Gregseal Technology UK Ltd

1 Acorn Grove
Chandlers Ford
SO53 4LA
United Kingdom

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  • Mr Chris Gregory - Managing Director


Gregseal Technology UK Ltd is a Hampshire based family business supplying seals to customers in various motorsport disciplines. Known under the business name of GST Racing Seals, Gregseal has many years of experience within the industry enabling it to provide top of the range, innovative seal solutions to its customers. Our drive is to design and create seals that will give the best performance in all conditions including extreme conditions. We have been supplying our high quality range to clients for many years and continue to develop our products to meet the demands of the motor sport industry. Motorsport disciplines include race car and bike constructors and race teams in all levels of Motor Sports from Formula 1, Formula 3, Formula Renault, Formula Ford, LeMans Series, ALMS, Nascar Sprint Cup, Champ Car, IRL, GrandAm, GP500/250/125, Karting, and more. Our technical knowledge and service is second to none and we are dedicated to providing our customers with the very best products and services available.

PTFE Lined Seal

Our PTFE Lined Seals (PLS) are designed and manufactured to create the best performance in motor sport applications. Our PLS seals are designed and developed from basic seal technology in order to create a high performance model that meets the requirements of customers in the motor sport industry. We have been successfully supplying our top of the range PLS seals to customers for more than 24 years. The PLS seal features a PTFE based (Teflon™) facing material which is bonded onto the dynamic seal lips. This process creates a huge reduction in friction. This reduction is usually greater than 50% and in some applications can be greater than 80%!

Crankshaft Seals

Our PLS Seals have been tried and tested in motor sport applications for many years. They are particularly well suited to high speed applications such as crankshafts seals and applications where a higher efficiency is required. Our PLS seals run much cooler than other seals, create less degradation of the lubricant film and also less wear of the shaft. They can be used in many other rotary and reciprocating seal applications such as engines, transmissions, and chassis seals. They are particularly suitable for use with softer shaft materials. For further information regarding our PLS seals please get in touch and we will be happy to provide further information on the advantages of PLS seals as well as details of our range.

Bi-Directional Hydrodynamic Oil Seal

We supply high quality bi-directional hydrodynamic oil seals as a highly efficient addition to vehicles in all types of motor sports. Our popular HD2 seals also incorporate the bi-directional hydrodynamic feature. For further details on our bi-directional hydrodynamic seals, please visit our website or contact us at Gregseal technology Ltd.

HD Seal

Alongside our premier PLS seals, we also supply the incredible HD2 Seal. This seal incorporates a highly efficient Bi-directional Hydrodynamic feature and is advantageous in many ways. Dynamic friction can be reduced by up to 25%, it runs much cooler than other seals, and is suited to high speed applications making it an ideal choice for extreme motor sports. The HD2 seal is also suitable for use with engine and transmission applications as well as plunging shaft dynamics found on drive shaft applications.

CVJ Seals

We designed and manufactured our first CVJ seals back in the 1990s for use in Formula 1 drive-shafts. Designs of such seals have changed over the years with examples ranging from those that sit in close proximity to the tri-lobe joint to those that accept angular movement, centre line offsets and drive-shaft dynamics. We continue to design and develop seals to create the best performance in all types of motor sport applications. We also custom design and custom make CVJ seals to meet the requirements of our customers. These are, however, subject to the constraints within the tri-lobe joint assembly.

Cam Shaft Seals

We utilize our PLS technology in various engine applications such as front and rear crankshaft seals, cam shaft seals, distributor shaft seals, oil/ scavenge pump seals, valve stem seals, supercharger seals, fuel pump seals, and more. The design flexibility of the PLS seal technology enables the seal lip to maintain full continuous sealing contact even at very high RPM & with high crankcase vacuum levels and sealing integrity maintained.

Valve Stem Seals

Our valve stem seals are designed and manufactured for use in motor racing applications where engines run in extreme conditions. Various factors affect the reliability of the valve stem seals such as higher temperatures, chemical attack due to oil oxidation, and the combination of inlet boost pressures and crankcase evacuation. We apply PLS seal technology to our valve stem seals to provide a less sensitive seal solution to pressure differentials. Our valve stem seals also reduce rubbing friction and have been tried and tested over long periods of endurance testing to reveal excellent consistency in oil film control.

Hydraulic Seals

We supply a wide selection of quality seals for use within various hydraulic systems of the modern race car. Seals include shock absorber seals hydraulic diff seals, gear selection, systems, power steering, and more. We supply a range of custom-designed and manufactured PTFE seals. We can also supply well-proven rubber/PTFE seal styles and spring-energised PTFE can be supplied according to the application type. At Gregseal Technology UK Ltd, we are dedicated to meeting all of our customers' needs. Please contact us with your requirements to find out the benefits of our products.



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VAT Number: GB909 4046 24
Founded:1 January, 2006 (15 years and 6 months ago)
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Brand & Trade Names

  • Gregseal OIL SEALS
  • GST Brand name used for all Gregseal products. Registered Trade Mark.
  • GST Racing Seals Business name used for Motor Sports marketing activities. Registered Trade Mark.
  • GST Seals & Mouldings Brand name used for marketing seals & precision mouldings for gerneral Automotive & Industrial markets