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MatsDirect UK Ltd is a well-respected UK company that specialises in the supply of top-quality matting and flooring products to buyers in commercial, retail and industrial markets. With more than 25 years’ experience in the industry, the team at MatsDirect are pleased to offer a fantastic range of products such as rubber Matting, Floor Mats, Entrance Matting, Anti-Static Matting, Interlocking Floor Mats, Gym Mats and more. All products are manufactured by some of the world’s leading manufacturers and are delivered to customers at competitive prices. To complement the company’s first-class products, the team at MatsDirect provide first-class customer services offering expert advice and support if or when needed. MatsDirect delivers matting equipment to a global customer-base using preferred and reliable shipping partners.

Please read on to find out more about our quality matting and flooring products. Alternatively, please head over to our website or contact us directly at MatsDirect UK Ltd for more information.

Entrance Matting Systems and Entrance Door Mats - Visit our website

Here at MatsDirect, we are pleased to offer a fantastic selection of quality entrance matting systems and entrance door mats.

Examples of the range include:

  • Heavy Duty entrance Mats – these mats feature an aluminium grid with an open or closed design and a range of infill options are available.
  • Outdoor Entrance Door Mats – these concourse twin rubber mats are of a modular design and suitable for outdoor or part-covered areas.
  • Entrance Mats for Business –these entrance mats feature a grid pattern, anti-slip rubber ribs and absorbent 6.6 nylon, perfect for reducing contaminants in entrances.

To view the range in full, please head over to our website where images and detailed descriptions are available.


Door Mats, Floor Mats & Tacky Mat Packs - Visit our website

Alongside our entrance mats, we are also pleased to offer a wide range of door mats, floor mats and tacky mat packs to suit a range of requirements.

The range includes:

  • Office Reception Floor Mats – these loose-lay mats are perfect for use in office receptions and walkways.
  • Barrier Matting – to help reduce any further contaminants following entrance mat systems.
  • Carpet Runners – perfect for enhancing and protecting entranceways, lobbies and corridors.
  • Chair Mats – polycarbonate or PVC chair mats designed to reduce damage incurred from the movement of office chairs.
  • Tacky Mats – feature 30 sticky bottom layers to and designed to help prevent the transfer of contaminants.

Please visit our website to view the range in full.

Printed Company Logo Floor Mats and Coir Brand Matting - Visit our website

Capture the attention of customers with our eye-catching printed company logo floor mats and coir brand mat solutions. These personalised, hard-wearing mats don’t only provide great brand recognition, they also act as a barrier against contaminants (moisture, dirt, grease) from entering the building.

We offer an excellent range of floor mats and coir brand mats that can be personalised to suit company brand requirements.

Examples include: Sureprint Prime Logo Floor Mats, Sureprint Option Logo Floor Mats, Sureprint Duramat Rubber Advertising Mat, Sureimage Coir Fibre Logo Matting, Sureimage Coirsyn Logo Matting and Sureprint Corporomat Matwell Logo Mats.

Please head over to our website to find out more.

Electrical Safety Matting & Rubber Switchboard Mats - Visit our website

MatsDirect has been supplying insulated rubber electrical safety switchboard mats to customers all around the world for many years. Our mats ensure safety when working with high and low electrical voltage equipment and are widely used in demanding industries such as oil, gas and shipping where stringent safety measures must be in place. All of our electrical safety mats are manufactured in line with relevant quality standards including European IEC61111 and American ASTM D178. They are supplied complete with letters of conformity and test certificates. Various standard sizes are available, or mats can be custom-cut to meet specific requirements.

Coir Matting and Logo Mats for Entrance Door Matwells - Visit our website

Mats Direct also manufactures and supplies various coir matting and logo mats for entrance door matwells. These personalised door mats are highly versatile and can placed within matwells or onto carpet or hard floor surfaces.

Our range of coir logo mats includes:

  • Sureimage Coir Fibre Logo Mats – these high-quality mats are hand-crafted to create custom-made logos.
  • Sureimage Coirsyn Logo Mats – synthetic mats that can be cut into any shape.
  • Sureprint Corpromat Matwell Logo Mats – printed modular matwell logo floor mats.
  • Sureprint Prime Logo Floor Mats – our finest quality logo floor mats. Custom made in a range of sizes and featuring a wide palette of colours.
  • Sureprint Meadow Outdoor Entrance Mats – 100% PA and can be plain or feature logo.

To view the range in full, please head over to our website.

Printed Carpet, Advertising Mats & VIP Red Carpet Runners - Visit our website

MatsDirect offers a fantastic range of printed carpet, advertising mats and VIP red carpet runners. These superb quality mats are designed to suit a range of promotional requirements and are widely used for events such as brand launches, product promotions, exhibitions VIP red carpet events and more. Our mats are manufactured in nylon, polyester, velour and rubber and feature a range of backing materials suitable for indoor and outdoor placement.

The range include:

  • Sureprint Carpet Media
  • Sureprint Extra VIP Runner Mats
  • Sureprint Media Advertising Mat
  • Sureprint Duramat Rubber Advertising Mat

For more information, please head over to our website, or contact us directly at MatsDirect with enquiries.

Rubber Matting, Rolls, Sheet & Mats for Industrial Floors - Visit our website

MatsDirect strives to provide matting solutions for a range of environments and settings. Included within our range are our high-quality rubber matting, rolls, sheets and mats which have been specifically designed for industrial flooring purposes. Our industrial floor mat solutions are also used in a range of commercial settings such as office complexes, shops, retail stores, educational establishments and more.

