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Hi5 Electronics is one of the leading UK manufacturers and suppliers of printed circuit boards (PCB). Our company is based in Rochdale and we supply our products both nationally and across Europe to a wide range of companies across a diversity of industries. Our knowledgeable team has decades of combined experience in this field and our high quality products and professionalism have led to many long term business relationships with our customers.

Hi5 Electronics has the experience, machinery and experienced employees to offer a range of services including PCB prototyping and sourcing of materials. We have a network of preferred partners who can supply the highest quality materials whether for a long term or one off order. We have 20 years of experience in importing PCBs and can supply high volumes at competitive prices without loss of quality.

Hi5 Electronics are fully accredited from a number of industry bodies including UL Certification and ISO-9001 accreditation since 1997. Our accreditation is important as it means we use documented procedures throughout our business as well as standard business practices when it comes to sales and fulfilling orders. Our customers rely on us for competitively priced, high quality products with a rapid turnaround time and we provide this service from the first phone call to the final delivery.

PCB Prototyping

We have been offering our customers our innovative Hi5 prototype panel service for over five years. Our customers simply send us their prototype data and we can either place it into an available panel or can pool with your existing designs to place them all on a single panel. We offer standard finishes of sterling silver or lead free hot air levelling as well as electroless nickel and immersion gold. Simply email your data to us with your purchase order and we shall proceed with the job. We can offer prototype delivery within five working days but can handle urgent orders where delivery is needed within 24 hours.

Quotation and Pricing

We offer a quick and simple PCB ordering process on our website. Our quotations pages features a number of our PCB panels including a variety of panel sizes, panels layers and quantities of actual panels. Customer need simply add the specified panels to their shopping basket and either register on our site or pay as a guest buyer; a number of payments are included. Delivery is included in the price for UK shipping. Customers can also phone our dedicated sales number or email us for specific items quotes. Contact us for no obligation quote if you have specific products in mind that are not featured on our website.


Hi5 Electronics recognise that it is our high quality products and commitment to customer service that helps our company’s continued existence. We have received accreditations for our PCB and manufacturing processes including the ISO-9001 accreditation since 1997 and the UL Certification for high quality and consistency. Our customers can be assured of our documented procedures throughout our business processes and our continual improvement model to ensure we are up to date with developments in the electronics industry. By maintaining these high quality levels throughout our business we can offer the best products and highest levels of customer service.

Batch/Volume Production

We have the experience to offer high volume, quality PCB supply at competitive prices. We have 20 years of experience in importing PCBs and all of our offshore suppliers are audited on site, visited by us regularly and benchmarked. We have worked with our offshore suppliers over the long term and have always picked the supplier who is most suited to the customers’ requirements. We will assess the customer order before picking a supplier based on price, speed of delivery, production and test technology. Our long term experience in importing PCBs means that we can offer the best products at competitive prices without any loss in product quality.

PCB Pre Production

A pre-production batch can be one of the most important aspects of the PCB product cycle. We have the skills and equipment to produce a batch from a prototype. A PCB pre-production batch can ensure that any problems with the volume PCB manufacturing process can be ironed our beforehand. We can either produce a pre-production batch at our Rochdale headquarters or source from our specialists in the Far East, depending on your time scale requirements. We will ensure that the production panel is optimised for manufacture including fiducial marks and step and repeat details required for solder pencil stencils; we can also supply the stencils if required.

Why Make a Prototype?

Prototype PCBs are made to ensure that mistakes or errors in the design and manufacture process are eliminated. Prototypes are more expensive per unit to manufacture but only a few will be made and this does save on the expensive of having errors in a high volume PCB batch. Prototypes will be fully tested in their intended environment and manufactured as close to the volume process as possible. Our company has the prototype design and manufacturing experience to ensure that errors are virtually eliminated once the full manufacturing process begins.

PCB Fabrication

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are used in numerous electronic and computer equipment. Our company manufactures and supplies PCBs either in house or by import from our trusted third party specialists. Our company has experience in design and fabrication of PCBs including prototypes and end products. We can take our client’s designs and develop, fabricate and test prototypes to ensure that the end production run will proceed smoothly and error free. Our customers can also use a Gerber file format to send their files to the manufacturer.  Our company uses the Gerber file format to set up and then program our equipment to manufacture the PCBs.


