehouse. No matter how many products you order from us you will only be charged one delivery charge per order. We offer free delivery on any orders over £1,000 throughout mainland UK; mainland UK includes Scotland, England and Wales. Overseas delivery charges will be based on the total weight of goods and the country to which they are being shipped. Our customers have the option of selecting a specific carrier to collect goods from our warehouse. All of our delivery costs are transparent and are detailed on the basket confirmation page when completing an online purchase.

Tapes and Adhesives 3M Brand

Anixster Component Solutions offers a wide range of accessories including the popular 3M brand of tapes and adhesives. The 3M brand is well-recognised for the manufacture of high quality, reliable tapes and adhesives including aerosol adhesives, pipe locking adhesives and RITE-LOK adhesives. Anixster also supply 3M cyanoacrylate adhesives, anaerobic thread and Scotch Weld high performance structural adhesives as well as a range of single and double sided tapes. If you cannot see the product you require on our website then please get in touch as we can usually source the required item from our network of suppliers.

Energy Management Switches and Timers

Anixster Component Solutions offers an extensive range of high quality energy management switches and timers. Our energy management switches and timers includes models such as our Columbus electronic timer, which offers a number of benefits including cost saving capabilities, reduction of carbon dioxide and an adjustable timer; these units are suitable for retro fitting. Other models in our range include electronic time delay switches for use either indoors or outdoors. We also supply power factor correction capacitors used to assist with the switching of electronic timers when using lighting systems such as LED or fluorescent lights. Our product team will be more than happy to offer advice on our range of energy management switches and timers.

Part Sourcing Services

Customers can visit the website to view just some of the products we have to offer. We work closely with many different high quality suppliers and can provide a comprehensive selection of components. Utilising this supply network, we have access to products which have been injection moulded, dip moulded, compression moulded, vacuum formed and stamped, as well as much more. With this in mind, if you can't find a specific component on our website we recommend that you get in touch with us directly and we will be able to help you further. 

EcoGen Products

EcoGen products are the way forward for those who wish to use environmentally friendly products. The EcoGen range is the next generation of high performance wire and cable products specifically designed to provide superior performance but in a smaller package. EcoWire and EcoWire Plus offer a number of benefits including a diameter that is up to 45% smaller, is 40% lighter and offers 10x abrasion resistance. EcoWire Plus products also provide excellent resistance against hazardous fluids. Full specifications of EcoWire and EcoWire Plus products and their environmental benefits can be found on a downloadable PDF at the Anixster Component Solutions website.



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