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Nu-Heat is the market’s largest specialist supplier of underfloor heating systems in the UK domestic market. We offer energy-efficient warm water underfloor systems for installation by house-builders and others across the UK – with new builds, renovations, extensions and conservatories all suitable applications for our systems. Our range of underfloor heaters, ground-sourced heating pumps, and air-sourced pumps, as well as solar thermal connectors, are designed to combined into a seamless integrated heating and hot water system for your home. Nu-Heat also offers free technical advice and customer service rated at 97% by our clients. And by installing a full Nu-Heat system you can be sure to have a set of products designed to work together and with one source of responsibility (and point of contact) for after-sales service.

Underfloor Heating

A controlled flow of warm water (from any source) pumped through plastic tubing embedded in the floor: this is the basis of underfloor heating. The large emitting area ensures that adequate warmth is produced, even on cold days, without the need for costly additional heating. Our high quality components, including award-winning installation manuals and a computer-aided full design service, are part of the complete products and services package we offer. Our experience in designing both the heating hardware and control software mean that we are a market leader for underfloor heating solutions. We can build products for at least 60 different floor constructions – from solid wood beams, to blocks, to many others. Please see our website for details.

Retrofit UFH

Height “build-up”, i.e. making a floor higher than it should be, is often one of the major obstacles when installing underfloor heating in an existing building. The LoPro10 is our low-height solution for underfloor heating retrofits. The system offers just a 15mm height build-up and excellent thermal properties for emitting heating from your floor. The LowPro10 is a practical and economical alternative to traditional (and inefficient) radiator systems – and it can be used with existing boilers. Please see our website for details.

Heat Pumps

We sell a range of heat pumps – ground source units, air source or exhaust air – and we help you choose the right product for your needs. Nu-Heat also helps ensure that your heat pumps integrate seamlessly with your wider Nu-Heat underfloor heating system. The right heat pump can reduce carbon emissions and keep heating bills low and they are an ideal alternative for properties with no access to gas. Please see our website for details.

Solar Thermal

Solar panels capture the sun’s natural radiation and turn it into electricity – Nu-Heat helps you install systems that use this energy to heat water. A cost-effective way of heating water without relying on the grid or on gas. No emissions are produced and there is no need to rely on a supply pipeline. Nu-Heat’s modern and maintenance-free solar energy system can help a household product up to 60% of its annual domestic hot water needs. Please see our website for details.

OneZone™ Underfloor Heating

Nu-Heat’s OneZone™ underfloor heating is an efficient way of providing warmth – all while avoiding intrusion on wall or floor space and while keep costs to a minimum. The OneZone™ is ideal for conservatories, extensions and single rooms; in other words, new parts of old structures that may not be connected to the dwelling’s central heating system. We can also integrate OneZone™ quickly into any existing heating setup. Our range of OneZone™ underfloor heating products are designed to match your needs – whatever your circumstances. Please see our website or contact us for details.



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