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United Kingdom

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A growing body of research is indicating that offshore operations generating high sound levels, such as geophysical surveys, cause disturbance and potential damage to marine wildlife, particularly marine mammals. In order to minimise the disturbance to marine life, a variety of offshore operations are required to monitor exclusion zones around some sources such as airgun arrays. OceanEar are dedicated to providing personnel, equipment and consultancy services to ensure compliance with relevant mitigation procedures. OceanEar provides environmental services that concentrate on the design, development and utilisation of special products and procedures designed to minimise the impact of geophysical exploration on the marine biosphere.



Registration Number: 06922278
VAT Number: n/a
Registered at Companies House:2 June, 2009 (10 years and 4 months ago)
No of Employees: n/a
Annual Turnover: n/a


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