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Hydro International is the UK market leader for the provision of Integrated water management solutions. We offer a range of innovative products for the control, storage, treatment and re-use of stormwater and wastewater. With over 25 years experience of providing technically advanced solutions, we are committed to meeting ever-changing environmental needs and legislative requirements through the application of advanced vortex and complementary technologies Our stormwater products include a range of innovative systems to control flows, remove pollutants, store stormwater and harvest and re-use rainwater. We can provide a full range of systems for primary, secondary and tertiary treatment as well as screening and grit removal for application in both the municipal regulated water industry and the industrial water sector.



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Brand & Trade Names

  • Downstream Defender® Advanced Hydrodynamic Vortex Separator The Downstream Defender® is an advanced hydrodynamic separator designed to remove sediment, floatables and pollutants from stormwater. The Downstream Defender® provides greater pollutant removal and retention in a smaller footprint compared to conventional gravity or simple swirl-type devices. Flow modifying components create a stable vortex flow regime that is ideal for solids / liquid separation and preventing re-entrainment, with full retention of all captured sediment and floatables over a wide range of flow rates.
  • DynaDisc Filter The DynaDiscT is a microscreen consisting of multiple filter discs. The reliability of the DynaDiscT seals and durability of the filter fabrics allows the system to be used in a wide range of applications. Its patented filtrate separation system guarantees performance. For enhanced filtration efficiency the DynaDiscT can be fitted with a patented device to separate the filtrate into a pre-filtrate and a final filtrate. This option offers a filtration efficiency greater than that which can be achieved by any other disc type microscreen. The DynaDiscT is available as a freestanding tank or for stallation into a concrete tank.
  • DynaSand® Filter Filtration through a bed of sand is a cost-effective way of removing suspended solids and other impurities in water treatment and wastewater purification. DynaSand® is a continuously operating sand filter. The sand is cleaned by means of an internal washing system, eliminating the need for wash water storage tanks, backwash pumps and collecting tanks. With low head loss, low energy consumption and low maintenance the reliability and effectiveness of the DynaSand® is clearly demonstrated by the more than 18,000 units in operation worldwide today. The DynaSand® Filter is available as a freestanding unit or as modules for installation into a concrete basin.
  • Grit King® Process The Grit King® Process separates, cleans and dewaters grit from raw sewage and other liquids prior to delivering the classified grit to a skip ready for disposal. The Grit King® Process consists of a Grit King® Hydrodynamic Separator with backwashing system using air or water, a grit removal system (pump or gravity), a Grit-CleanseT or Grit Classifier and all connecting pipework. The Grit King® Separator requires no external power source, as it uses the inherent energy of the influent with a head loss of typically less than 150 mm. Performance comparisons have shown the Grit King® Process to be up to 15 times as effective as conventional grit removal technologies. Ideal for retrofits and new plants, the Grit King® has low lifetime operational costs and can be installed as a freestanding vessel or internals fitted into a concrete chamber.
  • Heliscreen® - Powered CSO Screen The Heliscreen® is a compact, powered screening system with the ability to operate under surcharged conditions. The Heliscreen® is a powered screening system for the removal of floatables, gross solids and other sewer debris greater than 6 mm in two directions. The Heliscreen® also has the unique ability to operate under submerged conditions. Compact and adaptable, the Heliscreen® is ideal for installation at new or existing CSO facilities where a low maintenance system is required but site constraints, hydraulic levels and/or chamber dimensions preclude the use of Hydro International's non-powered, self-cleansing screens.
  • Hi-OxTM Ultra-Fine Bubble Panel Aeration System The most energy intensive operation in any activated sludge plant is associated with the requirements for mixing and aeration. The HiOxT ultra-fine bubble diffuser reduces that energy requirement by increasing the transfer efficiency by 20% to 30%. This is achieved by producing smaller bubbles and having high floor coverage, giving a low flux rate. This higher transfer efficiency translates to reduced air demand and thereby to reduced operating costs. Applications . High-rate aeration processes. . Activated sludge. . Membrane bioreactor.