The range includes:

  • Suretred Fine Flute Rubber Matting
  • Suretred Coin Pattern Rubber Matting
  • Suretred 5 Bar Chequer Pattern Rubber Matting
  • Suretred Star Checker Rubber Matting
  • Suretred Pyramid Pattern Rubber Matting

And many more! Please head over to our website to view our complete range of matting suitable for commercial and industrial floors.

PVC Matting and PVC Interlocking Floor Tiles - Visit our website

Alongside our rubber matting solutions, we also supply a fantastic range of PVC matting and PVC interlocking floor tiles. These types of mats are often used in gyms, farms, greenhouses, vehicles, shops, schools and more. They feature chemical, oil and grease resistant properties and are also anti-slip to ensure ultimate safety.

The range includes:

  • Suremat Pebble Pattern PVC Matting
  • Suremat Rib Pattern PVC Matting
  • Suremat Lattics Pattern PVC Matting
  • Suremat Wave Pattern PVC Matting
  • Suremat Flex PVC Strip matting

And many more! Please see our complete range of PVC matting solutions on our website.

Rubber & PVC Interlocking Floor Tiles - Visit our website

MatsDirect offers a fantastic range of rubber and PVC interlocking floor tiles. These top-quality floor tiles are manufactured to incredibly high standards and are suitable for temporary or permanent floor fixtures. With their interlocking ability they are highly flexible for placement in all kinds of spaces.

The range includes:

  • Surelok Octo Interlocking Rubber Tiles
  • Surelok Stud Interlocking Rubber Tiles
  • Surelok Circly Stud PVC Interlocking Tiles
  • Surelok Bark Pattern PVC Interlocking Tiles
  • Surelok Deck PVC Connectible Tiles

Full details, including images, are available to view on our website.

Rubber & PVC Drainage Mats and Tiles - Visit our website

These mats are widely used in commercial and industrial settings where it’s essential for liquids to drain away in order to prevent slippery surfaces. Various designs are available from single small tiles to interlocking and connectible mats to suit different customer requirements.

Examples of the range include:

  • Suredrain Pastaloop Coil Matting
  • Suredrain Lattice Pattern PCV Matting
  • Suredrain Wave Pattern PVC Matting
  • Suredrain Flex PVC Strip Matting
  • Suredrain Guardian Flowthru Drainage Mats
  • And many more!

Please see the range in full on our website.

Anti-Fatigue Rubber Floor Mats & Rolls - Visit our website

Reduce body aches and pains with our fine-quality anti-fatigue mats. These fantastic mats are manufactured from rubber or PVC and are available in a range of standard or bespoke sizes to meet specific customer requirements. They are designed for placement in areas where employees may be stood for long amounts of time.

Examples of the range include:

  • Surease Comfy Stand Anti-Fatigue Mats – feature a durable foam base and nylon fabric which is easy to vacuum clean.
  • Surease Comfy Safe Anti-Fatigue Mats – feature a durable foam base and a hard-wearing nitrile rubber surface which can be easily vacuum cleaned or mopped.

Please head over to our website to see our complete range of anti-fatigue rubber floor mats and rolls.

Anti Static Rubber, PVC Bench & ESD Floor Mats - Visit our website

Our anti-static mats are manufactured in line with EOS-ESD-S4 regulations and IEC 61340-5-1. They are specially designed and manufactured to prevent minor shocks in areas where electronic components and materials can create static build up.

Our range includes:

  • Surestat Benchtop Anti-Static Matting – double and triple layer static ESD rubber rolls with studs.
  • Surestat Cushion Anti-Static Matting – ESD static safe floor grounding PVC foam matting in roll or mat form.
  • Surestat Protek Anti-Static Mats – rubber mats in a range of sizes or in puzzle cut format to cover larger areas.

Please visit our website to view our complete range of anti-static rubber, PVC and ESD floor mats.

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Registration Number: 05745665
VAT Number: GB881 7697 65
Registered at Companies House:16 March, 2006 (17 years and 11 months ago)
No of Employees: 1-10
Annual Turnover: n/a
Parent Company: MatsDirect U.K. Limited
Company Type:
  • Manufacturer
  • Distributor

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Additional Information

Brand & Trade Names

  • Electrosafe A range of electrical insulating safety matting tested to IEC 6111, ASTM D178 & BSEN specifications
  • Surease A range of anti-fatigue floor mat & matting products for all types of premises.
  • Sureclean A range of tacky mat packs in various colours and sizes
  • Suredrain A rang of Rubber PVC mats, matting rolls and interlocking tiles for wet areas.
  • Sureimage A range of hand inlaid image mats for entrance areas.
  • Surelay A range of floor mats to combat the ingress of debris, water and soil both inside and outside entrances and reception areas.
  • Surelok A range of Rubber and PVC interlocking tiles.
  • Suremat A range of PVC mats and rolls.
  • Sureprint A range of printed logo and image mats for floor areas.
  • Suresafe A range of Rubber mats, matting rolls and interlocking tiles
  • Surestat Anti-static benche and floor matting to combat static charges.
  • Suretred A Range of Rubber mats and matting rolls.
  • Surewalk A range of Primary entrance matting systems for recessed matwells including Aluminium, Rubber, PVC & Coir

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