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MCi Diventi Ltd is an established UK company specialising in information and communications products and business solutions for a diversity of industries. Our company provides competitively priced information technology solutions tailored to meet your requirements and budget. Our extensive range of services includes IT infrastructure design, data storage and networking equipment, and IT support, to name just a few. MCi Diventi can find the right IT solutions to help increase your business or organisation’s efficiency and productivity.

Our company provides IT solutions across a number of sectors including small and medium businesses as well as larger enterprises. We have experience in providing the correct IT solutions for universities and public sector organisation. We can offer a number of solutions if you are considering implementing or upgrading servers, storage and virtualisation. We can offer advice, recommendations and products for network and security, video conferencing and VoIP and converged infrastructures as well as providing small business servers tailored to your requirements.

MCI Diventi offers an extensive range of business solutions including mobile data communications, E-commerce solutions, computer telephony integrations and unified communications. We have qualified IT specialists who can analyse your current IT systems in order to provide recommendations and cost-effective products to streamline and enhance the running of your organisation.

Our company work with numerous well-known clients and we have developed many long-term business relationships thanks to our high quality products, competitively priced services and high levels of support, assistance and customer care. Visit the MCI Diventi website to view details of our complete range of ITC products and business solutions.

Networks and Security Products

At MCi Diventi we understand the importance of the right networks and security solutions to a business or organisation. We can provide solutions designed to ensure your productivity is not reduced by attacks against your networking systems. We have experienced and qualified advisors who can analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your existing system and make recommendations on the best hardware and software products together with the implementation of setups to protect against internal and external attacks. We have a number of networks and security products available from well-known experts in this field including Cisco Systems, HP Networking and Barracuda Networks.

VoIP and Converged Infrastructures

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is one of the most popular and cost-effective communications systems available. Implementing a VoIP system will dramatically reduce your phone costs and all that is required is an internet connection. VoIP can be used instead of mobile devices to cut costs and this includes overseas calling. Services available through VoIP can also include voice mail messages and faxes forwarded to emails. MCi Diventi can supply your business or organisation with the best VoIP systems available including VoIP systems with multiple devices. We can also provide set up and support assistance to ensure your system runs efficiently.

Computer Telephony Integration

Our computer telephony integration hardware and software products offer a number of advantages for businesses that are expanding their client base or contacts. The benefits of CTI include contact details available immediately for instant calling through your mouse, call history and missed call log creation as well as caller identification for contacts logged into the database. Computer telephony integration eliminates the need for manually dialling telephone numbers and means no more wasted time answering cold calls. MCi Diventi can help implement the right hardware and software to improve the efficiency and productivity of your telephone communications system, which will help improve your customer relations service.

Sage Business Solutions

We offer a number of business solutions through our business partner Sage. Sage are world leaders in the field of business software for the small and medium business market. Through Sage we can offer a complete business management system via Sage 50 Accounts as well as customer relationship management for small and medium business through the Sage ACT! Pro and Premium system. We can also offer email marketing software specifically designed to send emails and newsletters to targeted customers using the Swiftpage E-Marketing system. All of our Sage software products have been carefully chosen to enhance the productivity and efficiency of your business or organisation.

Sage 50 Accounts

We offer Sage 50 Accounts through our business partner Sage, which provides an extensive range of vital services for the small to medium business. Sage 50 Accounts is a complete business management system used to control daily accounting and finances as well as helping to manage customers, sales order management, and manage suppliers and products. Sage 50 Accounts is easy and quick to implement, provides free support and a free mobile app for a range of mobile devices. Users can create customised reports to view where profits are coming in from as well as simplifying bank reconciliation.

Sage ACT! Pro and Premium

Sage ACT! offers a number of benefits and advantages for the small to medium business. Sage ACT! is one of the leading CRM systems available designed to accelerate customer generation, develop better customer relations, improve time management and maximise and forecast your sales. This advanced system will also help your business engage with customers and connect with a wider audience through the use of social media. Sage ACT! includes features such as sending emails and targeted messages to the right audience, improving conversion rates for leads and sales, and can create dedicated reports to ensure you receive the information you need.

