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H-Squared is a leading battery and torch distributor with more than 30 years of experience in the supply of portable power solutions. We offer an extensive range of single use and rechargeable batteries from leading manufacturers such as Duracell, Energizer, Panasonic, Varta, GP Batteries and many other leading brands. 

Whether you need lead acid, alkaline, lithium, zinc, silver oxide or NiMH batteries, H-Squared is your first port of call. We also now offer custom battery packs for those who require a tailored solution to their power requirements. 

H-Squared is recognised across multiple industries for the quality of its supplies and the high standard of its services. We aim to build long standing business partnerships so that we can better understand your power requirements and deliver batteries that fulfill them.  Our expert sales agents are always on hand to help you find a suitable solution. 

We currently hold contracts with many public sector organisations, as well as with several major electronics manufacturers and service organisations. They trust in us to deliver high quality batteries at an affordable price. 

Discover the range at H-Squared online, or speak to one of our customer reps on 01462 851155. 

Varta Indestructible Torches

H-Squared are approved distributors of the Varta Indestructible range of ultra-tough LED torches. The range includes two headlights, three hand torches and one hand lamp, all of which have an extremely tough metal and engineering plastic/rubber housing that protects the inner components from impact and pressure damage. 


Varta Indestructible torches can survive a 9m drop and up to 8 tonnes of pressure, making them amongst the toughest LED torches on the market. They incorporate high brightness CREE LED technology (up to 150 lumens) which helps to give a beam range of up to 350m. All torches in the range feature an energy saving mode to preserve the life of batteries. 


New Energizer Rechargeables

We’re constantly expanding our ranges to include the latest in battery technology - it’s our way of keeping ourselves and our customers ahead of the competition. Energizer’s new rechargeables, which use the latest NiMH technology, are one such addition to the H-Squared range. 


These innovative batteries stay charged when not in use – in fact, even after a year they still retain an 80% capacity. They also have a longer cycle life than conventional rechargeables and give greater levels of performance than batteries of the same capacity. Energizer’s new rechargeables are available in three variants: Extreme AA (2300mAh), Extreme AAA (800mAh) and Precision AA (2400mAh). 


New Improved Procell

H-Squared also supplies the new, improved Duracell Procell battery range. For years Procell alkaline batteries have led the way in performance and reliability, and now they've got even better. An AA now lasts up to 5% longer in typical motor driven devices and up to 25% longer in high drain devices such as digital cameras. 


If you would like a quote, please contact our sales agents on 01462 851155. 

German Battery Engineering

H-Squared can offer a full range of industrial and consumer batteries from Varta, one of the world’s leading manufacturers. This includes:

  • Max Tech high power alkaline batteries
  • High Energy, Longlife and Industrial Alkaline batteries
  • Varta Superlife zinc chloride batteries
  • Ready to Use rechargeable batteries
  • Professional lithium, photo and coin cells
  • Specialist alkaline and silver oxide batteries
  • Zinc air batteries

To find out more about the Varta range, please visit H-Squared online or speak to one of our sales agents on 01462 851155. 


Single use batteries

There are several different kinds of single use batteries:

  • Alkaline – The most widely used battery type. Available in 5 sizes and in many special formats.
  • Zinc carbon / chloride – An entry level alternative to alkaline, available in 5 sizes.
  • Lithium AA, AAA & 9V – A long lasting battery ideal for high drain devices.
  • Lithium photo – A high power battery with a long shelf life, ideal for cameras and some speciality applications.
  • Lithium coin cells – Long life, coin shaped batteries.
  • High Tech lithium – Use Lithium Thionyl Chloride and Lithium Manganese Dioxide. A high capacity battery technology used in many critical applications. 
  • Silver oxide – Ideal for watches and other small electronic devices.
  • Zinc air – A very small, high energy density cell used predominantly in hearing aids.

Rechargeable batteries

There are also many varieties of rechargeable battery:

  • Lithium ion – The most popular rechargeable battery technology. Has a very high energy density.
  • Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) – Provides a cost-effective solution for many high capacity applications.
  • VRLA gel technology – Advanced performance VRLA technology.
  • Nickel metal hydride – A high capacity, environmentally friendly battery technology.
  • Ready to Use NiMH – Preserves battery life when not in use.
  • Nickel cadmium – A cost-effective battery technology ideal for power tools and emergency lighting.

