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Lynvale Ltd is an established UK company with over 25 years of experience in the field of tape and foam coverting. We convert a diversity of materials including non-adhesive, single sided and double sided foam and tape products. We have built long-term business relationships with many of our clients from market sectors including industrial assembly, construction and building, point of sale and print finishing as well as glass and glazing, print finishing and craft adhesives.

Our product range is diverse and we can convert and supply EXP6 expanding foam tape, Thermalbond V2100, thermal break tape, Normount V2800, Velcro hook and loop and very high bond tapes. We invest in the latest machinery and equipment at our Suffolk premises to offer our customers a wider choice of materials at cost effective prices. As one of the leading industrial tape suppliers in the UK we offer a quick turnaround and can deliver on a national scale.

Single Sided Foam Tape

Our high quality, hardwearing single sided foam tape can be used across a number of industries for a number of applications including sealing to prevent water, dust and draughts. The single sided foal tape can also easily be used for gap-filling, cushioning and protection. We can supply the cut foam in a range of formats including logs, rolls, pads, discs and sheets as well as washers and gaskets; we can die cut the foam to suit your requirements. We offer our single sided foam in a variety of colours as well as a range of materials including Scapa PVC foam tape, EPDM and neoprene, to name just a few.

Double Sided Foam Tape

Lynvale Ltd offer an extensive range of double sided adhesive foam tapes manufactured from high quality PE Polyethelene, PU polyurethane, PVC or pure acrylic foam. Our double sided adhesive foam tapes can be used for a number of applications within a diversity of industries. Our double-sides tapes come with a range of adhesive systems including rubber based to solvent based as well as high strength UV resistant Acrylic. If you can provide us with your application requirements then we can recommend the best tapes and adhesives to meet your needs. Visit our website to view full specifications of our double sided adhesive foam tapes in a variety of materials.

Expanding Foam Tape

Our EXP6 expanding foam tape is a highly innovative product which is highly resistant and creates a long lasting seal between surfaces. This is the ideal solution for sealing gaps where weatherproofing and protection from UV light is required.  The EXP6 is extremely hardwearing and can be used for a number of applications including gaps between sections of concrete, window and doorframe embrasures, and skylights and sunroofs as well as helping to protect against rot and fungus. This is a very cost effective taping solution and we supply the EXP6 expanding foam tape in a variety of thicknesses to meet your requirements.

Thermalbond Tape

Our Thermalbond V2100 tape (also known as Norton tape) has a number of benefits when used as a structural glazing spacer tape. Thermalbond provides a load bearing function as the structural sealant cures. Thermalbond V2100 is commonly also used for curtain walls, skylights, storefronts and host of other applications. This extremely hardwearing tape has the capabilities to hold glass, stone and cladding material at a distance from the substrate to create the ideal joint design. Some of the benefits of Thermalbond V2100 include double sided adhesiveness, suitable for onsite structural glazing and high resistance to weather, fungi and oxidation.

Thermal Break Tape

Thermal break tape is one of our most popular tapes commonly used in the construction industry due to its unique noise control and thermal break solutions. We supply Norton CST joist tape consisting of a pressure sensitive adhesive side and a protective durable surface on the other side. Norton CST acts as a thermal break to reduce noise and help save on energy costs. This tape will not mold or mildew and prevents condensation as well as eliminating ghosting stains that outline metal studs in walls. Norton CST is also commonly used to prevent subfloor squeaks leaving a quieter and more comfortable floor.

Normount Tape

Our Normount V2800 is a world recognised high performance double sided polyurethane foam tape commonly used for exterior and interior mounting applications. Normount V2800 has been successfully used in the automotive industry to attach body side moldings as well as being favoured by the construction industry due to its quick stick feature and extremely strong bonding capabilities. Benefits of the Norton V2800 include high performance with the durable acrylic adhesive providing a strong long lasting bond, excellent resistance to weather, fungi and oxidation as well as its noise and stress reducing qualities. We supply the Norton V2800 in a range of sizes with widths cut to meet your requirements.

Velcro Hook and Loop

Velcro hook and loop fastenings need no introduction and we supply a range of Velcro industrial fastening solutions. Velcro hook and loop products are of the highest quality and we offer a selection that have been designed for use in various temperature ranges as well as being used for environmentally or regulatory driven applications. Velcro hook and loop fasteners are commonly used for signage, posters, point of sale displays, and packaging and boxes as well as shop fittings. Our Velcro range is extensive and we can supply in 20 or 25mm continuous tape, easy peel and colour transparent hook and white loop, to name just a few.

Very High Bond Tapes

Our acrylic foam tape provides superior strength and is used as an alternative to screws, rivets and nails. Our acrylic foam tape can resist stress, vibration, moisture, heat, solvents and UV light. One of the benefits of acrylic foam tape is that it provides a water tight bond and can be used on  a variety of materials such as wood, metal and plastic as well as powder coated surfaces. Acrylic foam tape is one of the most cost effective and durable bonding solutions and we provide this tape in white and grey with pre-determined rolls and die cut sizes in order to reduce waste.



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