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Laplace Instrumental is a specialist supplier of test equipment which enables you to self test and self certify your own products for EMC compliance. Our integrated EMC test systems are used to monitor and measure emissions, immunity and RFI susceptibility. Our systems have been providing 'real world' solutions for EMC measurements for over 15 years, and have consistently proven to give the most reliable, accurate results.

We have a range of test kits available, including those for conducted emissions, radiated emissions, RFI susceptibility, as well as a combined radiated emissions and RFI susceptibility test system, a brand new concept in EMC testing. All of our test kits utilise an innovative test cell which forms part of an integrated system, and all of them are simple and easy to use.

A key feature of the Laplace Instrumental service is the support that we provide for all our customers. For UK based customers, we provide comprehensive training courses in the use of our systems totally free of charge. Additionally, when you purchase a Laplace EMC testing system, you will benefit from the unlimited technical and software support we provide via telephone and email. This includes software updates as they happen. Laplace also supplies a full range of supporting equipment, including EMC analysers, RF generators, test cells and chambers, antennas, Emissions Reference Sources (ERS), LISNs, CDNs, power amplifiers, sniffer probes, EMI detectors, and specialised transducers and antennas to most civil and military standards.

Below is a small selection of our most popular products. On the Laplace website you will find our complete range of EMC compliance test kits together with an informal guide to EMC legislation and information covering practical aspects of EMC testing. If you would like any further information regarding our products and services, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

1GHz EMC Emissions Analysers

The SA1002 is our high performance 1 GHz EMC emissions analyser that enables you to measure the EMC compliance of your products. This system covers the conducted emission and radiated emission bands to 1GHz, the standard required by most EMC legislative bodies.

It comes complete with Windows compatible software which offers exceptional functionality and ease of use. The SA1002 is a powerful system that automatically sets the analyser parameters to suit the test which is to be performed.

The results can be compared against EMC standard limits which are easily accessible from the pull-down menu. These units are fitted with CISPR16 detectors and connect to your computer via a high speed USB interface.

Find out more by visiting the Laplace Instrumental website.

3GHz EMC Emissions Analysers

Like the SA1002, the SA3000 is a powerful EMC analyser with a host of innovative features. It can measure both conducted and radiated emissions in a frequency span up to 3GHz, the standard often required by international EMC legislative bodies.

This powerful system enables the user to assess EMC compliance extremely quickly with precision results. The SA3000 comes with a state-of-the-art software package which allows you to control the analyser via USB. It also enables the user to compare results with the EMC standard limits.

Find out more about our 3GHz EMC emissions analyser by visiting the Laplace website.

Test Cells (LaplaCell)

These provide a facility for the fast and efficient testing of EMC compliance. A calibrated and screened environment allows you to measure radiated emissions and test for RF radiation immunity. LaplaCell Test Cells meet and exceed the requirements of IEC 61000-4-20, thus allowing compliance testing to IEC 61000-4-3 and pre-compliance testing for radiated emissions.

They use a balanced dual septum design that maximises EUT volume and significantly improves field linearity. EUT interior is fully lined with structural polycarbonate which is capable of supporting heavy items. Access is via a full height door at the end of the cell.

Reference Sources

Reference Sources are compact signal sources that enable the calibration of EMC test equipment. There are two types of reference source; the Conducted source (CRS+), which is simply plugged into a LISN or used with a voltage probe, and the Radiated sources (ERS and EMC10.3G).

The CRS+ checks the calibration of the complete measurement system, while ERS checks both the site and the measurement equipment (this is important as the site is invariably the greatest source of measurement uncertainty).

Find out more about Reference Sources and the equipment we supply on the Laplace Instrumental website.

RF Synthesiser

Our synthesisers cover the requirements of both conducted and radiated RF immunity testing. They cover a frequency range of 100KHz to 230 MHz for conducted tests and 30MHz to 3GHz for radiated tests.

RF Synthesisers from Laplace are controlled using powerful Windows software which can set the parameters of the test, monitor the test in progress, and view the collected results, all via a high speed USB link.

If you would like to find out more about our RF synthesisers, please head directly to the Laplace website, or simply get in touch with our experts via telephone.

RFIC-4-6 Conducted Immunity Test System

This system comprises of a PC controlled synthesiser unit, a power amplifier (RF0250), CDNs to suit the particular application, and a Windows compatible software package. It complies with IEC 61000-4-6 and includes four channels of EUT monitoring, with results plotted against frequency.

The RFIC-4-6 Conducted Immunity Test System has the ability to work with either conventional CDNs or enhanced CDNs. Fully controllable with an advanced PC-based software package, this system is extremely easy to use. All results can be displayed, recorded and documented using the Windows interface.

Harmonics and Flicker Analyser

The EMC Directive now imposes limits on harmonics for all products connected to the public mains supply. Products rated up to 16A must comply with IEC61000-3-2. Our AC2000A analyser enables you to measure the harmonics of your products for compliance assessment.

As well as measuring harmonics, this powerful instrument also allows the user to take flicker measurements for compliance with IEC61000-3-3. To find out more about Laplace's Harmonics and Flicker Analyser, just follow the link to our website.


This is a unique system that is used to test for RF radiated emissions and RF radiated immunity. The CLIENTS package (Combined Laplace Immunity & Emissions Test System) provides all the facilities of an EMC test laboratory in a compact bench-top or floor standing unit - it allows you to check products and sub-assemblies at all stages of the development cycle.

A powerful Windows compatible software package is used to control, monitor and measure the system. CLIENTS is suitable for products up to 60cm³ (19" rack x 13U high).

If you would like to find out more about CLIENTS, or any of the advanced testing systems that we provide, please head to the Laplace Instrumental website, or simply give us a call.



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