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Established in 1991, Halcyon Drives are providers of AC inverters, AC induction motors, control panels/systems and associated electrical components for manufacturing companies and OEMs. We have a reputation for quality and first class service.  As one of the leading European ABB distributors, we provide for a range of “blue chip” companies as well as small to medium sized businesses.

Over the years, our range of services has widened, to include ABB energy audits and hire drives, and we have gained much expertise in the areas of industrial machines and power transmission geared motor products. These assets allow us to provide a complete turnkey control and drive system, which means that our customers only need to deal with one contractor, which can be a cost-effective solution.

ABB Drives

For AC variable speed inverter drives, ABB are the number one supplier, and their product range is wider than any other. ABB Drives are synonymous with reliability, flexibility, simplicity and ingenuity.

Halcyon Drives are a leading ABB distributor, stocking ACS50, ACS55, ACS150, ACS350, ACS550, ACH550 and ACS800 models ranging from 0.18kW to 250kW. We can offer customers completely packaged inverter driver solutions, experienced as we are in application design, programming, repairing and commissioning of control systems.

In addition, we are well-versed in the majority of other inverter drives, servo drive applications, DC drive systems and power transmission requirements.

ABB Motors

To cater for every customer's needs, we have three different ranges of ABB softstarters.

The PSR is the most compact of the three, allowing the design of compact starting equipments. Its built-in by-pass makes connection easier and reduces the energy loss, and the set-up is very easy due to there only being three potentiometers.

For efficiency, we have the PSE, which has built-in electronic overload and torque control for motor protection and excellent pump control – a first for compact softstarters.

The most advanced is the PST(B), with advanced motor, softstarter and load protections for trouble free operation and pre-warnings to telegraph problems early and avoid excessive downtime.

Control Systems

We can build control systems for a variety of industrial process control and automation projects, with control panels ranging from simple operator consoles to complex PLC controlled networked systems.

We select all of our components from international main source suppliers with stringent design and manufacture accreditations, and our automation solutions meet the design, control and safety criteria of European harmonised standards and technical specifications. We use AutoCAD software to produce all schematics.

Our expertise in power transmission allows us to provide a complete solution, from the control panel to the driven machine shaft.

Rockwell Guardmaster

Rockwell Automation are a leading specialist in industrial automation, and we can supply products from their wide range of failsafe equipment. This includes presence sensing devices, safety interlock switches, hazardous and pneumatic switches, safety relays and safety controllers.

The Rockwell Guardmaster™ range includes safety switching devices and sensors with a focus on interlocking and control devices that can provide safe working conditions across a range of industries. These components provide essential reliability and security, and while they are manufactured in the UK, customers worldwide can benefit from Rockwell Automation's safety expertise.

PULS Power Supplies

PULS are market leaders in the manufacture of power supplies, with a wide range of compact, high performance DIN-rail switched-mode power supplies available. At Halcyon Drives, we can provide the MiniLine, SilverLine and Dimension product families, including single-phase AC/DC power supplies, three-phase AC/DC power supplies, DC/DC converters, AS interface power supplies, redundant power supplies/modules, and buffer modules.

PULS power supplies are suitable for applications in a range of industries, including machine construction, plant and systems construction, control and automation, robotics, building automation, drive technology, cleaning technology, lighting technology and construction machinery. In addition, they can be installed throughout the world, certified as they are to meet a variety of standards and codes.

Riello UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply

Riello UPS are Europe's second largest manufacturer of uninterruptible power supplies and stand-by protection systems. Their products are used worldwide to guarantee the continuous supply of electricity for information technology systems in a variety of industries, including finance, industrial manufacturing, transportation and health.

At Halcyon Drives, we offer a range of Riello's uninterruptible power supplies from 350 VA to 6 MVA. These can be used for a variety of applications, including small computer networks, workstations, local area networks, servers, cash registry, data centres, telecom devices, emergency devices, industrial PLCs, EPOS systems and electro medical devices.

Geared Motor Supplies

With more than 40 years of experience, Halcyon Drives are specialists in selecting and applying industrial gear units and power transmission products, including couplings, belt and chain drives. We offer a range of gear units, which allows us to provide a full package, from the control panel all the way to the element driving the shaft.

Depending on your requirements, we can supply most gear unit manufacturers, including Habasit Rossi, Renold and David Brown. However, we usually offer SEW – Eurodrive Units for general inquiries, and work alongside them to deliver the best possible solutions for our customers.

Aftersales Service

Whatever your drive application is, Halcyon Drives can keep your plant running around the clock. To ensure that you can have total peace of mind, our ABB trained engineers can provide a range of services as part of our total solutions package. These include installation, commission and repair, ABB hire drives, service contracts, energy audits, machine safety, harmonic surveys, and conferencing and training facilities.



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