Find out more about the battery technologies listed above by visiting H-Squared online. 


Batteries for resale

We also offer a full range of batteries for the consumer market. Wholesalers throughout the UK look to us for high quality batteries from leading manufacturers such as Duracell, Energizer and Varta. We supply them all at low prices that give you, the wholesaler, a huge profit potential. We can also supply battery stands, displays and promotional materials, and can offer expert sales advice and support if required.

Custom battery packs

Whether you need a lithium primary battery pack, a high temperature nickel metal hydride rechargeable pack, or even a sophisticated lithium ion or lithium polymer pack with built-in safety circuits, H-Squared can provide a solution that is designed specifically for you. We assemble battery packs to meet all kinds of power requirements, and all assemblies are fully tested and approved to give you total peace of mind. To discuss your requirements with a member of the H-Squared team, just give us a call on 01462 851155.


H-Squared offers an extensive range of headlights as you would expect from a company with more three decades of experience in the field of portable power solutions. Our premium quality headlights are manufactured utilising advanced LED technology and come with a range of options including spot and floodlight featuring high and low settings as well as SOS. We also supply high and standard performance white LEDs, red LEDs for night vision and can offer up to 300+ lumens light output options. For more information on our complete range of LED highlights please visit the H-Squared website or contact us directly via contact details available at our website.

Packaging & Support

At H-Squared we understand that out business longevity is partly due to our high levels of customer satisfaction and we offer our customers a number of support options. Our product packaging options including the design and supply of custom battery packs and a range of custom packaging options including reconfiguring, shrink wrapping and labelling. H-Squared also offers a complete technical advice service designed around troubleshooting problems, providing handling and regulations advice, logistics, and design and manufacturing support. We are also more than happy to provide supply chain services including inventory minimising buffer stock agreements, special deliveries to optimise logistics and kitting services designed to reduce your supplier numbers. 

LED's. Power Supplies & Sounders

At H-Squared we have built long-term business relationships with many of our customers thanks to the wide range of cost effective and high quality portable power supply and lighting products we provide. As part of our product range we supply packaged LEDs including LED based filament replacements, PCB indicators, professional panel indicators and panel lamps. Our power supplies product range includes mains adaptors and DC power supplies, and we also offer sounders including electronic audible signal products. H-Squared are your one stop shop for an extensive range of portable power and lighting products for industrial, commercial and professional use.


Our extensive range of torches and LED tools provide the ideal portable power and lighting solutions for industrial, contractor and professional use. Our products are widely used throughout a diversity of sectors and we supply only the highest quality headlights, lanterns and LED multi-tools. Our popular products include premium torches featuring LED for ultra-high brightness, general purpose tool quality LED torches for professional use and our range of basic value-for-money professional torches. We also supply a comprehensive range of pocket and clip-on torches as well as pen torches and key ring torches. H-Squared also offers a wide range of portable multi-tools with integrated LED lighting and speciality torches including UV, multi-colour, ATEX and rechargeable emergency flexible inspection torches.

Batteries for Universities and Higher Education

We work in partnership with NUWPEC (National Universities Working Party on Electronic Components) to supply batteries to universities, higher education and research councils.  As an official supplier, we bring many years worth of experience gained providing batteries to police forces, the health service and emergency services, as well as to higher education establishments.  We are leading specialists in the field and are ISO 9000 registered, so you can depend on us to offer superior quality products, as well as unrivalled support and service. 


New regulations are now in place applying to battery contents, marking and waste disposal.  We offer you any support and advice needed to ensure that you meet all statutory obligations.  All our batteries adhere to both content and marking regulations.  We offer information about the new battery and waste regulations on our website, including information about the requirements for the transportation of lithium batteries, so do have a look and let us know if you have any queries at all.  We are always happy to help and advise.



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  • Duracell Leading consumer battery brand
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  • Varta
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