  • Hydro Filterra® Stormwater Bioretention Filtration System The Hydro Filterra® Bioretention System harnesses the power of nature to capture, cycle and immobilize stormwater pollutants to treat urban runoff. The combination of carefully selected trees or shrubs with specially designed filter media allows bacteria, metals, nutrients and total suspended solids (TSS) to be removed naturally resulting in effective, natural stormwater management. Hydro Filterra® is well suited to the urban environment with a high removal efficiency for many stormwater pollutants. Its small footprint allows it to be used in highly developed sites such as retail parks and streetscapes. The system is exceptionally adaptable and can be used in new build developments and retrofit into existing ones.
  • Hydro-Brake® Flow Control The Hydro-Brake® Flow Control is a passive vortex flow control device that has been used to prevent flooding at many thousands of installations worldwide. The Hydro-Brake® Flow Control provides superior hydraulic performance compared to conventional flow regulators, resulting in up to a 30% reduction in stormwater storage volumes and saving, in the region of 50% on overall project costs. The Hydro-Brake® Flow Control is suitable for: . Below ground attenuation / storage schemes. . Flood prevention. . Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDS). . Source Control. . Retrofit SUDs applications. The STH range of Hydro-Brake® Flow Controls have also been awarded BBA Certification. The BBA Certificate (No. 08/4596) covers hydraulic performance as well as manufacture and compliance with building regulation standards.
  • Hydro-Jet® Screen - Non-powered, Self-cleansing CSO Screening The Hydro-Jet® Screen is a self-cleansing, non-powered screening system for the control of gross solids and floatables in combined sewer systems. Current regulations demand innovative solutions. The Hydro-Jet® Screen meets that demand by providing an advanced screening system for the removal of material greater than 6 mm in two directions. The Hydro-Jet® Screen is both innovative and unique. It has no power requirements and no moving parts, yet is self-cleansing and self-activating. An award winning combination that delivers a low maintenance CSO solution and resulting in low whole-life costs.
  • Hydro-SludgeTM Screen The Hydro-SludgeT Screen is an in-line pressurised device that screens sludge and dewaters the screenings in one operation. The enclosed system eliminates odour problems. No washwater is required for separation. There are two units available; the SludgeScreenT and the SludgeScreenT Compact. Whilst both models can be used on wastewater treatment plants, the SludgeScreenT Compact is suited to very confined spaces.
  • Hydro-Static® Screen The Hydro-Static® Screen is a cost-effective, non-powered screen for the control of gross solids and floatables in combined sewer systems. Designed to complement Hydro International's wide range of CSO Screening products, the Hydro-Static® Screen provides screening better than 6 mm in two directions. The Hydro-Static® Screen intercepts and retains floatables, aesthetically offensive material and gross solids over a wide range of flows. The collected material is then returned to the combined sewer after the storm event. An emergency overflow weir is incorporated into the screen should the peak design flow be exceeded. The Hydro-Static® Screen is available as either an Up Flow Screen or a weirmounted Through Flow Screen.
  • Lamella Plate Clarifier The Lamella separator is the world leader in sedimentation technology. Lamella Separators can reduce space requirements by up to 90% compared with a settling pond. With this system every square metre of floor or ground area provides up to 10 m2 of settling area. The separator incorporates a patented flow control system, a breakthrough in modern plate separator design. The flow control system uses the clarified liquid as the control medium and ensures that the flow is distributed uniformly across the plate assembly. The Lamella Separator is supplied as a complete, easy-to-install unit or as a plate pack assembly for installation into either a concrete or steel tank.