At Hi5 Electronics we offer a complete range of PCBs including multi-layered boards. Our product range is extensive and we can also source any specialist materials that may not be listed on our website. Please view our quotation, purchase and pricing page on our website for our PCB products.

• Conventional on FR4 0.2 – 3.2mm
• PTH FR4 0.4 – 10.0mm
• Multilayer up to 18 layer, thickness  0.3 – 5.2mm
• Buried and blind via multilayer
• Insulated metal substrate (aluminium backed)
• PTFE pth
• Flexible adhesiveless polyimide
• Flex-rigid multilayer (adhesiveless flex.)
• Copper/invar core
• Heavy copper ( 250micron)
• Buried passive components

Final Finish

It is important to choose the correct final finish for your PCB to meet your specific requirements and we have the in depth knowledge and experience to advise on the best final finishing process. Certain finishes will be more expensive, such as Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG), but ENIG does have benefits such as excellent surface planarity and good oxidation resistance. We can discuss the benefits and advantages of each final finish option depending on your specific needs and the environment the PCB is to be used in.

We offer a variety of PCB final finishes including:

• Sterling Silver
• Lead free HASL

Contacting Us

Hi5 Electronics are based at Sherwood Industrial Park, Queensway in Rochdale. We welcome enquiries from customers on our PCB design, manufacture and supply process. Our website holds details of our telephone number and we have also included an online enquiry form that can be completed. Once we have received your details a representative will call you back to discuss your requirements. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss our extensive range of PCB products, requests for sourcing materials or your prototype needs. Most of our product range can be found on our quotations page but if you have specific requirements then do get in touch.

PCB Explained

In basic terms, a printed circuit board (PCB) is the technology used to build a variety of electronic devices. A PCB has two main purposes during the construction of an electronic device - it is used to mount components and also provides the electrical connections between components. The PCB is one of the intrinsic parts of the structure of the electronic device. Surface mount technology means that components can be soldered directly onto the PCB surface allowing a density of components within the same space. Surface mount technology is a precision process and does require a high quality manufacturing process.

Hi5 Electronics Equipment

Hi5 Electronics are committed to providing the best PCB products available and this is why we are one of the leading UK manufacturers and suppliers in this field. We continually invest in our equipment and machinery in order to offer the widest range of services possible. We have some of the most up to date equipment available for use within the PCB fabrication process. This includes processes such as tooling, drilling, bonding, imaging, plating, notation printing, our solder resistant area and the final finish area. We also use state of the art inspection methods and rigorous testing procedures. A full list of our equipment and devices can be found on our equipment page at our website.

Quality Assurance

Hi5 Electronics has been awarded the Access UL Certification for high quality and consistency. The Underwriters Laboratories mark on a product means that UL has tested our products and assessed a range of our samples to assure they are of the highest quality. UL regularly checks our products to ensure that our products meet their high standards. Only products that meet the UL standards are permitted to hold the UL stamp of approval. The UL approval and certifications helps to give our customers peace of mind and assurance that our products are of a consistently high quality.

Sourcing Materials

Our company understands that our customers have specific requirements when it comes to their PCB products. We have decades of experience in sourcing specialist PCB materials as requested by our customers. If we do not stock the specific components you require then we can easily source them from our wide range of global contacts including our European preferred partners. We only supply materials and products from reliable sources to ensure that the product meet the quality specified and is fit for the intended purpose. We use our own specialised freight forwarding services to ensure a quick turnaround on products and our prices are very competitive.

Prototyping Policy

Hi5 Electronics have five basic principles for our prototyping service. Most of these principles can fit our overall ethos of quality PCB products and high standards of customer service. We believe that the five most important factors are speed of turnaround, reassurance of quality, accurate and transparent quotes and pricing, and flexibility on size of orders. We also believe that bespoke capabilities are important as we understand that our customers have different requirements when it comes to their PCB products and there is no ‘one size fits all’ thinking when it comes to our products. Our five policy points help us to provide a second to none service on prototypes and our service in general.

Investing in Technology

Hi5 Electronics is committed to continual investment in the latest technology to help streamline production and create high quality products. Our investment in the latest technology also helps us to offer competitive pricing across our range of products. We have recently installed a Pluritec Multistation single spindle autoloading high technology drilling machine and a Lloyd Doyle Excalibur automated optical inspection (AOI) machine. Both of these machines help us to produce quality printed circuit boards in the shortest time possible. Our customers can rest assured that we are always staying up to date on the latest technological advances that will benefit our company and our customers.

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