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.Logictech benefits from almost a half-century of experience and expertise.  Founded in 1965, the company was a result of a project researching advanced semiconductor materials at University of Glasgow.  By the 1980s, we had expanded with a global distribution network, including an office in the US.  We have long been at the top of the field in materials shaping and surface finishing technologies.  We support customers who need high specification surface finishes and whose products demand a painstaking degree of geometric accuracy.  We hold both ISO9001:2008 and BS5750 certification.  Logictech provides solutions across a wide range of applications.  A few examples include semiconductor materials processing, opto-electronics surface finishing, optical materials processing and geological thin section preparation.  We offer in-house training delivered by our highly experienced trainers to ensure our customers get the very best from our solutions.  Our concentration is on quality in everything we do, from market-led design to precision engineering, superior manufacturing and the best possible after-sales support. 

Intelligent Sample Preparation System

At Logitech we are very proud of the Akribis-Air Intelligent Sample Preparation System – the newest addition to our range of lapping and polishing machines.  Using state of the art processing innovations, the Akribis delivers a superior level of processing results and delivers it quickly.  The machine is very fast, with a speed of 100 rpm; extremely reliable and accurate, making it invaluable across a wide range of applications from integrated circuits, LEDs to optics and lasers, to name a few.  Visit our website for more detailed technical information.

Precision Lapping and Polishing System

The PM5 Precision Lapping and Polishing System is designed for bench top use to process materials up to 100mm.  A major factor is the system’s flexibility – being able to handle a variety of different materials including, but not limited to, gallium arsenide, silicon, rock and soils.  Other key features include a high level of precision, reduced processing time and automatic plate flatness control.  The PM5 has an integral vacuum system and is Chemlox resistant.  More information can be found on our website.

Polishing System

The Logitech WG2 Polishing System uses a PM5 polishing machine with a WG2 polishing head.  If you are after a superior standard of finished sample, the WG2 delivers, offering you a choice of highly reflective, low-relief, ultra-flat or minimal edge relief roll-off finishes.  Operating costs are low whilst the output capacity is high.  Versatility is key and the WG2 has a comprehensive range of facilities, such as variable plate and carousel speed and rotational direction.   You can choose to polish samples one by one or in batches, making the system ideal for rock polishing.  See our website for more information.

Chemical Polishing Systems

When producing integrated circuits for today’s electronic devices it is vital to maintain a high level of control over wafer geometry as well as a high quality surface finish.  Precision is essential.  Logitech designed and developed two advanced chemical polishing solutions to meet this need.  Both the CP3000 and CP4000 offer a superior surface polish with the least possible surface and sub-surface damage to the crystal lattice structure.  The CP3000 is a compact system, whilst the CP4000 is an integrated fume extraction system.  Both are resistant to chemicals used in the polishing process, resist corrosion and offer the flexibility to adjust to different sample sizes.  You can see more detailed information on our website.

Polishing Suspensions

There is a wide variety of polishing applications in the semiconductor and optoelectronics industries, so we at Logitech have developed three different polishing suspension liquids to meet varying requirements.  Chemlox is a sodium hypochlorite-based polishing fluid.  It has a high pH factor and is suitable for chemo-mechanical polishing applications.  SF1 is an alkaline colloidal silica used on silicon wafers and many optic/optoelectronic components.  Logipol Haze Inhibitor is designed to reduced the time needed for haze removal.  Further technical details can be found on our website.

Technology Transfer Training Courses

We have learned over many years that our training courses are the best way to ensure operators know everything they need to know about using and maintaining Logictech machine systems.  Our three day courses provide training for new operators, we well as offering experienced users a chance to learn about all the latest advances and innovations.  Training is very personal, tailored to individual needs.  Led by our highly experienced training staff, courses are limited to two or three students with similar training needs.  As a result, all individual issues are fully addressed.

Precision Annular and Peripheral Saw

The ADP1 Precision Annular and Peripherable Saw is unique in that it combines annular slicing and peripheral cutting facilities in one unit.  Specimens are thinly cut with a high level of accuracy, whilst our design makes sure there is a minimum of surface and kerf loss.  Components can be sliced up to 55mm in diameter, whilst wafers can be diced in diameters up to 100m.  The ADP1 features programmable operation so the unit can run unattended.  Ideal for applications such as cutting and wafering crystals, sectioning and dicing electronic components and slotting to depth, as well as cutting a comprehensive range of glasses, ceramics, rock samples and electro-optic materials.  See our website for detailed technical information.

Flatness Measurement

The G120 Grazing Incidence Interferometer ensures a superior and demanding level of precision flatness measurement and is suitable for use with lapped and semi-polished surfaces up to 150mm.  Unlike conventional fizeau interferometers, the GI20 measures non-reflective surfaces as well, making it ideal for use on lapped and ground surfaces.    The G120 provides precise flatness measurement or quality assessment across a wide range of applications, such as when processing semiconductor wafers, optical and machine components and geological samples.  More technical information can be found on our website.



Registration Number: SC042330
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Registered at Companies House:21 June, 1965 (58 years and 10 months ago)
No of Employees: 21-50
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