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Mitsubishi Electric is one of the core companies of Mitsubishi, the brand almost everyone will have heard of. As a world leading manufacturer and supplier of electrical and electric products and systems, Mitsubishi Electric offers an incredible range of products spanning the following categories: Air Conditioning Systems, Automotive Equipment, Building Systems, Factory Automation Systems, Semiconductors and Devices, and Visual Information Systems. Mitsubishi Electric supplies electrical and electric products and systems to a global client base in a range of industries. With a corporate statement, ‘Changes for the Better,’ Mitsubishi Electric is at the leading edge when it comes to developing advanced technological solutions that make positive changes to daily life and the world around us. Mitsubishi Electric also aims to become a global, leading green company and is working hard to contribute to a low-carbon, recycling-based society. Mitsubishi Electric covers this in detail on its Environmental Vision 2021 page online.  Mitsubishi Electric has been expanding in the UK during the last 35 years and continues to work closely with customers to develop and deliver its range of world class electrical and electric products and systems. Mitsubishi Electric is proud of its service and support network in place to assist with pre-sale and post-sale requirements.  Various technical services and training opportunities are available to ensure customers get the best results from their purchases.

Please read on to find out more about Mitsubishi Electric’s outstanding ranges of equipment. Further details can of course be found on Mitsubishi Electric’s website.


Air Conditioning Systems - Visit our website

Here at Mitsubishi Electric, we are proud to deliver state of the art air conditioning systems for residential, commercial and industrial properties. These air conditioning systems have been developed and created by our incredibly talented team of engineers to run in almost any climatic condition found on earth. We are pleased to offer our Room Air Conditioners – M Series (to cool or heat small spaces), Package Air Conditioners – Mr Slim (suitable for cooling or heating offices, retail outlets and similar properties), Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) and Hybrid (HVRF) systems – City Multi (featuring heat pump and heat recovery technology), and Modular Chillers – e-Series (a low-carbon option). Heat Pumps, Heat Recovery Ventilation systems and controls are also available.

Automotive Equipment - Visit our website

Our automotive equipment can be found in vehicles manufactured by some of the world’s largest names in the automobile industry.

Examples of our automotive range include:

  • Electrification Products – inverters, motors, EV control units, motor control units and more.
  • Charging and Starting Products – alternators, starters, motor generators, flywheels and more.
  • Engine Management Products – gasoline engine control units, revolution sensors, pressure sensors and more.
  • Transmission Control Products – transmission control units, oil pressure control solenoid valves, electric oil pumps and more.

We also supply various electric power steering system products, body control products and car multimedia products. Please head over to our website to view the range in full. 


Building Systems - Visit our website

Mitsubishi Electric delivers single sales of elevators, escalators, air conditioning and ventilation systems as well as complete package solutions for commercial and residential building projects. Our team of experts work closely with customers to ensure the most efficient and productive solutions are achieved.

Examples of our building systems include:

  • Elevators – our state of the art elevators are installed in innovative building designs around the world.
  • Escalators – alongside our conventional straight-line escalators, we are pleased to offer the world’s only spiral escalators.
  • Moving Walks – these can be installed indoors or out and can be in flat or inclined system configurations.
  • Modernisations – cutting edge technology is used to create superior elevators and escalators that transport passengers comfortably and safely.
  • Hand Dryers – high speed hand dryers that dry hands in a matter of seconds.

Please visit our website for more information.


Factory Automation Systems - Visit our website

Here at Mitsubishi Electric, we offer an excellent range of automation and processing technology.

The range includes:

  • Controllers – Programme Controllers (MELSEC), Simple Application Controllers, Motion Controllers and Computerised Numerical Controllers (CNC).
  • Drive Products – AC Servos (MELSERVO) and Inverters (FREQROL).
  • Visualisation – Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs – GOT) designed to improve efficiency and productivity, and SCADA (MAPS) which is a life-cycle software tool.
  • Industrial Robots – small, lightweight and fast robots operating at advanced levels.
  • Low-Voltage Power Distribution Products – includes low-voltage circuit breakers, contactors and motor starters.
  • Processing Machines – we offer a wide selection of advanced laser processing machines (2D, 3D and laser drilling machines).

Please visit our website to view the range in full.


Semiconductors & Devices - Visit our website

We also manufacture and supply an excellent selection of advanced semiconductors and devices such as power modules and high-power devices. These have been expertly designed by our talented engineers to achieve excellent performance results.

Examples of the range include:

  • Power Modules – includes DIPIPM’s, intelligent power modules (IPM’s), IGBT modules, HVIGBT modules/ HVIPM, power MOSFET modules, diode modules and more.
  • High-Frequency Devices – includes GaN high0frequency devices, GaAs high-frequency devices and silicon RF devices.
  • Optical Devices – includes optical fibre communication devices and laser diodes for industry and display.
  • TFT-LCD modules – thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal display modules manufactured to suit a wide range of industrial applications. Standard, wide and specialty format options available.

For more information, please head over to our website, or contact us directly at Mitsubishi Electric and we will be happy to help.


Visual Information Systems - Visit our website

Mitsubishi Electric delivers state of the art visual information systems to clients all around the world. With a diverse range of imaging and display devices on offer, Mitsubishi Electric is renowned for creating advanced displays that require minimal maintenance when installed. Whether you require large-scale LED displays, business-use printers, security solutions or more, Mitsubishi Electric is the company to call for all of your visual experience requirements.

Our product range includes:

  • Display Wall – DLP® Display Wall Systems, LED Replacement Engines, Controllers, Software, (SNB) LCD Monitors.
  • Large-Scale Visual Information Systems – Diamond Vision™
  • Printers – Digital Printing Kiosks, Industrial and Medical Printers, Photo Printers.

To find out more about our visual information systems or any of our electrical and electric products and systems, please head over to our website.




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