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LiveWire Electronic Components Ltd distributes a wide range of passive, e-mech, semis and opto/display electronic components. We supply components that are manufactured by many well-known brands such as Ricon, Konek, Dubilier, Arcotronic, Teapo, LCR, DNA, ST, Texas, National Semi, Motorola, Samsung, Toshiba, Ligitek, Feme, Hitaltech, Littelfuse, Fuji, GP and Luft. Our knowledge and experience in the industry enables us to supply customers with a range of high quality products for effective results. Our current stock list is available to download online. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact the team at LiveWire and we will do our best to help you. Our products are supplied at competitive prices and all orders are dispatched in fast turn around times to reach you as soon as possible. We provide our customers with a first class service and provide user friendly paperwork with all orders.


We have a large selection of items in stock at any one time to meet orders quickly and efficiently. Examples of the range include:

  • LED’s: LED’s 3mm-10mm, SMD, Panel Mt Indicators, Hi efficiency, Ultra Bright, Wide Angle,
  • Infra Red Emmitters, Infra Red Detectors, BI and TRI Colour, Square and Shaped, Flat Top, and Flashing.
  • Displays: Seven Segment Single and Dual, Starburst, Dot Matrix, Bargraph.
    •Couplers: Opto Couplers, and Opto Isolators.
    •Electro-Luminescent: Custom-shapes, sizes and colours.

Please contact us at LiveWire if you cannot find what you are looking for and we will do our best to source the item/s for you.

Electro Mechanical

We supply a large range of electro mechanical equipment. Examples of the ranges include: Connectors Terminal Blocks (5mm and 10mm low cost blocks, 2.54-10.16mm rising clamp, plug socket types), Highly Flexible Jumper 2-30 poles up to 650mm long pitches 1mm-5.08mm), IC Sockets, Batteries/ Primary Cells (Alkaline button and cylindrical, zinc chloride cylindrical, zinc carbon cylindrical, lithium cylindrical, lithium button and coin cells, mercury oxide button cells), Rechargeable Cells, Battery Packs, Fuse holders and Fuses, Box Fans (AC, DC), EMI Filters. Please visit our website to view the range in full.


Our range of semi conductors includes:

  • Diodes: Signal, Zener, Rectifier, Bridge Rectifier.
  • Regulators: Fixed, Adjustables.
  • Transistors: Small Signal, general, power.
  • IC’s: Linear, 75 Series, 4000 Series, Display Drivers, OP Amps, Timers, Memory, Darlington Drivers, Comparators, and ETC.

If the item you require is not on our semi-conductors webpage, please contact us and we will try and source it for you. You can also complete our online enquiries form and we respond to you shortly.

Passive Components

Our range of passive equipment features:

Capacitors (aluminium electrolytic axial and radial types), Ceramic (disc type up ro 2KV, multiplayer axial and radial), Tantalum (bead type), Plastic Film SMD Capacitors (standard ceramic 0402-1812, SMD capacitor array, high voltage ceramics, tantalum chip, low ESR tantalum chip, electrolytic), Resistors (power rating 0.125 to 2W, tolerance 5%, operating temperature -55 degrees C to 155degrees C, E24 values 1 – 10M), Precision Metal Film, Zero Ohm Jumpers (power rating 0.125W and o.25W, wire links), Resistor Networks, and SMD Resistors.

Please contact us to order or with your enquiries.

LED Lamps

Please visit our website to view some of our new products in stock. Some of our latest products include our range of LED lamps as supplied by K&L. K&L was established in 2005 and provides a wealth of long term experience in LED lighting. The company has firmly grasped the development of the industry and offers a wide range of high quality LED solutions to follow the industry trend of LED lighting replacing traditional lighting sources. Please follow the link to K&Ls website to find out more about its range of LED lamps.


We also supply a range of Encapsulated Transformers supplied by Myrra. Myrra is a renowned, global company that supplies reliable electronics equipment to various industries. Myrra manufacture the following encapsulated transformers:

  • Encapsulated 50Hz Transformers: Full range of standard references, isolating safety application, UL, VDE, EN61558 certification, automated – 100% tested production.
  • 50/60Hz PCB Mount Transformers – El Range: Size E130 to E166 – 1 or 2 secondaries, output power 0.5 to 30VA, output voltage 6V to 2x24V.
  • 50/60Hz PCB Mount Transformers – UI Range : Size U121 to U148 – 2 primaries/ 2 secondaries – flat types, output power 0.8 to 60VA, output voltage 6V to 2x24V.
  • 50/60Hz PCB Mount Transformers – FLF/FLF Range – Size E138 to E196, output power 3.2 to 250VA.



We supply various opto couplers and opto isolators. Please contact us at LiveWire with your requirements.


We also supply various SMD Resistors.

Characteristics of the range include : Chip 0402-2512, 1%-5% 50PPM+ Thick Film 0.1% and 0.5% 25PPM+, High Power 1.5W % 2.5%. POTS, PCB, SMD.

Please get in touch with your requirements.



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