Swiftpage E-marketing

We offer the Swiftpage E-marketing system from Sage as part of our business solutions. The Swiftpage E-marketing system is specifically designed to drive your sales growth through email marketing software. This system sends relevant emails, newsletters and offers to targeted customers as well as providing targeted leads through an international database of 65 million companies and 85 million contacts including 41 search criteria on a global scale. Swiftpage is one of the most cost-effective E-marketing systems available and lets you know the prospects who are interested in your products as well as gathering vital information on the likes and needs of your existing and potential customers.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is and important business tool helping to give a company a professional image as well as being vital for real time interaction with off-site personnel and associated businesses. Video conferencing also gives a good impression when it comes to your company’s technological capabilities and is a cost effective communications tool when conducting business with clients overseas.  At MCI Diventi we can help you to incorporate video conferencing technologies into your business in order to add another communications layer when it comes to dealing with manufacturers, suppliers, business partners and customers. Visit the MCi Diventi website to view more details on our video conferencing services.

Unified Communications

One of the most important issues of your communications system is to ensure that all of your communication technologies work in harmony with each other. Most businesses and organisations have a number of different communication technologies including email, video conferencing, instant messaging and voicemail, to name just a few. At MCi Diventi we can ensure that all of your communication technologies are unified in order to simplify, streamline and enhance your communications system. Unifying your communications system is also more cost-effective than continually upgrading or buying the latest systems. Visit our website to see how we can help you to unify your communication systems as well as the full support and advice we can offer your business or organisation.

Microsoft Solutions

We offer a comprehensive range of Microsoft business solutions designed to ensure your business processes are streamlined and efficient as well helping to increase productivity. Our Microsoft business solutions software packages have been chosen with our clients in mind to ensure they receive the most efficient and beneficial systems tools to meet their requirements. We offer software solutions to help employees boost sales or to help streamline purchasing and ordering tasks. We also offer Microsoft software solutions to enhance the performance of processors or to build applications on a reliable and secure platform. Visit the MCi Diventi website to view the range of Microsoft business solutions available for your business or organisation.

Microsoft Exchange

We offer Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 as part of our business software solutions. Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 allows users to simplify administration processes as well as helping to protect communications. This is one of the most reliable messaging platforms available and can lower messaging costs by between 50% and 80%. The Exchange Server also helps to increase productivity featuring anywhere access to business communications and helps to manage risk with its protection and compliance capabilities. Visit the MCi Diventi website to view more details on our range of Microsoft Business solutions.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers many benefits when it comes to streamlining the way businesses communicate with clients and focuses on communication tools that will allow your employees to perform more effectively. Microsoft Dynamics CRM features key customer relationship management capabilities designed for sales service marketing and sales force automation as well as a 360° view of customer interactions, buying patterns and sales opportunities. The software features workflow automation and analytics that will be especially beneficially to sales, marketing and service staff, allowing information to be easily shared and acted upon. Microsoft Dynamics CRM features a look that Microsoft users will be familiar with meaning less of learning curve for users.

Microsoft Dynamics Nav

MCi Diventi offers Microsoft Dynamics NAV as part of its business software solutions. Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides a powerful and cost-effective solution tailored to your small and medium business. Microsoft Dynamics increases the value of your technological investments, working with your existing systems and lowering the total cost of ownership as well as evolving as your company grows. Microsoft Dynamics is fully customisable featuring industry specific functionality. This system also allows users to monitor evolving business conditions through the access of critical business data including centralised reporting and analytical tools. View more details of how the Microsoft Dynamics Nav can help your business or organisation at the MCi Diventi website.

MCi Diventi Online

MCi Diventi offers an online shop for easy ordering of our range of information and communications technology products for businesses and organisations. We offer only the highest quality products to benefit your business and our prices are very competitive. An online advisor is available at MCi Online to help you make the right choice and to give advice and information on our vast product range. We can give advice on the correct products to meet your needs as well as advising on compatibility issues of the products within your existing infrastructure. You can speak to an advisor online, send us a message or visit our MCi Online ‘contact us’ page.

MCi 4 Service

MCi are one of the UK market leaders in the field of ICT products and services. We fully understand the challenges faced by businesses and organisations when it comes to making your IT systems work for you. MCi 4 Service has been designed to find the best ways to utilise IT to your advantage in order to enhance the smooth running of your business. This is a cost-effective service with the objective focussed on solutions that will optimise your existing IT systems and provide a long-term return on your investment. Our IT services are tailored specifically to your business and we will collaborate and work with you to provide the best solutions to meet your needs.