  • Storm King® Overflow with Swirl-CleanseTM Screen The Storm King® with Swirl-CleanseT Screen is an advanced hydrodynamic vortex separator that incorporates a unique, self-cleansing, non-powered screening device. Designed as the ultimate CSO treatment device, the Storm King® with Swirl-CleanseT Screen does it all, from the screening and removal of gross solids and floatables greater than 6 mm in two directions to the removal of sediments, settleable solids and associated pollutants (eg. TSS, BOD and COD). The Storm King® with Swirl-CleanseT Screen is ideal for satellite treatment within the collection system. Installing units at the source reduces the need for increasing conveyance capacity and makes this device an economically viable solution.
  • StormBank® Rainwater Harvester The StormBank® Rainwater Harvesting system is a simple filtration and storage system that can replace the use of expensively treated mains water with rainwater for toilet flushing, garden and outdoor use. Use of StormBank® can reduce mains water use by up to 50%. Mains water would still be used for bathing, hygienic use, cooking and drinking. As well as saving water and energy and reducing household bills, rainwater harvesting makes ideal use of local resources whilst lessening the impact of new developments on the surrounding infrastructure. In addition to the standard StormBank® Domestic system, StormBank® Pro (a bespoke system for large commercial developments) and StormBank® Garden (exclusively for garden watering), are also available.
  • Stormbloc® Stormbloc® is a cellular block type structure used predominantly for providing below ground surface water infiltration and soakaway systems. The unique advantage of Stormbloc® over other 'crate' type systems on the market is the patented inspection / maintenance tunnel through each block. Once aligned these tunnels run continuously throughout the length of the Stormbloc® system. The modular blocks make Stormbloc® quick and easy to install in almost any situation including industrial and commercial projects as well as residential developments, SUDS schemes and conveyance applications. Strong enough to withstand traffic loads, Stormbloc® can be installed under roads, parking areas, driveways and landscaped areas without additional protection.
  • Stormbloc® Inspect Stormbloc® Inspect offers an unrivalled level of accessibility to any Stormbloc® installation. This modular access chamber, sited within the tank, has identical dimensions to a Stormbloc® module and can therefore be easily incorporated into the layout of the infiltration or storage system. Each Stormbloc® Inspect offers connection points on all four sides for direct access to the inspection tunnels on the Stormbloc® modules or for connection of inlet and outlet pipes to the system at any point.
  • Stormcell® Stormcell® is a cost-effective, versatile modular stormwater storage system providing an environmentally sustainable and economically viable alternative to soft SUDS solutions. Virtually maintenance free and more effective than conventional systems, Stormcell® is a high capacity stormwater storage system which can be designed to suit shallow, deep or irregular site requirements.
  • Up-Flo® Filter The Up-FloT Filter sets the new standard in stormwater treatment. It adopts the treatment train concept incorporating screening, sedimentation and high-rate filtration in a compact modular arrangement. Designed to pioneer the evolution of stormwater treatment in the UK, the Up-FloT Filter is particularly suited for retrofit into existing chambers and targets a wide range of pollutants including: . floatable debris . fine sediments . bacteria . nutrients . metals . oils and grease . organics
  • Zickert Sludge and Scum Scrapers Z2000 Range of Bottom Scrapers The Zickert Z2000 is a bottom scraper specially designed for continuous transportation of sludge. Z2000s are low profile, enabling sedimentation tanks to be covered for odour control. The design of the Z2000 is straightforward, allowing it to be easily installed into various types of sedimentation systems. Maintenance is minimal as the few moving parts and small forces involved mean that the strains to which the scraper is subjected are also small. Z3900 Surface Scum Skimmer The Zickert Z3900 scum skimmer is designed for efficient removal of surface scum with a minimum of transportation water. It is suitable for use in most applications in which surface scum occurs, including both local authority wastewater treatment installations and industrial process wastewater treatment systems. The Zickert Z3900 is easy to adapt for use in flotation tanks or where Lamella systems are in use. A scum pipe is an additional option enabling maximum dry solids content.

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ISO 9001:2015 - Quality management systems – Requirements
ISO 14001:2015 - Environmental management systems – Requirements with guidance for use