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Harrowden Turf Ltd specialises in the supply of soft landscaping and green roofing materials to customers in the UK and is the company behind a range of brand names including: TurfOnline, Spearhead Turf, Turfland, Enviromat, MeadowMat, Q Lawns, Soil Online and Stewarts Turf. With these brands, customers in the gardening and landscaping industry can order a range of materials including lawn turf, topsoil, wild flower matting, sedum matting and more. The team at Harrowden Turf are highly experienced and provide customers with all the advice and information needed in order to select the most appropriate materials for their projects. For more information, please read on and/or contact the team directly at Harrowden Turf Ltd with enquiries.


Here at Harrowden Turf, we grow our Enviromat sedum matting at our Norfolk based farm. Enviromat sedum matting is grown specifically for use on extensive green roofs, flat roofs or pitched roofs. This high specification vegetation blanket grown in the UK has a lower carbon footprint compared to similar types of matting that are grown abroad, and while grown mainly for use on roofs, can also be used as an alternative solution to grass lawns. Enviromat sedum matting enables the growth of beautiful flower gardens on roof tops. It features seven different plant species which are drought tolerant and frost hardy. 


We also grow Meadowmat on our Norfolk farm. Meadowmat is laid in the same way you would lay lawn turf. It features beautiful wildflowers and saves the hassle associated with trying to grow wild flowers from seed. Various blends of wild flowers can be chosen. Examples include: MeadowMat Wild Flower Turf, MeadowMat Birds and Bees, Cottage Garden Meadowmat, Woodland Shade Meadowmat, Meadowmat for Roofmeadows and more. These beautiful wild flower meadows can be laid at any time of the year providing the ground is suitable (not frozen or flooded). Once laid, Meadowmat is easy to maintain. 

Q Lawns

Q Lawns has been growing turf at its Norfolk farm for 20 years. The turf is grown on the farm in rotation with potatoes, oilseed rape and wheat. Various types are available to suit different customer requirements, including: Garden Lawn Turf, Garden Play Grass, Garden Shade Turf, Garden Fine Turf, Landscape Grass Turf, Sports Surface Turf, Sports Tees Turf and more. Alongside top quality turf, customers can also buy turfing topsoil, low nutrient topsoil and more. All turf is carefully harvested and delivered to customers in excellent condition ready to be laid. Full support and advice with turf selection/ suitability is available.

Soil Online

SoilOnline is the UK’s leading topsoil supplier with various types available including: Organic Loam, MeadowMat Low Fertility Soil, and Evergreen Lawn Soil. Our topsoil is excellent for providing all the nutrients needed for newly laid turf to develop. Please visit our website where you can enter values for width, length and depth to calculate the amount of soil you will require. You can also contact us directly at SoilOnline for assistance. Alongside our high quality topsoil, we also offer Grade 1 Conifer Bark and 70ltr bags of Play Grade Bark. All products can be ordered quickly and easily online. 

Spearhead Turf

At Spearhead Turf we harvest turf all year round enabling us to supply top quality turf to customers when they need it. Our turf is suitable for all projects and can be delivered the very next day from when your order is placed. Alongside our premium quality turf, we also offer seed, topsoil, compost and bark mulch to help customers create beautiful lawn solutions. Spearhead Turf has been in business since 2006 and has been supplying various homeowners, landscapers, building contractors, golf club owners, garden centres, sports stadiums (and more) with premium grade turf and associated products. For more information, please head over to our website. Alternatively, please contact our friendly team at Harrowden Turf to find out more about the Spearhead Turf brand and products.  

Stewarts Turf

Stewarts Turf has been supplying turf grass to customers based throughout Scotland for more than 20 years. Three main types of turf are supplied, including: Emerald Lawn Turf (for lawns, prestige landscaping and sports fields), Verdant – Greens Turf (for golf greens and ornamental lawns), and Sportsman (for general landscaping and amenity use). Alongside our Stewarts Turf, we also supply fertilisers, soil, top dressing, bark and grass seed. All products are delivered to customers in tip top condition ready to be laid. Please head over to our website to find out more.


The Turfland name is widely recognised and well-respected in the turf industry. The team at Turfland were pioneers of cultivated turf here in the UK back in 1965 when the company was established. Today, more than half a century on, Turfland is still going strong and continues to deliver premium quality turf to customers all over the UK. Various categories of turf are available, including: Golf Course Turf, Landscape/ Garden Turf, Sports Surface Turf and Wildflower Turf. Sedum matting is also available. All Turfland Turf is grown on Grade 1 soils which enables us to harvest and deliver turf to customers all year round.

Turf Online

Turfonline.co.uk is our online portal for all things turf. Here you can order from our range of turf, including: Jubilee – Luxury Lawn Turf, Garden Lawn – Garden Turf and Shadesman – Shade Tolerant Turf. You can also order products from our other ranges, including: EnviroMat Wild Flower Matting, Topsoil, Lawn Seed, Lawn Care, Watering, Lawn Edging and Tools. All products are of incredibly high quality and delivered to customers within 24 hours (before ordering, please read our delivery details online to check where we can deliver to – certain areas cannot be delivered to within 24 hours).



Registration Number: 09297147
VAT Number: GB900 5710 66
Registered at Companies House:5 November, 2014 (9 years and 3 months ago)
No of Employees: 21-50
Annual Turnover: 5-10m
Parent Company: Shrub hill Farms Limited
Company Type:
  • Manufacturer
  • Distributor
  • Stockholder
  • Service Providers
UK Branches: Norwich, Thetford, Bounds Green, Princes Risborough, Cornwall, Walmley, Bidford-on-Avon, South Wales,

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Additional Information

Brand & Trade Names

  • Enviromat Sedum Matting for green roofing and low maintenance ground cover
  • Harrowden Turf Ltd An amalgamation of four top class turf companies offering excellent value for money.
  • Meadowmat Wild flower matting available in large or small quantities. 34 species of native flowers and grasses growing strongly on a matting system for easy installation and quick establishment
  • Q Lawns quality amenity turfgrass
  • Soilonline Topsoil division of Harrowden Turf Ltd offering bagged and bulk topsoil from sustainable sources.
  • Stewarts Turf Ltd Turf supplier in Scotland
  • Turfland Quality turf grass grown in Lancashire

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