IT Support

MCi Diventi offers a range of IT support services specifically tailored to your business. We have the capabilities and experience to keep your business or organisation up and running at peak performance. Our dedicated helpdesk will be your first point of contact for any IT issues and we will provide you with a ticket number through which you can track the progress of your IT issue. MCi Diventi will use services such as our round the clock monitoring service to ensure that your network is working to optimum performance at all times. If network issues do occur then we will be alerted via the monitoring service and can take immediate action to rectify the problem.

IT Support Services

At MCi Diventi we offer the most extensive range of IT support services available. Our IT assistance includes remote, helpdesk and on-site support, IT maintenance, server support and 24/7 network monitoring and management. We also offer workstation support and infrastructure reporting, virtual IT manager, hardware warranty and emergency support. We can tailor our range of IT support and assistance services to your specific business needs and budget. We will always provide the highest levels of support in order to ensure the smooth running of your IT systems. Visit our website to see the range of IT support services we can offer your business or organisation.

IT Services

MCi 4 Service can help if you are looking to maintain, deploy and protect your technology. We can help to keep your IT costs to a predictable level over the long-term as well as helping you to avoid unexpected IT issues, communicate more effectively and create a business plan for IT continuity. Our range of IT services is extensive and we can tailor our services to meet your business requirements and your budget. We offer a cost-effective range of IT services designed to keep your business running smoothly as well as helping to increase your business productivity.

MCi 4 Service IT Services

MCi 4 Service offers a range of IT services including network and PC troubleshooting/problem solving, hardware installation and support, security solutions and remote access, and virtual private networks. We also offer virus, spyware and malware removal and protection, server installations and upgrades, spam filtering and e-mail solutions, web content filtering and system backups, onsite and offsite. Our IT services range includes total infrastructure management and support, help desk, data and password recovery, and web hosting. Visit the MCi Diventi website to view more details on how we can help you to keep your IT systems running smoothly.

Hosted Services

MCi 4 Service can provide you with a secure hosted environment for a range of web based applications. We have the experience and technology to host your website and domain names as well as issuing SSL certificates. MCi 4 Service can provide your business or organisation with a hosted mail server utilising Microsoft Exchange to allow synchronised access to your emails at all times. We can also provide email security, removing viruses and spam before they reach your inbox as well as office applications utilising Microsoft Office 365 to give you on demand access to the Microsoft Office suite.

We can also provide you with Customer Relationship Management with Microsoft Dynamics CRM providing you with improved management of your customer communications.

Cloud Services

Businesses and organisations are now realising the benefits and advantages of backing up to the cloud. Cloud storage has now become the most popular and efficient storage option available and is one of the best for ensuring business continuity. MCi 4 Service caters to a number of vital cloud services including Office 365, hosted exchange, Saas, private cloud and co-location. Visit our website and contact us to find out the benefits of cloud services for your business.

Business Continuity

MCi 4 Service is here to help with your business continuity and we offer an extensive range of solutions when it comes to data backup and recovery. We can offer customised business continuity solutions to help alleviate data backup worries and to eliminate the need for outdated data backup systems. Our services include computer hard drive and data backup, virtual data recovery, file data recovery, computer recovery and remote data backup. We also offer offsite data backup and recovery services, data storage solutions, disaster recovery and our business continuity planning service.

Remote Backup

MCi 4 Service has your backup solution covered with our 128-bit encryption secure software known as Ditto Files. Your data will be encrypted, compressed and then uploaded via SSL to our remote server. Our enhanced security means your data will be 100% safe and secure. Our Ditto Files backup solution means you can maintain your high productivity should the worst happen as your data will be instantly retrievable. We offer two Ditto Files versions, Ditto Files Express (XPS) Version and Ditto Files Professional (PRO) Version. Visit the MCi Diventi to find out more details on our remote backup services for secure data protection.

Remote Backup via Ditto Files Express Version

At MCi 4 Service we have your remote backup solution covered via our 128-bit encryption secure software known as Ditto Files. We offer two Ditto Files versions; Ditto Files Express (XPS) Version and Ditto Files Professional (PRO) Version. Ditto Files Express focusses on remote backup for your desktop or laptop and is a simple to use package designed to protect your vital data. Ditto Files Express Version is easy to implement and understand, and is the ideal remote backup solution for small businesses and individual users. Visit our website to view more details of our Ditto Files Express (XPS) Version and Ditto Files Professional (PRO) Version.

Remote Backup via Ditto Files Professional (PRO) Version

At MCi 4 Service we offer remote backup solutions such as our 128-bit encryption secure software known as Ditto Files. We offer two Ditto Files versions; Ditto Files Express (XPS) Version and Ditto Files Professional (PRO) Version. Ditto Files Professional Version focuses on remote backup for your server based networks. Ditto Files Professional offers the complete services available on the Express version as well as a range of additional features for the more advanced user and for server based networks. Ditto Files Professional allows for backups across several servers and PCs as well as allowing the backup of critical database servers including Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Microsoft Exchange, to name just a few.

Remote Backup - Ditto Files Features

At MCi 4 Service we offer two remote backup solutions; Ditto Files Express (XPS) Version and Ditto Files Professional (PRO) Version. The Ditto Files Express is simple to use, fully automated, encrypted, provides daily and weekly reporting, runs on Windows and Macintosh, features web restore and in-file delta as well as backup files in use and retrieve previous version capabilities. The Ditto Files Professional provides all of the features of the Express version plus multiple backup sets, backup network resources, multiple schedules, runs on Linux, Unix and Netware, and provides top security and protection as well as retain files for years and local copy for fast restores capabilities.

Backup Solutions - Full System Recovery

MCi 4 Service offers a backup and recovery system designed to alleviate your worries over lost data/recovery and security issues. We offer the the ultimate full system recovery service using StorageCraft’s ShadowProtect™ software. This backup solution features near instant disaster recover, data protection in real time, headstart restore feature, a virtual reboot, Hardware Independent Restore Technology (HIR) and offsite replication. ShadowProtect™ also features the new Management Console, real-time Exchange & SQL backup and recovery, reduced costs and complexity as well as superior reliability. For more details on our StorageCraft ShadowProtect™ software please visit the MCi Diventi website.

MCi 4 Trade

MCi 4 Trade is an important part of Team MCi. MCi 4 Trade provides high quality new and refurbished IT equipment to brokers, resellers and solution providers on a global scale. We are one of the industry leaders in this field and our focus is on offering the highest quality products and services from our Sheffield headquarters. We have years of experience in this field and we can offer an extensive range of networking, storage, telephony and legacy equipment. We can also source specialised equipment from our network of preferred partners. Visit our website to view more details of our MCi 4 Trade services including our Brokerage, MCi International and Trade Deals departments.

MCi Softek

MCi Softek offers a number of vital ICT software solutions for businesses in order to enhance existing software as well as implement new ones. MCi Softek also specialises in a diversity of online marketing tools and services for your business including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), Social Media Optimisation (SMO) and email marketing services. Our online marketing services will help you to attract more customers on a global scale as well helping you to utilise specially created online adverts to compete with the leaders in your field. We can also provide your company with the social media tools to enhance your online presence, brand and business identity.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a vital tool designed to help increase your online visibility on the net. Our SEO experts can help your business when it comes to increasing traffic to your website and increasing your brand exposure on a global scale. We use tools such as keyword research, client benchmarking, competitor analysis, technical auditing and content development as part of our SEO methods. We also use on and off page recommendations, internal and external link strategy, and Google tools and analytics reporting. Visit our website for more details and talk to use to find out how we can enhance your business using Search Engine Optimisation.

Pay Per Click - PPC

Our Pay Per Click (PPC) tools allow your business to become instantly visible on Google and will help to increase web traffic to your website. Pay Per Click uses Google Adwords to create unique adverts, which are placed on the Google network and partner sites relating to your business, as well as being used for sponsored results on Google search engines and other sites. Pay Per Click means instant exposure for your business, generates targeted leads and quantifiable Return on Investment (ROI) as well as allowing the user to change figures and settings to maximise returns and opportunities.

Social Media Optimisation

At MCi Softek we can develop a Social Media Optimisation (SMO) strategy to increase your company’s exposure using social media networking sites. Social Media Optimisation is a vital tool when it comes to not only building professional relationships but also to provide brand awareness to a global audience. Social Media Optimisation provides one of the most cost-effective tools and best returns on investment available today. Social networking today is huge and audience potential includes over 800 million Facebook members, over 200 million twitter members and the millions of global business users of sites such as Linkedin. Talk to MCi Softek to see how we can increase your web exposure using Social Media Optimisation.



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